Adams Golf Introduces Insight XTD Drivers

Adams is offering a new long driver. How long? Ask the Long Drivers of America.

Bag DropYou may think of Adams Golf as the company that is known for making some great hybrids that are usually at the top of every “hot” list as well as some of the most played on all the tours. You would be right. However, Adams is more than just a one-trick pony. They offer blended hybrid sets, forged irons for the better player, as well as drivers and fairway woods.

Adams got into the high-MOI, geometric craze last year with the Insight BUL and has now taken it to a new level with the Insight XTD series of drivers. Taking technology derived from their Boxer series of hybrids, Adams is making a big push into the driver arena and is now the official driver of the Long Drivers of America. The LDA schedule includes the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, which should get the attention of golfers.

Insight XTD Sole
From the sole, you can’t really tell much of a difference between the a30S on the left and the a3 on the right but the red/black color combo really pops.

Big MOI head + light shaft = you can scoff at your buddies as you walk past their puny drives.

Adams took the idea behind the high-MOI Boxer hybrids and applied it to the Insight XTD. According to Tim Reed, vice president of research and development:

We achieved our goal of creating two distinct driver models with one common purpose, more distance. These are high MOI drivers but not at the expense of less distance like others in the market. By utilizing the advanced shaping and weight distribution of Boxer Technology, we successfully optimized the mass properties for distance first, then forgiveness.

Just what geometric shape is it? Well, I’m not sure. It looks more square than its predecessor but has rounded corners as well as a rounded top so it doesn’t look as “squarish” as some of the other drivers on the market. I’ve stayed off the geometric bandwagon up to this point but these may have me rethinking that position. The black and red head looks pretty cool too.

Insight XTD Crowns
The a3 on the left looks a bit more “squarish” and sets up neutral compared to the a30S.

Adams will offer two different models, the a30S, which has draw bias to help you square the clubface and the neutral based a3. Some other differerences between the two:

Insight XTD a30S

  • Designed to achieve optimal launch conditions and maximum ball velocity for slower swing speeds
  • Center of Gravity positioned low and towards the heel to help close the face at impact and provide draw bias
  • Innovative Boxer Technology™ design that pushes mass away from face and into corners for higher MOI
  • Available Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12.5° and HL

Insight XTD a3

  • Designed to achieve optimal launch conditions and increased ball speed for medium and high swing speeds
  • Innovative Boxer Technology™ design that pushes mass away from face and into corners for higher MOI
  • Neutral bias and lower spin compared to a3OS
  • Available Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12.5° and 11.5°

Insight XTD Faces
Your golf ball will be begging for mercy when confronted with these guys.

Both drivers come standard with the new Aldila DVS 55-gram graphite shaft which was designed for “extra kick at impact for more distance.” You’ll have to wait until February 1, 2008 before you get your hands on one of these beauties and both will have a suggested retail price of $349.99. If you haven’t looked at Adams Golf before, now might be a good time to check out what the folks from Plano, Texas have to offer. I know I will be, right after I put away my snowblower for the year.

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  1. The Adam’s rep just happened to be in the store while I was there earlier, this is by FAR the best looking square driver so far. That being said, it’s square, which will turn a lot of people off.

  2. The Adam’s rep just happened to be in the store while I was there earlier, this is by FAR the best looking square driver so far. That being said, it’s square, which will turn a lot of people off.

    Yeah but you know what won’t turn people off…Long, Straight drives. I myself tried and love the square driver. Played a Cally FT-5 and I thought that was the best club out…got a chance to demo the FT-i…holly #$#@…straight and long! Best driver I have ever swung…If you like playing your second shot from the fairway get square!!!!!

  3. Another great driver from Adams. I’ve been playing the Adams Redline for a few years now and thinking this will be my next upgrade. Pumped for Feb. 1 and not a bad MSRP.

  4. Sure, these drivers do look alright.But they also look really framiliar. Their basicaly a copy of the nike sumo line of drivers with a new paint job. They have the square a3 which resembals the sumo2, and the more traditional looking a3 os alot like the sumo. They also resembal the whole callaway FT-i and
    FT-5 line. I dont have any problems with adams equipment, it’s just the whole square and traditional line of drivers that i have seen from multiple companies this year, and it’s starting to get old.

  5. what else would you like them to do besides square and traditional. The only other option would be triangular like Titleist and Taylormade… why try something new and unproven. It will take a few YEARS before we really see the best square drivers… as with all new technology it needs to be tried and improved on for a few years. I also don’t understand how something can copy both the Nike line and the Callaway line… if you’ve ever hit the two, they feel like apples and oranges. Nickent also offers a square and traditional… remember 5 years ago when new technology was simply weighting adjustments and new metals…

    Bottom line… having different options (Nike, Callaway, Adams) to choose from is a GOOD thing. And if they didn’t make these type drivers they would probably loose sales.

  6. I don’t see a Long Drivers of America endorsement of that Nike Sumo SQ or the Callaway square driver…

    But they have made a deal with Adams for this one.

    I reckon it must hit the ball long and straight.

    Every step forward in tech has resulted in me hitting it longer and straighter. I’ve moved up from the old Taylor Made steels to the Tour Burners of a few years back to the Cleveland HiBore to the Hibore XL tour version, because it, um, yeah, gives me longer and straighter drives.

    Can’t wait to try this Adams XTD. I think it looks like a bomber.. slightly open at address, for the natural fade I hit..

    but of course shaft is everything..

  7. I just returned from the PGA Golf Show in Orlando. On Wednesday at the Demo Day, my friend and I hit all the new (and old) irons and drivers at the range. We both rated the Adams Insight XTD A3 driver as the best driver at the show. We were both surprised by the feel, the head design, the sound of the ball off the head and the 55 gram DVS shaft. We both are going to purchase one.

  8. Never thought I would do something like this but saw one in the shop and had to try it. Bought the A3 with stiff shaft. I’m a hooker – teed this thing up and hit it dead straight or left to right all day long!! Easily an extra 20 t0 25 yards!! The best purchase in golf equipment I’ve made in the last :mrgreen: 15 years.

  9. Tried this driver (a3 9.5 stiff flex), at a demo day Saturday. Hit about 30 shots in wet conditions with soft core range balls and every one of them went 260-280 and straight as an arrow. The best looking square driver on the market and sets up great. If you’re in the market for a new driver, the price and stock shaft alone should make this a must try. Doesn’t sound like a tin can on a stick like some of the othe squares out there. Callaway and Nike will have to go back to the drawing board after this one hits the market.

  10. Having been a golfer that has battled a slice for some 45 years, I felt I must put my two cents worth in here. Up until the purchase a few years ago of a cobra 454 comp driver, with a custom fitted shaft that was “pured” (frequency balanced), and for the most part probably the best driving club I had used to that point. I could hit some pretty nice skinny draws pretty consistently, but the big ballooning high a fading slice would creep in their way too often. And lately it had been showing up pretty regular.

    Sessions at the driving range would be unsuccessful in correcting this re-occurring problem. Which brings me to this new driver from Adams. On and impulse, into my favorite toy store, there I was test driving every manufacturer’s driver. All the new ones, I won’t even list them here, we all know their names. The launch monitor would pretty much show the tendencies exhibited at the driving range and on the course. All that stopped when the salesman put that OS version of the driver into my hands. I thought, oh no, an offset club, I’m an old man.

    The improvement was immediate. Not only was my skinny draw back, I could, at will straighten it out, or put a nice little fade on the ball with great accuracy…and longer by 15-20 yards, well, according to the launch monitor. Something else I liked about the ball flight is that the launch angle is a little lower. To me this is a good thing, because I have to play in the wind a lot, and in the summer under dry conditions. If I need a little more height on the drive I just tee it up a wee bit higher and play it slightly forward. I am impressed with the penetrating flight. And I know you’ve heard this before, but even with missing the sweet spot on the club head, it will still return a good shot.

    I now have a dozen rounds under my belt with his new driver, and everyone in my regular gang is amazed. I can now hit to a spot on the fairway with either a draw, or a fade as the situation requires. It’s a keeper, but like I said, it’s an offset club, I’m an old man – not! I think the headcover that comes with this driver will be copied by the way, no doubt.

    So the question is “Should you buy one of these?”

  11. Just purchased adams ext insight and WOW!!! what a difference from my ping g5 driver i would recommend this club to anyone who wants to hit the ball farther and straighter. I was going to get the nike sumo sq 2 but the sales guy sold me on the adams good call.

  12. After trying the Callaway Ft-i and being converted to it, I thought I would try the Adams Insight to see how it compared. I used to have a problem with hooking up until I bought the Callaway which helped me incredibly but I was amazed at the difference the Insight made. I am a convert to the Insight now.

  13. I went to Roger Dunn today in search of a new driver (my custom one broke). DOing a lot of research, I first tried the Cobra- sounds and feels aweful, no distance. Ping G10-did not look good at address and hits were inconsistent. Cleveland Hibore- one hit and that thing sounds like porcelain breaking. Then just for fun, tried the Adams XTD a3, this square club is so easy to hit and all of my drives were on target and was hitting 20+ yards further, so I bought it. Took all the plastic covers off and man, that club felt and sounded even better!

  14. I am an Adams fan, Bought the 430 Q and then the 480 dual, Insight Bull and BTY, and now i bought the A3 XTD, will arrive in a couple off days

  15. 😀
    Got my new Insight XTD Driver yesterday.
    Hit the ball straight and very loooooooong.
    Best driver I ever bought – must have – 10/10

  16. 🙂 I really did not want to get any NEW clubs as I felt my older ones were doing alright, and also I did not wish to spend a lot of $$$$ on hype and someone elses word……
    Well 8 months or so ago I bought a Adams BUL5000 in 9.5* and then put a Grafalloy Blue 55grm ProLaunch shaft in it and thought I had found the cats meow..This club would hit the ball further than anything I had tried, or owned…..That was until 3 weeks ago.You see we had demo days at the country club I work at..They had Titleist, Ping, Cobra, and then this fellow from Adams.
    Well I tried the new 907R, and found it OK, then I tried the G10 from Ping-it worked better than the Titleist (at least for me)..Then I hit the New King Cobra and was a
    bit impressed…When I got thru I was really leaning toward the G-10 when the Adams rep asked if I would like to hit their Insight XTD a3 driver with the DVS Aldila 55 grm shaft–I said sure why not—-WOW this
    semi-square(not as square as some I have seen)looking
    driver was bombing them 260-270 straight as an arrow ( I have a legit 107 swing speed) and even the off-center hit were carrying 240 plus……I surprised myself by driving the last green on our range on the fly and it’s 275 yards from the tees—-So now I am the Proud Owner of another Adams driver 😀 😀 🙂 and Merle and his G10 is still behind me by 10-20 yards on almost every hole, Thanks for letting me infuse my $.02 woth in

  17. Can someone please tell me whats up with the price of the Insight XTD Line?? TWG.COM and a local store both have dropped the price to $169. The local shop said this is Adams new pricing strategy which makes no sense because the Aldila shaft in the dang thing is worth more that $169.

    Is this being closed out? Newer model on the way or is this a new price point strategy (which sounds bogus to me)

    Either way I am buying one. Just want to know who to trust in the future.

  18. I’ve been playing an Adams 460 RPM Comp for the last couple of years. Anyone know why there’s a sudden price drop on the XTD? If they’re as good as advertisted, it’s the best buy around right now! I ordered one that should be here today.

  19. Ther are coming out with a new model and getting these off the shelves.
    I just got one from the dealer in Dallas, I CAN’T WAIT to take it to albuquerque and surprise my friend. We are playing a 3 day tourney and boy is he in for a surprise!


  20. The Adams Golf XTD A3OS offset driver is an absolute pig! Sure I lost my slice, but now I’m left with a wicked, out-of-control hook. My advice to any prospective buyer; if you must have this club, go for the one with the neutral set-up.

  21. I just want to know which one in the last pic is the a3 and which one is the a30s. can some one please tell me

  22. Just picked up my Adams XTD A3 today. I’ve been slicing my drives for the past 6 years, and today after the purchase at the range my drives were going 200-250 straight as an arrow 90% of the time.

    Best piece of equipment i’ve bought for my game. What an improvement!

  23. Just picked up my Adams XTD A3 today. I’ve been slicing my drives for the past 6 years, and today after the purchase at the range my drives were going 200-250 straight as an arrow 90% of the time.

    Best piece of equipment i’ve bought for my game. What an improvement!

    Did you buy the A3 or the A3OS?

  24. Having reviewed this club earlier, let me add to it by expressing a bit of a disappointment in this club. Shortly after purchasing this club, well maybe about a month, the head loosened on the shaft during a round of golf. I took the club back to the dealer I bought it from and had their golfsmith reset the shaft and away we went. That was about a month ago or so. Yesterday, while playing, it had slipped on the shaft again.

    The dealer offered to reset the shaft, or delivere to me a new one out of the box to replace it. I thought that since this club had exhibited the same problem twice, it had become a chronic problem. I elected to have a new one provided in place of the defective unit. I’m going to stick with it for a while, as everything I said in a review earlier hasn’t changed. I love his driver, is accurate and long.

    If this problem arises with the new club, I think I will have to move on and try something different which I am not too keen on. We will see.

    By the way, after Adams discounted this driver from $300 down to $170, I went back to my favorite adult toy store and they gave me the difference in credit. So, I picked up the number three fairway wood for an additional $40 and the credit. Same thing with his fairway club, incredibly easy to get off the fairway and in the rough it really shines. I hope the shaft doesn’t come loose on this one. I am still hopeful.

  25. I was vaguely unhappy with my older model Taylormade driver and didn’t know whether it was a shaft issue, head issue or some other problem. I seemed to be mostly hitting it well but with little roll and occasionally pushes right and pulls left. Mishits towards the hosel or toe suffered both distance & direction. I decided to go through a launch monitor – and not expose my biases against: “odd looking” heads; light shafts, shafts that felt floppy. I brought my driver and hit balls as instructed and listened. I hit Ping G10, Taylormade Burner, two Callaway models, a Titleist, etc. [models and brands were somewhat disguised by tape to keep my biases out of play.] After many shots by many clubs it came down to two models of the Adams Insight a3 – one had the Adilla 55g R shaft at 9 deg., the other had the same shaft in S with a 10.5 head. The 9 deg w. R shaft was occasionally longer but the 10. 5 S shafted model was consistently longer & straighter. I was surprised that an Adams squarehead [S/10.5] was going to be my next driver. At my swingspeed of 97-99 mph, the ball speed was higher and the net yardage averaged 18 yds further than my current driver – less spin, hotter clubface and better trajectory. If I can aaverage 15 better I’ll be delighted. BTW, this guy was on sale for $169 and that’s a bargain these days for a very good stick.

  26. Just bought an Insight XTD a3 and immediately tried it at the range. With it, I consistently hit 280 to 290 yards, at least 20 yards more than my previous driver. Now looking forward to consistently beating alvin and bong.

  27. Just wanted to say that I tried the Callaway FT-i driver. It hit very well, was a little noisy but the big problem came when I blew the back 1/2 of it off on my 3rd basket of balls. I talked to a golf pro that said he’s heard of that happening before. So, instead ordered and tried the Adams Insight XTD A3 OS version since it was rated and spoke of highly and it was so much cheaper now at $169. Holy smokes the A3 OS hit even straighter and longer for me that the FT-i. For the first time of my life I hit the ball so far out that I could not even see it start to come down. It’s just an incredible driver. I got it with a stiff graphic shaft. Did I mention, “Holy smokes??” The head sets squarely at approach, hits well all over the face and sounds solid. There is no doubt everyone on the tee box will know you hit it well. Good job Adams. I’ve just ordered Adams Idea A3 OS irons with the 2-6 hybrids, hollow back 7, 8 hybrid irons and cavity back 9, AW, AW and SW. They are rated gold on the 2008 Hot List by Golf Digest. Can’t wait.

  28. I saw the XTDs are on sale now for $169. I bought one just for fun to see what all the rage is about and the shaft alone sells for $200.

    This driver is TOTAL JUNK. Has no feel to it at all. It’s just like the junky new Callaway Great Big Berthas. Might as well have a tin can on a wood stick. It has no feel to it at all. My Ping G10 eats this thing for lunch, has MUCH better feel, turns over a lot easier and goes farther.

    Don’t waste your $169…

  29. Fantastic driver. The A3 suits my swing very well. Only problem is that after a month it came apart. Earlier today, my tee shot on the first hole ended with the head coming completely off and landing 30 yards to the right in some wooly rough.

    I was highly disapointed. I absolutely love this driver and feel it has really made a difference in my game this year.

    We’ll see how good the Adam’s customer service unit is. Has anybody had any experience dealing with them?

  30. I had the same problem (see my earlier post). After having the head reattached, it start to come off with a few rounds. My local golf toy store replaced with a new unit, and there have been NO issues with this one…best results with any driver I have used!

  31. Bought XTD A3 a month ago. Completely removed my slice and hitting 250-275

    This morning the head came off. Took it back to Golf Galaxy and they repaced no q’s asked. Have the 3 Wood as well as the hybrids. Love the clubs so hope this one lasts longer

  32. what about the 3 wood i’m thinking of buying one would t be as good as the driver or is it worth it

  33. Great driver, while it’s in one piece. I work at Golf Town and this was the most often defective product that we had to send back to Adams for a replacement. Way more than any other driver, even though we sell way more Taylormade or Callaway drivers than Adams. Many heads fly off the shaft and in several cases the shaft has broken near the hosel. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have the time and money to continually repair or replace it.

  34. I just picked up a slightly used demo Insight XTD a3 for $69.95. Based on what I have read I can’t wait to hit it! The shaft is worth more than what I paid for the club! :mrgreen:

  35. Follow Up to previous post:

    Adam’s fixed my driver and had it back to me within a couple weeks. I finished the fall season with no problems. Played a couple rounds this winter with no problems.

    They fixed the issue and were very easy to work with. I was told that a “bad batch” of adheisive caused brittleness in the shaft near the hossel. Well whatever it was, they seemed to have fixed the issue.

  36. Just picked up the XTD a3 a Golf Galaxy. Performed better on the launch monitor than the TM Tour Burner and the Cleveland Hi-Bore XLS. Was reduced down to $129. After taxes and a $125 AMEX gift card left over from X-Mas, got my new driver for $11. With 60 degree temperatures predicted tomorrow, can’t wait to try this one out.

  37. Play four rounds a week, 10 handicapp, but my long game was erratic last summer so I took the plunge and bought a new ADAMS Insight A3, 9.5 degree, 55s staff, driver

    Haven’t been to the course as yet, but on a warm day last week went to the driving range where this driver made its debut.

    Hit balls plumb out of sight while not deviating too much from dead center. Hit one on the toe that only got out about 230 yards, but the rest were carrying 260. Hey, I’m 63 years old.

    I’m tall and the 46 inch club feels like it was made for me regardless of the fact I tend to choke down a little.

    This driver was made for you people who want to hit longest in their group and old fogies like me who need dependably long accurate driving to complement a great short game.

    Buy an Insight. If you don’t win with it, chances are you’re going to lose to it.

  38. Just bought an XTD A3 today from Dicks. Hit a few in a field next to my house and I cannot believe how long it is. Going to play this weekend for the true test.

  39. 🙁 I have had nothing, but problems with the Adams A30S driver. After mis-hitting the ball one time a dimple appreared on the bottom of the club. It took Adams 9 months to replace the club. Stay away from the club and from Adams.

  40. Just bought the Adams XTD A3 Driver the other day for $89 plus tax.. It out performed the Tayormade Tour Burner on the Dick’s Sporting Goods video range… (better launch angle 11 vs 9, ball speed 162 vs 155 and carry distance 250 vs. 240). I’m planning to take it out this weekend for a test run. My current gamer is a Cobra Speed LD-F 460 Driver that I hit consistantly straight and deep. I also have a Ping G10, Ping G2 and TaylorMade Burner that are in the garage collecting dust. I had hoped that the G10 would emerge as my #1 but I find it incredible hard to hit. I’m a 6 handicapper that have always struggled with my launch so if the Adams doesn’t work out I may have the shaft pulled and placed in the G10 for grins. I’ll report back next week.

  41. Just pick the ADAMS Insight A3, 9.5 degree, 55r Aldila shaft today at an outlet for $25 plus tax. I have a saturday afternoon tee time and can’t wait to get to the range early!!!

    After reading all the posts above and the fact that I only paid $25 I expect the head to fly off on the first swing! 😉

  42. I have the a30s set. The driver seemed great – until the head flew off. It broke where the shaft meets the club head. When I retreived it I discovered a big dimple in the base(maybe it hit something hard on the ground). I’m a little annoyed – this set was expensive and I expected more quaulity. I would be pissed if it took 9 months go get it back(previous response in thread). 2 weeks I can deal with.

  43. I have read all the posts…I have a sad tale as well. I bought the first Adams a3 (9.5) about 7-8 months ago. It was the bomb! Very forgiving, very accurate, and very far…for the first half hour at the range. Then the head snapped at the hozel. I was stationed in Boston, MA, and it was cold. Figured the cold made the shaft brittle. Dick’s replaced it that day no questions asked.

    The second shaft lasted almost 3 months. Then it too shattered at the hozel. I am a 9 handicap and not a club abuser…I was baffled. Again, Dick’s replaced the club w/ no questions asked (BTW, I think the world of Dick’s Sporting Goods and their staff at the Dick’s in Natick, MA). Since it was now fairly warm, I was starting to worry.

    I moved to New Orleans this summer. I was playing a round in prep for a tournament the next day. I was hitting it very well when a drive only went 220 yards…I immediately knew. I grabbed the head and yep…another shattered shaft. There is no Dick’s here so I called Adams direct. They said I must have been abusing the club…that they had not heard of any significant shaft breakage in this model. They then offered to put a extra stiff shaft on it. Extra stiff? I don’t swing THAT hard (about 105 mph/driver). I took it to Edwin Watts Golf Shop and they had heard about this problem. It took 3 weeks (they sent the club and shaft to Adams) and I just got it back today. They replace the shaft w/ a Grafalloy Axis (60 grams-stiff) ProLaunch. I will give it a try this weekend. However, I have a pretty high launch now and am worried that the Grafalloy will balloon my drives (it is made for med to high launch). Adams has admitted (to me) no problems with the shaft/hozel.

    I will give it one last shot. If this club breaks, I am done w/ Adams. I do love the way it drives (I also have the Boxer 3-wood and hybrid), but I cannot continue w/ a club that constantly breaks and leaves me w/o a driver for weeks on end (I play 3-4 times/week).

    I hope my post helps for all those considering this club. Great club for playing…an albatros if you start having my problems.

    Take care,


  44. Just bought one last week.(9.5 degree and a 55 s shaft) played 1 game and been to the driving range 1 time.I was hitting an smt 11 degree an loved it but was hitting way to high(250 and just about stop). Just by the 2 times I used this club I will give you what I think so far.Shaft was 1/2 longer then my old one so i had to adjust to that. Then I was getting 20 to 30 yards more, due to the fact I was hitting a lower launch angle and the extra roll. I like the sound of the club and so did my friends.( and a lot of holly $$%% comments after I drove the ball) Only con is that for me the grip was to thin. I will replace it. And ball wants to tail right(but that’s me not the club, Ill work on that.) All in all I’m very much satisfied .

    Thanks for the read

  45. Ed here again
    Played more with this club STILL MY FAVORITE driver “BUT” I got one of those dimples on the back of the head
    left of shaft. I called Adams and they said that they have received some returns for this problem. He said I would have to take it back to where it bought it from and they will send it back and that they will check it out. I showed the sales person my club and he said that he can see that I only hit from center to right on face and that he can see that it wasn’t a ball strike that caused it. He was stumped. They did not have another one to replace it but said I will be able to use it this Friday in a tournament and bring it in Saturday . I read that some of of these clubs that got a dimple , the head broke right off the shaft at the bottom. I’ll take my 11 degree smt just in case.
    I’ll keep a follow up on what happens ( if anyone is interested)

    I hope they send me a new club

  46. UPDATE: I tried playing my driver w/ the new shaft…it is simply not the same club. It is worthless now. I have taken the driver and placed it in the corner of the garage where all old clubs go to die.

    I am now looking at TaylorMade, Cobra, Ping…heck, just about anyone.

  47. Army Colonel/ Micheal,

    This is a bizarre series of events you have gone through with Adams. I have played with at least 15 different Adams drivers from the Tight Lies ST & GT, The RPM and original Insights, to the XTD and Speedline in various lofts and never, ever had any single problem. I have several golfing buddies that have XTD’s or have used mine and they have never had a problem. Yes, I live in a place when its hot. Redding, Ca gets up to 115* during the summer.

    I played several rounds with the XTD and the XTD pro and found them to be very solid clubs. With the XTD I just couldn’t get used to the square look.

    I am not saying what you went through didn’t happen but I do find it odd. You don’t mention exactly which Axis shaft you got, them come in red and blue. Blue is definitely a high launch shaft where Red is low. Neither are middle.

    Don’t give up on Adams. Few know that many of their club engineers come from Taylormade. Try the Speedline or even drop $60 on a Insight BUL or BTY (series before the XTD). Ya, thats right $60 from 3balls or Global Golf. You can’t buy that shaft for that cheap. I have the BTY in my bag with a Prolaunch Red and its long and the best driver I have had.

    Lastly, with Adams not admitting the problem exists. I have had this problem with them AND other club makers too. I have had this problem with any manufacturer of just about anything I have had that has broken. It really just depends on who you talk to inside the company. My Adams ST driver head paint started peeling off before I even used it. I called and got blown off. I called back and escalated the issue by asking for a manager and I finally got someone who would take the time. Sometimes you got to be a thorn in their side….

    Good Luck! I will recommend Cleveland’s Launcher w/ Fit-on Red shaft for low launch. Its really nice.

  48. Well just got back from my tournament. Shot 4 under par with 1 bogy. Hit driver very well today. All in the fairway. I think I will keep it with the dimple in it untill it breaks( hope not). I never hit so straight and as long before. It was a good day.
    Average drive 270. My old club 250. I have the red shaft one.
    Oh yea I am hitting the Pinnacle Gold ball. I read somewhere that adams had the best results with this club – ball combo on a swing machine.

    thats about it

  49. I have an Adams a30s set, I just got back from a round of Golf — the head of my driver flew off on the 4th hole. How totally embarrassing, I emailed Adams and the did not reply. So far I have lost the head to an 8 Iron, my 9 Iron bent and the driver to my head went off. Luckily it was straight down the fairway, my head went 75 yards, my ball 125 and still I got a bogey on the hole. I am moving to taylormade

  50. I have an Adams a30s set, I just got back from a round of Golf — the head of my driver flew off on the 4th hole. How totally embarrassing, I emailed Adams and the did not reply. So far I have lost the head to an 8 Iron, my 9 Iron bent and the driver to my head went off. Luckily it was straight down the fairway, my head went 75 yards, my ball 125 and still I got a bogey on the hole. I am moving to taylormade


    Like I mentioned in my response to Army Colonel your story is quite unusual. Not unusual that I don’t believe it didn’t happen but more in the idea that you fall outside the odds. Every production line is going to have a margin of error and fail rates. Adams OS line probably SHOULD have a fail rate of 3%. That means one failure PER set. To have multiple failures on multiple clubs is extraordinary.

    Like I mentioned to Army Colonel I have played many many Adams woods and drivers. Would have played their irons but they were not making good irons when I bought the ones I have now and you would have to kill me to get them. Point being is that I have played so many and never had MAJOR problems at all. I had paint problems on the ST series woods and a grip tear on an Insight BUL (year before XTD) but nothing like you describe.

    You didn’t mention where you bought them? Ebay? Lots of knockoffs. I have emailed Adams MANY times and always got a reply. Once again, not trying diminish your situation, I would be made as hell. I surely wouldn’t send off an email and leave it at that??? If you bought them at a retailer, take them back and shove them up…..! If bought online from a reputable seller than be a bee in their bonnet!!! Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Get them replaced and or fixed, sell them. and go to taylormade……although TM makes NOTHING like an OS set. If you bought them from an friend or ebay… got a knockoff set. I have seen many knockoffs and they are getting really good…. Good luck

  51. After my driver’s head fell off about 2 weeks later another club fell apart – luckily it was replaced by adams. The store manager said if another club came apart he would replace the set.

  52. After my driver’s head fell off about 2 weeks later another club fell apart – luckily it was replaced by adams. The store manager said if another club came apart he would replace the set.

    What was the model of driver?

  53. A30s

    I am in no way trying to be a moderator here but you do realize that this forum is for the Adams Insight XTD series of drivers??

    While the A3OS is an Adams product, it doesn’t fall under the title.

  54. I Have A 5 wood XTDA3OS And A three wood XTD A3 OS . Would not change Fairway woods again. Try ing to get the Adams Driver XTDA3OF Im 76 years old and nobudy can beleive how far I hit the ball .One leg and all. Just can’t wait for that driver. Having trouble fining one.I hithe the 3 wood off the tee further than the guys hit there driver. Injoyed reading all the above comments . Thanks Ed PS Ihave prolaunch 45 G shafts in all Work the best

  55. Still looking for the Insight XTD 03OS 10.5 Driver with Shaft or without any flex

  56. Edwin,

    I don’t understand your post. You are looking for a Insight XTD A3OS (I assume you had a typo) “with shaft or without any flex?” What does that mean? All shafts have flex in them. Are you saying that you are looking for just the driver head?? Help me out here because I can help you find what you need. Are you looking for one to match your other 5 wood?

    Here is one right here:

    Doesn’t have the Prolaunch 45G shaft in it but they didn’t come stock with that shaft. If you really wanted that shaft you could buy the driver and shaft and have a shop replace the shaft for you. I think you will find, however, that the stock shaft is pretty good and only 10 grams heavier and its a very very good shaft.

    Here is a Prolaunch 45g if you want it.

    Neither of these ebay auctions are mine nor do I have anything to do with them. I am just trying to help Edwin find what he is looking for and I have had great success with ebay.

  57. Several weeks ago my Insight XTD made a very funny tick sound at impact when I got way under the ball (tee’d up too high)…I noticed what I initially thought was a paint crack at the top front of club just behind the face. The next week, same odd noise, this time the head split about 1/8″ from toe to heel. Returned it to Dick’s and Adams replaced it with a Speedline Fast 10….will be trying it tonight….

  58. ED if you are out there I would like to know what Adams said about the weird ding on the bottom of your A3……

    We’ll folks I am going to eat my words and tell ya that I had a head come flying off an A3 just yesterday. I own 3 A3’s and there are of different loft and shaft combos. This particular one was a 8.5 with an Aldila DVS X-Flex shaft in it.

    I called Adams and they told me to take it an authorize retailer and have them send it to Adams. When the shaft snapped a sizable ding appeared on the bottom of the club right below the shaft. If you could draw a line from the center of the hozel it would probably line directly up with this dent. Has anyone seen this and if yes, what did Adams do? This is an A3, which is 3 years and about 7 drivers old. I doubt the stock heads.

  59. If any of you don’t like this club and want to dump it .I.m looking for one for my son.

    Mine is always missing from my bag lol

    Check Ebay. There are several there right now in all lofts. Don’t be afraid to try the predecessor to the XTD which would be the Insight BUL5000. Its a slightly closed face so its like a A3OS just not square. The Insight BTY would be more like the A3 Pro. More traditional shape but same hot face. Also, the A4 and A4OS are coming down in price and are better than the A3. They surely don’t have the snapping shaft problem that the A3 and A3OS has. Just gotta look and look. Every Adams club I have purchased of Ebay has been below $50 shipped. This last one, the A3 which broke, is being replaced by Adams at no charge. Can’t beat that.

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