Adams Unveils New Idea Black CB2 Irons and Super Hybrids

Adams Golf establishes an entire new line of premium products under the Idea Black brand name.

Bag DropNew equipment just continues to roll out at a steady pace as temperatures continue to rise across the country. If your bag isn’t set for the rest of the season, you might want to make it a priority to do so. Because of course, once it’s set, we’re not lured in by other new shiny toys, right?

Perhaps you’ll consider a set of irons from “that hybrid company” – Adams Golf. The number one hybrid maker is at it again, this time with a new brand name they’re calling Idea Black. Now don’t get confused, this is different than the Idea Pro Black hybrids we saw last October. This week we take a look at the soon-to-be-released Idea Black CB2 and Idea Black Super Hybrid from Adams Golf. So kick back, relax, and follow along as we see what these new sticks are all about.

Idea Black CB2 Irons
The new Idea Black CB2 irons definitely hold true to the new brand name, as the all black club head is pretty much, well, all black! However, underneath the menacing black nickel chromium plated facade is a soft 8620 carbon steel forging that was created for what Adams calls “the aspiring player.” The cavity back design was engineered to increase forgiveness, soak up vibration and enhance feel, all while resonating with pleasing sound. Adams engineers brought the center of gravity low and deep by incorporating dual perimeter weighting further helping to make the CB2 a little more forgiving. Offset progresses throughout the set to help optimize ball flight for each iron so that each shot has the trajectory you desire.

The Idea Black CB2 iron set is a world-class product that will appeal to a wide range of players. We spared nothing when we designed this set and our expertise in developing aesthetically pleasing and industry-leading iron technology will definitely be on display the first time you see and hit these clubs-the playability and appearance of this set is unmatched.

Michael Vrska, Director of Product Development

Adams Idea Black CB2 Irons

Also featured on the CB2 is a thin four way cambered sole that aims to move through the turf with little interference, promoting consistent ball striking and shot making. The faces employ grooves that conform with the new conditions of competition, while optimizing spin from all lies.

Options and Availability
Adams offers two different stock shafts with the Idea Black CB2. The steel option is the lightweight KBS Tour 90, while the graphite alternative is the Matrix Studio 84, both of which are available in regular, stiff, and extra stiff flex profiles. The standard set runs 4I-GW and is offered for both left-handed and right-handed players. They should be available at your favorite golf shop on May 14th and have a MSRP just under $900 for steel, while the graphite-shafted version will have a price tag in the neighborhood of $1100. Adams does offer a number of custom options as well, though they’re not quite available on Adams’ site quite yet.

Idea Black Super Hybrid
Adams describes the new long iron replacing Idea Black Super Hybrid as a hybrid on steroids due to its bigger and more powerful head.

The Super Hybrid is a new breed of hybrid that advances this category of clubs well beyond just long-iron replacement. The Super Hybrid is truly a hybrid on steroids; bigger and more powerful. It’s built for players looking for a high performance hybrid that provides maximum distance while maintaining forgiveness and playability.

Tim Reed, Vice President of Research and Development for Adams Golf

Keeping in line with the CB2 irons, the Super Hybrid is plated with a nickel chromium exterior, giving it a dark, confidence-inspiring appearance. Underneath the Super Hybrid’s all black shell is a maraging steel face that combines with an overall larger head, and a longer shaft to produce a 2.5 mph faster ball speed, which equals out to roughly seven more yards of distance. Helping you make solid contact on turf shots as well as those out of the rough is a tri-level sole that reduces turf interference. The end result is a club that’s easy to hit off the tee, off the deck, or out of the rough.

Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid

To ensure a proper fit, Adams designed the Super Hybrid with an adjustable weight screw so that the new hybrid retains the swingweight you’re comfortable with. In order to locate the center of gravity low and deep, 85 grams of weight was moved to the sole, which ultimately leads to a 17 percent increase in MOI. The Adams Super Hybrid truly looks like it has everything you’d want in a player’s hybrid, with it’s minimal offset and mid-high launch angle.

Options and Availability
There are a number of lofts to choose from as lefties get 15°, 17°, and 19° models, while righties get the same plus an additional 21° option. The popular Aldila VooDoo NV 85 gram graphite shaft is standard, and comes in regular, stiff, and extra stiff flex options. MSRP on the Idea Black Super Hybrid is $249.99, though you can probably find it closer to the $200 range. Luckily you won’t have to wait a couple of weeks to try these out like you do with the above irons, as the Super Hybrid is available in stores now.

20 thoughts on “Adams Unveils New Idea Black CB2 Irons and Super Hybrids”

  1. These look great – what handicap range are they aimed at? I assume just from the price that they are aimed at a more serious golfer than the A7’s are.

  2. Wow, do these look great. If I was in the market, I’d be searching for a demo truck NOW.

  3. These bad boys look great! Im in the market so Ill have to size these up against the AP2’s once I save up some money.

  4. I think I like the looks of those irons even more than the Cleveland CG7 Black Pearls. I’m going to have to demo them one day (so long as there’s a left-handed option available).

  5. These look great – what handicap range are they aimed at? I assume just from the price that they are aimed at a more serious golfer than the A7’s are.

    Yep, you’d be correct in that assumption. Judging by the minimal offset and pretty thin topline (I saw unofficial pics elsewhere, search and you’ll find them pretty quickly), they’re geared towards the better player.

    I agree with everyone though, they definitely have a nice look to them.

    Has anybody tried these yet?How well does the black finish hold up?

    They’re not officially out yet, so I imagine there haven’t been too many people that have gotten their hands on them quite yet 🙂

    They’ll hit stores in 9 days (on May 14th).

  6. I hit the CB2 6 iron at a demo day last week. Really nice looking clubs. Just being able to judge by hitting a dozen balls with one club I can say it got my attention. I was not in the iron market but maybe now…

  7. Looks like a black set of A4s to me branded as “Black CB2.”

    If they hit anything like my A4s, everyone’s in for a treat with the comeback.

  8. Sorry to say ….. they are just lik a copy of the Mizuno Comp-EZ of many seasons ago……

  9. I just hit this set of CB 2’s at at recent demo day. I wasnt even concidering Adams until I saw the CB 1’s and CB2’s. They were like butter, smooth with plenty of feed back. I was crushing the nine iron further then the Mizuno MP62 7 iron. The long irons as the 4 and 5 were just as easy to hit. You can feel toe strikes and if you are too low or high. For a low handicapper as myself it was very easy to shape shots in either direction. I didnt how hard I had to force my swing path with my pings. I hit several large buckets at the demo day to solidify my decision. I immidiately ordered a set. You definitely have to hit several balls at a range and not at a computer screen to actually know if the clubs are right for you. It is too much to spend for tomatoe stakes…..keep hitting them straight

  10. I custom ordered my CB2 3 weeks ago (1 degree upright) suppose to be here by the 20th….I hope Adams does not let me down on delivery…I feel like a kid waiting for christmas.

  11. First, the CB2 places a lot of meat below the center of the ball. More than any player’s club offered by Mizuno, past or present. Second, the metal used in these is like that used in Vokey Wedges, hard to beat the feel. Perhaps the best thing about these beautiful irons, is they are offered with a light weight steel shaft with solid feel and performance for those of us who can no longer swing DG for eighteen holes. Adams miscalculated in a big way the demand for these. Be prepared to wait two months if you order today.

  12. I just picked up the CB2’s a week ago. Thankfully i can play standard clubs since there is a massive backorder from Adams. All I can say is “AMAZING!” These things are pure butter! I’ve been contemplating a new set for a while now and I’m so glad I waited. They look great at address and feel even better. They have the perfect blend of forgiveness and feedback. Mis-hits are still playable, but they let you know. I would recommend these to anybody in the market for new irons. I’m completely satisfied!

  13. While waiting for computer results of a driver frequency test at a range last week, the pro shop guy walked over, watched me hit 8 or 9 iron shots, then asked if I would like to hit a CB2 demo 6i (2deg UP, +1″, KBS Tour 90-S.) Well, I’ve hit forged clubs before but nothing like this baby. WOW! At 6-3, 230 lbs, this club felt custom built for me. The first three shots sailed straight as an arrow over the 168 flag. I turned back to look at the wry smile he had on his face. So I said, “Let’s try a draw.” And boom….a soft right to left draw just past the flag. Then I said, “Let’s try a fade.” And boom….a nice, controlled left to right fade pin high. Then I hit eight more in a row onto the green, holding each one using a 3/4 swing. He said, “The CB2 can’t miss. You could hit that green with your eyes closed.” So, (you guessed it) I closed my eyes and boom……..

    We both laughed so hard.

    So I ordered an unassembled set that I will have built locally to my frequency and swing weight. I will also want the Winn W7 grips instead of OEM grips.

    Surely, I’ll have to miss a green sometime.

  14. I bought these 2 weeks ago. Worth every cent. The Gap wedge alone is going to lower my handicap about 2 strokes. They are geared for consistent ball strikers, but the beauty of the duel weighting is that even a mistruck shot does not slice or fade too much, you just lose 10-15% average distance. The Gap wedge hit with a slow deliberate stroke can be pulled back from target almost 10 feet sometimes…Truly amazing clubs, and the finish is sticking just fine.

  15. Has anybody tried these yet?How well does the black finish hold up?

    I just put these in my bag. awesome!! i tried all the clubs on the market just about for 2010. Im a 7 hc and i can work the ball still with some forgiveness as well. I was playing the ap2 for 2 years. These clubs are a whole club longer!! plus the have a great feel of the face. (On ya! i did try mizuno mp58 as well) The only thing i have to work on now is adjusting for the longer yardage:))
    could be happier**** oh funny thing is i didnt even read any posts before buying these clubs until today . i bought them 2 weeks ago. every single post is exactly the truth!!!

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