New Adidas ClimaCool with CoolMax and Tour360 Sport Shoes

Adidas releases new shoes and clothes to help make the warmer months more comfortable and enjoyable.

Bag DropSince it’s getting hotter every day as we approach summer, it’s getting more important to be as cool and comfortable on the course as possible. I could even see an argument for lightweight, comfortable clothes improving your game. As silly as it sounds, we’re all very well familiar with how much of a psychological game golf is. You’re probably also familiar that the hotter your body temperature gets, the more that frustration and stress levels increase, which usually results in bad shots, and even more stress and frustration. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way claiming that sporting some of Adidas‘ new Tour360 4.0 Sports and a ClimaCool shirt will turn you into a scratch golfer, I’m just saying being comfortable can go a long way in keeping your mind right.

Adidas has done quite well since jumping into the golf industry, with their acquisition of TaylorMade as well as their lines of golf shoes and performance apparel. Among their most successful products has been their Tour360 golf shoes and their apparel made with ClimaCool material.

Tour360 4.0 Sport
The Tour360 4.0 Sport incorporates what made the previous versions popular into a more athletically-styled model. The Tour360 4.0 Sport also marks the first time Adidas has ever used their ion-mask nano-coating technology. This new coating, created by P2i Labs, delivers an additional layer of protection to the mesh upper, making it significantly more resistant to water and stains, while staying very breathable and comfortable.

adidas Tour360 4.0 Sport - Metallic Silver

Golfers and the trade alike, recognize the benefits of breathable, moisture-wicking, lightweight apparel on the golf course – especially in the warmer months of the year. At adidas Golf, we apply this same type of thinking to golf footwear, understanding what golfers need and can benefit when Spring hits and the temperatures begin to climb. Keeping the foot cool, dry and comfortable is as important to golfers as great stability, and we knew that with innovative thinking and the application of some cutting edge technology, we could deliver the best of both worlds in our new TOUR360 4.0 Sport. We took the TOUR360 4.0 platform with THiNTech low-profile technology and 360WRAP, and fused it with a lightweight, breathable, mesh upper and ion-mask nano-technology to deliver the familiar performance and feel of TOUR360 with a new level of warm-weather comfort, protection and temperature control. TOUR360 4.0 Sport is the flagship of our Sport Collection, representing the latest in high-performance footwear for varying weather climates.

Dave Ortley, Senior Director of Global Footwear

Making the Tour360 4.0 Sport even more durable is the 50/50 Protect, which gives water-resistant protection to the bottom half and a very breathable upper half. It’s features such as these that you’ll be thankful for during the spring and summer months, as rain showers can pop up at the blink of an eye.

Another important part to a good golf shoe is stability and balance. The combination of 360WRAP technology and a unibody construction provides just that. The unibody construction connects the external heel counter and 360WRAP to the outsole, creating what Adidas says is the most stable golf shoe they’ve ever produced. Adding to the stability and support is the redesigned Powerband chassis, which helps encourage more weight transfer through impact. Rounding out the bottom of the shoe is the THiNTech cleats. The low profile THiNTech system has been re-worked to get the golfer closer to the ground, and in fact is 32% lower to the ground compared to conventional cleats.

adidas Tour360 4.0 Sport - Black

Comfort is further enhanced by adiPRENE cushoining and X-STATIC. The shock absorbing adiPRENE cushioning material resides in the heel, and goes a long way in protecting your heels in rough conditions. X-STATIC, on the other hand, helps to regulate temperature and optimize comfort by using silver filament fibers woven into the lining. Adidas’ FitFOAM enhances the comfort in the sole by using a visco-elastic foam, which promotes uniform weight distribution.

Options and Availability
The Adidas Tour360 4.0 Sport comes in two color variations: Metallic Silver/Metallic Silver/Black, and Black/Black/Metallic Silver. They are available now at golf retailers, with a MSRP of $120.

ClimaCool With CoolMax Apparel
Now that your feet will be taken care of, what about everything else? I mean, sure, golfing naked might be the ultimate in terms of breathability and comfort, but I’ll simply advise against you playing in your birthday suit and leave it at that. The next best thing might be the new performance materials used in Adidas’ new apparel.

ClimaCool golf clothing has likely been a staple in your clothing rotation for a while, though this year, it’s undergone a bit of an enhancement via the use of CoolMax Energy fabric. Adidas’ new apparel made it’s debut a couple weeks back at the Masters, where we know it can get a little hot and humid. The intention of this new fabric is to increase comfort while balancing the player’s body temperatures.

The CoolMax Energy fabric makes use of highly engineered microfibers to help move more air to the skin, which in turn keeps your body cooler, and staying cooler leads to higher energy levels throughout your round. On the flip side, the highly synthetic construction wicks sweat away from your skin. Extra ventilation is provided by strategically placed mesh patterns under the arms and on the back.

ClimaCool with CoolMax Energy does everything a traditional ClimaCool shirt does, plus a whole lot more. We first took a look at our Tour Pros, who are wearing their shirts for sometimes 12 hours a day, and wanted to create a polo that performed throughout the entire round. CoolMax Energy fabric has been specially-formulated to work with the body to be more efficient, and is one of the fastest drying garment fabrications available. From the stretch properties in the fit for optimal swing freedom, to special seam technology that minimizes irritation, to its cooling properties, this shirt has everything to maximize performance.

Patricia Dahan, Senior Director of Global Apparel

Options and Availability
Apparel featuring ClimaCool with CoolMax Energy is available for both men and women in two cuts, relaxed (“R”) which will fit a little looser and lean (L), which you can expect to be more form-fitting. The ClimaCool with CoolMax apparel. Prices will range from $60 to $80, and they are available now at your favorite golf retailer.

6 thoughts on “New Adidas ClimaCool with CoolMax and Tour360 Sport Shoes”

  1. I picked up a pair of these shoes and they are very comfortable and lightweight. Time will tell I actually notice a difference in the heat of summer. I just like the way they looked and they were comfortable so I bought a pair.

  2. They look really nice.
    I probably won’t buy a pair since my golf shoes are ok but for anybody looking to get new shoes they’d be a great choice.

  3. I have an earlier version of the shoes and they are comfortable. My issue is that they are so stiff that I would never wear them to walk the course, only when I’m riding in a cart.
    Is this version more flexible?

  4. If I lived in a warmer climate i might get a pair of these, thankfully Wisconsin doesn’t exactly get that hot 🙂 But otherwise these are sharp looking shoes, If we carried them at my store I think they would sell pretty well since we mainly have a collection of Footjoy/Nike Saddle shoes, the only issue customers would have is the price. But if its like any other Adidas golf shoe, the quality definitely goes up with the price 🙂

  5. what an ugly shoe….i owned the previous model and it was the worst piece of plastic ive ever put on my feet. Completely useless for golf…they werent waterproof anymore after 3 months!! This was becease of those ugly bands that go around the centere foot…a huge hole formed there on the bottom/sole. Never again adidas. Foot Joy is the way to go…they make quality shoes!!

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