Nike Golf Releases Victory Red Irons

Nike wants to put a little victory in your golf game.

Bag DropThere is no mistaking the impact that Nike has had on the golf world and having a tour staff featuring Paul Casey, Trevor Immelman, Stewart Cink, Suzann Petterson, Anthony Kim, and oh yeah, some guy named Tiger certainly gives them a testing ground for new products that few companies can match.

Admittedly, Nike Golf hasn’t had too many products in the past that I would have contemplated adding to my bag. That might be changing with the release of their new Victory Red line of irons.

Boasting a little something for a wide array of golfers, the Victory Red line very well could be the lineup that make’s Nike Golf as synonymous as some of the other big names on the better player’s irons spectrum.

Join me as we take a quick peak at the latest from the folks at Nike.

Nike Victory Red Full Cavity Irons
Featuring a “deep, full cavity design” with a wide sole and moderate offset, the Victory Red Full Cavity offer up a a nice blend of forgiveness and confidence for what Nike terms as the “average golfer.” Looking at these from the address position, I thought they looked pretty good and were not “clunky” which is how I would describe a decent amount of the game-improvement irons on the market today.

Nike Victory Red Full CavityMade from 431 Stainless Steel rather than the the more commonly used 17-4 Stainless, the full cavity clubhead design and Tapered Face Thickness positions the center of gravity further back and lower in order to facilitate a higher launch and giving you softer landing shots. The perimeter weighting has moved more mass to the edges of the club to increase the moment-of-inertia in order to give you more forgiveness on those pesky off-center hits.

Complete sets are available in a 4-AW for both righties and lefties in steel (R, S, X) with a MSRP of $799, $699 street and graphite (A, R, S) with a MSRP of $999, $899 street. Individual irons are also available with a #2, #3, SW, and LW in steel and #2, #3, SW, and LW in graphite. Standard grip is the Victory Red Grip from Eaton Grips and you can add these irons to your bag today.

Nike Victory Red Forged Split Cavity
For those looking for of a “player’s iron, Nike has an offering for you with the Victory Red Forged Split Cavity irons. Featuring a split cavity design which keeps the weight behind the sweet spot for ball control and to give you added forgiveness.

Nike Victory Red Split CavityThe Victory Red Forged Split Cavity irons are made from 1025 Forged Carbon Steel and are machined to Nike’s precise tolerances in order to optimize feel and accuracy. The CNC Milled Face “ensures uniform ball compression for consistent ball flight and distance control.”

Featuring a sole design that is chambered to allow for better playability from various lies as well as to help you with making more consistent contact. In person, these irons look pretty sharp and I think Nike has an iron that should do pretty well not only for its tour staff but also for consumers.

The Victory Red Forged Split Cavity irons come in a set of 3-PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts and carry a MSRP of $999, $899 street. You can also add a 2-iron as well.

Nike Victory Red Forged TW Blades
So, what’s Tiger been up to lately? Why, working on new irons of course. Okay, perhaps not but his influence is seen directly with the new Victory Red Forged TW Blade. A traditional muscle back design that includes the instantly recognizable “TW” mark and featuring a center of gravity positioned to Tiger Woods’ specs. Made from 1025 Forged Carbon Steel with a CNC milled face, the Victory Red Forged TW Blade “differs from Nike’s original blades with a more modified backpad and a slightly thicker toe.”

Nike Victory Red TW Blades

They look nice although I’m not a big fan of the larger VR logo on the back. No matter as these are way beyond my ability but for those better players who prefer blades, Nike seems to have a winner on its hands.

If these tickle your fancy, for righties anyway, you can get a set of 3-PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts with a MSRP of $999, $899 street and while you’re at it, add the 2-iron as well for about $113.

Final Thoughts
The Victory Red lineup looks to be quite strong for Nike as it offers something for just about every level of golfers. Graphically, they look sharp and for some reason, the red/black color scheme remind me of the the first Air Jordan’s from my youth (1984 version to be exact – man I feel old).

30 thoughts on “Nike Golf Releases Victory Red Irons”

  1. I think the VR logo is pretty ugly looking. A bit like something from the mid 90’s. Disappointing, I always feel that Nike get the aesthetics right be they seem off the money here.

    I’m only looking at pictures though, I’ll take a tour of the golf shop to see them in person.

  2. yes shame about the gaudy graphics on the blade when a far more subtle one would have looked classier.

  3. I actually really like the look of the forged split cavity model. Can’t wait to get my hands on a set!
    Not so fussed on the look of the blade, though that is irrelevant, as they’re too far above my skill level to even contemplate getting a set.

  4. I like the look of the blade even if the graphics aren’t the best. Too bad they don’t think lefties deserve a player’s club, I might have bought a set.

  5. Rub the paintfill out of the VR graphic and those blades and players’ cavities (which look frighteningly similar to MP62s) would look a lot better!

  6. You blokes are on drugs 😯 . I bought these 4 days ago and have played 3 rounds with them. They are without a doubt the best club I’ve ever hit and in the ‘flesh’, they look and feel magnificent. Just because Nike arent a ‘traditional’ club maker, they have come ahead leaps and bounds. Give em a go, you won’t be disappointed – equal to Mizuno’s.

  7. hmmm… these clubs pretty effectively convey what handicap ought to be playing which model; i’m not a big red & black guy, but the graphics are no problem for me.

    but just in case i’m really missing out on something, please point me in the direction of logo-less blades; these don’t seem to be pushing the graphics envelope at all (unlike say taylor made)

    ps. funny how that full cavity iron looks like it was designed to match that leupold rangefinder in the ad next to it!

  8. i jus got my FULL CAVITY VICTORY RED 🙂 an the head looks small for an oversized set of irons… loveit! i tried both full and split and i like the higher ball flight an the extra distance i got… not crazy about the VR design but its growing on me.. maybe it helps that black and red are my favorite colors….all three are going to be a BIG HIT for 2009 irons… get them now on ebay for a great discount 😆

  9. Does anybody else think that the TW blades look like the hosel is too squared off. I think thought, that if you were to get rid of the VR logo on the blades, you might possibly have some of the sexiest blades to date.

  10. I thought the Victory Red lineup was awesome. I am biased i play nike irons now (cci cast). I hit a cci cast and a victory red split cavity and you can feel the difference with the Vr’s being forged. Really cool. I haven’t tried the TW blades or the full cavity. I had Ignites and the sole on the Vr full cavity was the same width or a little wider than those. I am not a fan of the big sole and the wicked offset, but i am no pro either and need some offset and a little weight at the back to help get those 4 irons up in the air good. If i didnt just get cci’s in june i would get split cavities. But thats just one man’s opinion, hit them for yourself.

  11. I currently game the Nike Forged Blades and though I am by no means a nike hater I have tried so hard not to like these irons. In the end however they strike a perfect balance of looks and playability. I have practiced many hours with these blades and know them intimatly.
    Their newest inception the VR just throws away everything that made the original forged blade so visually appealing – it’s understated and minimalistic good looks. I’m sure they play great but to me thats only half the battle. If I dont like the way a club looks I just cant use it.

  12. I tested the forged split cavity and have fell in love.Truly a great feel and responsive club.I presently have Titleist but will soon switch to these…. 4 Handicap

  13. I just bought a set of the blades on ebay (brand new $599.99) and when they came in, I was very satisfied. The picture doesn’t even do the irons any justice. I can get around the Vr logo on the back simply because of how great they look at address. I had a set of CCi’s and they set up similar except for a little less offset. I would say that they are the best blades on the market right now.

  14. Don’t waste your time with any other blades on the market right now. These are it. I’ve been playing in mini tour tournaments around the Grand Strand area in South Carolina and I used to play Mizuno MP 33’s. I hit a couple of the VR irons from a nike tour van at a demo and I bought the set shortly after. They are suprisingly long for how soft they feel (even the range balls felt super soft). Good workability, but of course most blades are with the right swing. It really helps out with one’s mental game when the club used looks absolutely perfect. Aside from the satin finish on the sole and halfway up the back, I couldn’t find any flaw whatsoever(believe me, i was looking for one excuse not to play a nike iron, but i truly think these are the best among the best). The half satin finish actually grew on me due to the fast wear of a full chrome finish. I can’t imagine how any iron could be better; after all, the best in the world designed them. 🙂

  15. The split cavities were the first clubs I tried about 3 months ago when I was looking for new irons. I’m unfortunately not a long hitter, i’ve never understood why as I am heavy, tall and strong. But I sadly carry my 8 irons typically about 110-125. I tried out the 8 iron Split Cavity, 150 90% of the time. I was very impressed. I like how they look when you’re above the ball, they give you much confidence that a blade would strip you of. So I than moved away fro Nike’s as I thought they were tacky and to “Poser” like. I was very wrong in that theory as here I am now saving up for a set. It is safe to say that Nike is one of the industries leading iron maker. And no one can argue the fact these clubs were shaped around Tiger’s preferences, so you will not find a club of equal caliber as he is the best.

  16. Just bought the VR blades today.. gave em go in the simulator but you know how that goes.. Taking them to the driving range and course tomorrow. I had previous nike forged blades before and loved them. BTW I am a 2 handicap and I do not recommend these for any player higher than around say 8-10. That 3 iron is a beast to hit if you have never hit blades and struggle with ball striking. Try the split cavity ones first. I hit those also and hit them well too and was undecided. I like the look of the blades better so I got them… We will see how it goes tomorrow though. I love the look of the VR logo and the colors of the club though. That is what caught my eye in the beginning.

  17. Nike’s biggest mistake to date: not capitalizing on the left-handers looking for a players club, like the blades, forcing others like me to not consider remarkable clubs.

  18. It should be known that all of these Niike irons are manufactured in China. The quality level is average at best. Tiger’s actual clubs, as well as most tour players clubs, are made in Japan by either Miura or Endo. Tiger’s irons have always been made by Mr. Miura himself, including his previous Tltleist blades. Buy a Japanese forging, spend more and feel perfection. There are many great brands. Epon, Miura, Tourstage, Mizuno just to name a few. Hit em straight.

  19. Played with my new set of VR Splits yesterday for the first time. I’d been playing with the TaylorMade r7’s, but was looking to upgrade to a better players club (about a 10 handicap right now). These really are very nice clubs. I don’t care if they’re made in China or Timbuktu or Japan, they go through quality control, and you’re going to get a product you will be satisfied with. They very appealing at address and in my opinion, people complaining about the logo have nothing better to complain about, so they chose that. They’re solid, as long as any iron, and the feel is outstanding. I had no problem getting the ball in the air and the flight was also a plus. The one kicker, the $900 dollar price tag. Demo a set, hit some at a shop, but do your buying on ebay. You can get a set there for about $625 any day of the week.

  20. I hit the full blade yesterday on the simulator in my local golf shop and the club is absolutely amazing! Nike really did an amazing job with this club. I am getting the full blade in the X100 stiffness because of a 108-115 swing speed with a 6 iron. Cobra pro cb was my first choice but i have a new favorite!

  21. These irons are beautiful. just bought myself a set. No matter what anyone says these clubs are very nice looking, nike hit the nail on the head with these irons. They feel nice and are very forgiving. I used to play with the Nike NDS and loved them but they are no comparison to these

  22. Just bought a set of the split cavity’s. Tried the blade and fell in love with it but looking for something a little more forgiving. The heads are made in Thailand and the clubs are assembled in the US. I loved the look and feel of the blade. Range balls felt soft and the club looks great at address. Picking up the split cavity’s tomorrow so will see how it goes.

  23. Seems like comments should be made about how they play vs how they look… i could care less about the looks… I want to be able to be more effective using them… if you like looks, keep doing you hair & make up while you drive. 😉

  24. Love em! Had a set of split cavity built for me. Changed to a project X shaft and 2 down on the standard lie. First round kicked ass!! Can’t wait to get out again. Replacing my old irons was a hard choice. Lot of good rounds but the poor things were ready for the sidelines. It was worth it.

  25. I am sorry to say these clubs are average at best. If you care to compare these to other topline blades you will be astounded at what else is out there. I would rate the Epon irons far better. I would also rate the Miura tourney blades as far better. Everybody loves playing what the Tiger plays, I understand. But it hardly justifies playing an inferior product and claiming it’s the bee’s knees. Just my opinion.

  26. You gys make me laugh wth yr made in china this vs miura that, I personally know a man who just gt the new 2010 nike vr 10s there called , however they wont be released until july also a VR combo set will release june 2010. Anyway his are made by miura, he is on the nike pro staff and sees absolutely NO difference in feel or performance than the retail ones, and he played the tour. He said he could not even tell the difference. So I hit his nike miuras as well and im a scratch player, same exact feel and performance as the ones made in THIALAND. So gt off this stupid japan miura kick. The only difference is that the miura ones r spot on weight wise.

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