Scotty Cameron Introduces New Studio Select Line

You like options for your putter? Then you are going to love the new Studio Select line from Scotty Cameron.

Bag DropScotty Cameron has made some changes over the years to his Newport-style heads, whether it’s using various finishes like the Oil Can Classics, inserts made from Teryllium and German Stainless Steel, or even adding them to his Detour line last year. This year, Scotty is raising the customization bar with his new Studio Select line of putters.

What makes these so different from Newports of the past? Options, options, and more options with the highlight being the addition of removable weights that will give you the putter weight you desire without having to add unsightly lead tape.

Come join me as we take a look at the latest incarnation of the Newport.

What’s New
If you liked the look of the Newport-style heads in the Studio Style line but not the insert or the multi-colored dots on the back, then you are going to be a happy camper as the German Stainless Steel (GSS) insert that was first introduced in the 2005 line is a thing of the past. The new Studio Select putters are milled from 303 stainless and will provide a slightly different feel and sound compared to the GSS insert of the Studio Style.

Scotty Cameron Newport Weights

Besides the removal of the insert, the biggest change might be in the weight or rather the weights as removable circular weights are placed in the heel and toe and can be changed based on how heavy you want your putter to feel.

The Studio Style will also feature Scotty’s traditional high toe set-up that reduces the tendency for players to raise the toe and aim left of target, as well as a stepless steel shaft we first saw introduced last year. In addition, there are three large red dots on the back of the putter, three smaller red dots at the heel of the face, some new graphics, new shaftbands, and a new headcover. If you are a fan of choices, then you are going to love the multitude of options available. Let’s take a look at a few.

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Line
What style head suits your fancy? The smoother Newport on the left or the blockier Newport 2? Sightline or not? Oh, the decisions you must make.

Options Galore!
If decision making is not your forté or you get a headache when faced with too many choices, then the Studio Select is probably not the putter for you. The first choice you start off with is having to decide what body style you like; the Newport or the ever so slightly less “boxy” Newport 2. I’m more of a Newport 2 guy myself but they both look great.

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Top ViewAfter getting that out of the way, you must then decide what neck configuration you desire that will provide you with a good amount of toe flow for your stoke between the plumbing, short flair, and mid-slant. Stay with me, we’re just getting warmed up!

Each model is offered in 33″, 34″, and 35″ lengths so make you get fitted for the one that matches your physical makeup as well as your putting stroke. Another component of your putter fitting should include a lie adjustment. No worry as the Studio Select can be adjusted +/- 2 degrees from their standard lie of 71° to fit your individual putting stroke.

If you’re not already going crazy with the options, then I probably shouldn’t tell you that you have SIX grip options to choose from: the standard (new) Red Cameron Cord, Black Studio Design, Red Studio Design, Black Baby T, Red Baby T and Red Winn AVS Midsize. If none of those suit your fancy, don’t forget the Custom Shop has many more to choose from.

Availability & Pricing
All models in the Studio Select line will be available right-handed. For the lefties out there, the Newport 2 model will be available in all three lengths as well. Set aside part of your tax rebate (or “stimulus package rebate”) now as these babies carry a suggested retail price of $325 and will be available beginning March 15, 2008, conveniently right around my birthday!

Final Thoughts
I’ve putted with the Studio Style Newport 2 for the last couple of years and I must be one of the few who really liked the German Stainless Steel insert and almost hate to see it go. The feel when matched with a Pro V1 is fantastic to me, but then again, people’s thoughts on putters and what works for them varies much more so than with any other club in the bag.

Scotty Cameron Cord
The new Red Cameron Cord grip may interest some. I think I may give it a try.

In the end, I’m sure I’ll be giving the new Studio Select line a try just because well, I love putters (who doesn’t!), these look beautiful but also the option to get a Newport 2 body style that is slightly heavier than my current 340 gram one would be great. Now I only need to wait until March, which will be just about the time our frosty below zero weather that has been hanging around the upper Midwest leaves us.

28 thoughts on “Scotty Cameron Introduces New Studio Select Line”

  1. How about an option for a sightdot?

    Customization is definitely a move in the right direction though, it’s hard to dish out that kind of dough for an OTR putter.

  2. Looks like Scotty #4 is heading into the golf room while Scotty #5 goes in the bag…. gotta get me one of those display racks for the wall.

    Lucky I have an average of 36 putts per round so I get to maximise the use of my investments!

  3. I’m not not too crazy about HUGE cherry bombs. The back will look cool without the paint fill. 😈

  4. I have to say. I love it! I’ve never owned a Scotty before and didn’t really like the look of the GSS insert on the last one and hated the detour.

    But this I might seriously consider. Now, the only object is the pricetag… 🙁

  5. Hmmm…I too liked the GSS insert, so I see that as a mistake. I think the additional weight option is a HUGE plus – finally we can get a 350g 35″ option !!!

    Im curious – will the flow necks still be called “1.5 and 2.5”, or will they carry another moniker ? Interesting how so many putter manufacturers are going to the Winn grips as an OEM offering. They are pretty sweet…

  6. There has always been mixed reviews about the GSS insert, but the GSS insert putters are the least collected of all the cameron putters. Its not that suprising that Scotty is discontinuing them.

    The weight options will really make this line extremely attractive. Until now, you would have to either change the shaft on a 350/33″ Newport from 33″ to 35″ (or whatever length), or if you really wanted to dish out the money, find a Circle T (tour putter) that met your specs.

    To appease ScottySnap’s curiosity, it looks like Scotty’s keeping true to the naming (1.5 being the bent neck NP, and 2.5 the bent neck NP2). Here is a link to hi-resolution pictures of each model from the Titleist website.

    If anyone is interested in the grip, I have this grip on my Tour Newport 2. It is identical to the cord grips used on the older Oil Can putters from the late 90’s, but in red. This grip is more of a square shape instead of oval, like the baby T’s. Personally, it is my favorite of all the Cameron grips.

    I will definitely add one of these to my collection.

    BTW, this is a fabulous website. Great job!!!

  7. Everything I have heard says weights will be the standard ratios 33-350, 34-340, 35-330. Weight kits will NOT be available to the public, at least at first. You will still have to send the putter in to the shop if you want it heavier or lighter. Seems like it’s a good way for Scott to cut down on inventory – just one raw head needed and he can fine tune weight from there.

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These babies look gorgeous. lol
    I just got a scotty red x2 centershafted putter for christmas and i luv it. i played one round with it and i had 31 putts. pretty good for me, who last year was averaging 2 and sometimes more putts per round. it was ugly. but it wasnt the flatstick that hurt, mostly me and not reading them right. lol.
    I had a newport 2 last year and was kind of disappointed that it felt the way it did. to me it was nice using a GSS made putter but it felt.. plasticcy for some reason. i want to believe it was the vibration dampener scotty put behind the GSS. because my red x2 doesn’t feel like that. (im pretty sure he idn’t put it in the red x2…) Now that ive seen these, wish i held off and got these. i like the head of a classic plumbers neck blade but the feel was getting to me. these look like its totally milled from one block of 303 GSS, instead of the Newports that had an insert of GSS.
    the custom options will be nice… for tiger wannabes his looks like this, one block of GSS not an insert of it and the three dots on the back look like circle T putters!!!!!!

  9. Shying away from buying a Scotty because of the price doesn’t make sense to me. We will
    pay up to $400 for a driver that we only hit
    less than 15 times a round and never to sink a scoring shot! Yet the really important shots
    for scoring don’t get credit for spending a
    less amount for a club !! Go figure……….. ❓
    I have 30 SC”S in my collection and only two
    Give a thought to dig’n deeper to get a scoring Scotty…you won’t be sorry.( I even have a hickory shafted Scotty and if feels
    so good ) 😆

  10. What kind of a price point will these bad boys have? And can there be custom shop options straight from Titleist?

  11. The price point is going to be about 350…including tax. Custom direct is not an option, at least thats my impression. You will have to buy one then send it in.

  12. I have a Scotty with the stainless insert and, well, love it. I too don’t like the huge red dots in the back and I wonder if the rubber seals will get “Tired” after a while and allow moisture into the cavitys. ❗ A real concern for me. Scotty has always made great putters. The stainless steel insert, in my view, has always been the best feel. Not bouncy, but great fell and better distance control. Let’s hope that the insert going away is not a bad thing for Scotty. Don’t forget, you can always but with the new Taylormade putters. Only if you are desperate. 😆

  13. Does Scotty send a royalty check to Ping each month. Every one of his putters is a Ping design. No originality, but these golf clowns line up to buy his over priced crap season after season. See you turds on the back nine and will steal your Scotty before you make it back to the parking lot and sell it on ebay. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk 👿 😈 😈 😈

  14. 😯
    I see Joe is more than a little upset here. But, he is right. Ping made all these designs and EVERYONE copied them. The stealing part of it, ah, come on Joe.

  15. Poor Joe….he’s not informed about Ping making all of the designs! The Futuras and the Detours are original designs by
    Scotty and scotty improved many others with the finishes and
    smoothing out of some. POOR JOE……….he just doesn’t
    get it 🙄 There are some rotten apples in every barrel huh?

    I enjoy all 30 of my Scottys and lookin’ for more 😆

  16. I have left two notes on comments. I just saw, for the first time, the new Newport 2 in the First of 500 series. I hate to say it, put it puts my Ping to shame. First rate craftsmanship, great feel (heavier head) and a almost perfect roll. Even with a bad stroke. Yes, I bought it on the spot. Sorry Karsten. 🙄

  17. i just bought my new scotty studio select 1.5. it’s great i had a studio stainless w/ the gss insert it felt clakey. new scotty smooth as butter

  18. bought the new scotty newport today, 33″… absolutely love it… the headcover is another story… my least favorite headcover ever… i guess scotty can’t be perfect…

  19. I finally bit the bullet and bought one. Got the Newport 2. I had a Odyssey WH #3 that was costing me way too many strokes.

    In 2 rounds I cut around 3 strokes on average and that got me into the 70’s.

    Best $$$ I ever spent on a golf club.

  20. 😕 I really want one of these amazing putters but i cant seem to find the gut to buy this fantastic club. i have hit almost every scotty model and i finally landed on the newport 2. This has the cleanest look and the suits my game well. i have an oddysey white hot 2 ball blade putter right now and it absolutely kills me. it is hard to figure out the distance, im either way past the whole or way to short. Please convince me…….

  21. Bit the bullet today, bought the Newport 2, had a 2 ball wh, but was killing me from inside 6 feet. This club is absolutely beautiful cant wait to get on the course.

  22. The Scotty Cameron Studio Select series is great i tried it out and it was love at first sight. I would recommend this to golfers who like to have a lot of feel for the ball.

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