Tour Edge Adds Two New Drivers to Exotics Line

Tour Edge would like to add some magnesium to your golfing diet.

Bag DropQuick, what is the first thing that pops into your mind when I say Tour Edge? Reasonably priced clubs that always seem to make all the “hot lists” and score well on club tests in various publications? A lifetime warranty for all their clubs? The crazy-long Exotics line? I’ve never heard of them?

If you answered one of the first three then you already know what I am talking about. If your response was more along the lines of “never heard of them” then you may need to get out a bit more as the folks down in Batavia, IL make some outstanding clubs. We came away quite impressed by both the Exotics CB2 fairway wood and the Bazooka GeoMax driver in reviews last year.

Keeping with that tradition, the Exotics line has added two new drivers for 2008, the XCG and the XLD. Sporting some fancy technology, these two new drivers should be on everyone’s demo list. Unless of course, you have something against hitting the ball far.

Exotics XLD
Drivers comes in all shapes now: square, triangular, and now we get the “stealth-like geometric shape” of the XLD. What that exactly is, I’m not sure but it allowed the head’s center of gravity to be moved deeper and lower, which leads to a higher moment of inertia for more forgiveness.

Tour Edge Exotics XLD

Besides using the stealth-shaped head, the other main feature is the weight. Or more importantly, the lack thereof. By reducing the wall and crown thickness utilizing a new waxing process, Tour Edge was able to create a very light 295-gram head that will help you create more swing speed that will lead to longer drives.

Also helping you generate some additional swing speed is the X-Quad shaft by Graphite Design that tops out at 46″ and and a very light 50 grams. While that seems to be the latest trend by offering a lighter, longer shaft for more distance, make sure you get fitted to find the best shaft and loft combination that works for you. You only have a short wait as you can add some stealth to your game in February for $299.99, which is pretty affordable for the Exotics line.

Exotics XCG
The XCG definitely belongs in the Exotics line as it utilizes the use of magnesium for the crown and hosel. Why magnesium? Well, according to Tour Edge, the “magnesium crown is two times lighter than typical titanium crowns” and allowed more weight to be moved lower and more towards the sole than other drivers on the market, creating very little spin and and a high moment of inertia for booming drives.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG

Besides magnesium, the XCG also uses a titanium cupped face and a hyper steel body and and puts all three together utilizing “interlocking channels that are pressed together and combo bonded for permanent bonding without welding.” I’m not sure how the folks at Tour Edge come up with this technology but if it produces long, straight drives, then count me in.

Standard shaft is the Graphite Design X-Quad but you also have the option of either the Aldila DVS-65 or the UST Proforce 65 shafts as well. You can get your hands on one of these rocket launchers in February for $399.99.

Final Thoughts
You would be hard pressed to find a golf club manufacturer that is more on the cutting-edge by utilizing the technology Tour Edge uses. They do not pay any player on the PGA tour to use their equipment yet their clubs pop up on Tour based solely on their performance, which is quite an endorsement.

If you’ve never tried Tour Edge products before, you really owe it to yourself to give them a try. I gave the Exotics CB2 fairway wood a tryout last year and it was by far the best fairway wood I’ve ever hit. Not only was it extremely forgiving but I hit it almost as far as I hit my driver.

I’m more of traditional guy when it comes to driver head shapes so the XLD isn’t really up my alley but if the XCG is anything close to the experience I had with the CB2, then my current driver better not get too comfortable in my bag as it will be faced with some serious competition.

16 thoughts on “Tour Edge Adds Two New Drivers to Exotics Line”

  1. I’m really excited about these! The original exotics driver is the first driver to make it over a year in my bag, despite me hitting pretty much every club that came out since i bought it for only $200 on ebay. I bet these things go crazy far. Please keep us posted on the new exotics fairway woods and hybrids that I know exist. I know they were at the PGa merchandise show.
    Note to anyone looking for a cheap driver: original exotics on ebay (preferably with an NV) greatest value for money ever…Trust me. Tour edge even offers a lifetime warranty on their clubs.

  2. I just bought a JMax #3 ironwood, and although it’s still winter (Sigh!) here in New England, I couldn’t wait to hit it. Went to the heated practice range, and BAM! the ball jumped off the face. I’m a better iron player than I am with fairway woods, so I liked the idea of the ironwood. As Alan emphasizes above, you can’t go wrong with Tour Edge.

  3. I like the traditional look of the Exotics XCG. Did Tour Edge “steel” someone from Titleist?

    I am a big Titleist fan and this is one of the few which I would consider to swap places with my lovely Titleist woods. Although this is only based on looks, but I will use the first chance I get to try them out.

  4. I have played TE equipment for the last three years and at 57 I am longer and tougher than I have ever been in 45 years of golf beating players 20 years younger carrying the big name clubs. I carry the XCG driver, the old Exotic (CB1) 4 wood and 7 wood and they are easily longer than anything else I have tried, and I have tried them all (Titleist, Taylor Made, Callaway, Cobra, etc.) They have a bit of a “cult” following on the tour and elsewhere and players still look at them suspiciously like Walmart barrel clubs, but I can assure you that their claims for “20 yards more guranteed” are not exaggerated. What is often overlooked is the lifetime gurantee that comes with all TE golf clubs. Simply register the club, don’t alter it in any way and you are in! I recently broke the 7 wood on some frozen turf. Shaft (Fujikura High Launch) snapped right at the hosel. Called TE, got a return authorization, two weeks later a brand new 7 wood appeared on my doorstep. That is service! They look great, they go far and with a lifetime guarantee they simply can not be surpassed for providing great products to their small but growing customer base.

  5. I bought a TE Exotics Driver on eBay Summer ’06 “for cheap” and really thought it was a great club until I got “custom fitted “and was told everything about the club was wrong for me 😳 . Well, after a “Custom made/fitted driver”, a Bazooka in those specs, a FT-5 and an FT-i Callaway driver in still other specs but pro fitted, the Exotics is back in the bag 😯 ! My buddies confirm I hit it the best overall, especially where lenght is the main factor.
    The first three have been sold, but the the FT-i remains; it’s nearly impossible for me to hit the FT-i crooked but the TE Exoctics is longer when both hit square.
    Obviously I’m an Driver junkie; I can’t wait to try the new ones.
    Can’t say enough about the company; they swapped out my eBay club when it broke and answered an email about the new drivers. Imagine that! Customer service 💡 . By the way, based on my ever need for further driver distance and what I told them , they recommended the XCG. Yeah, I’m a bit of a nudge 🙄 , but this company can make even me smile. 😆

  6. I have a had an Exotics Driver and Fairway wood in my bag for a few years and love them and their company. They are well built and a lifetime guarantee is hard to beat. Any company that you can go on their website and get instant on line rep is great. The only drawback is that if you want to go from a regular shaft to stiff or vice versa (after purchase) and its the fuji HL shaft they will not sell you the shaft. This happened to my nephew as he gets bigger and better. So basically we bought another shaft so the lifetime warranty is gone. Also, I have the Proto driver and lost the headcover and they would not sell me one. I guess they are just trying to protect themselves in some manner but if you can produce an invoice and they already have you registered they should have sold me the Proto headcover. I was lucky to find a brand new one on ebay cheap.

    Other than that they are certainly bombers and don’t see them coming out of my bag although I am very tempted now to try the XCG

    Thanks for the great read.

  7. Bought the XCD after trying both XCD and XLD. Again customer service was right on. Definitely hit the XCD at least 5-10 yards further than anything else with some real boomers when hit “on the screws”, but the XLD and my Callaway Square FT-i may indeed be more “forgiving”,but who cares!
    Gonna give it a real try out this weekend at PGA Village. :mrgreen:

  8. The first exotics drivers blew any driver out of the water when i tested them outside, on the course, none of that launch monitor bull. I recently hit the XCG at the PGA show in Orlando and that thing is dynamite!! Ball exploded off the club face with a high yet piercing trajectory. If you have $400 to spend and you have an old driver….buy one

  9. I have the XCG 13* 3wd and the XCG 18* & 21* hybrid’s, all riding the Aldila DVS shafts. I have a Titleist 907D2, but rarely use it. I routinely win free drinks when I bet players that I can beat their drivers off the tee with my 3 wd off the deck. Yep, it’s like that. And just as soon as I grow a pair and figure out how to justify 399 to my more monetarily responsible significant other…..I’m there dude.

  10. 😉
    I was turned on the the Tour Edge two years ago from my little brother who toured on the Long Drive tour. I was in the market for a new driver and he suggested the Exotics. I am a 1 HC and have played Tit. & Tay MD drivers and since testing the Exotics driver, it has been in my bag ever since. I now own the EX 1 irons and the technology and quality of these clubs were a very pleasant surprise. I will soon replace my custom made fairway woods with the combo brazing woods.


    Since my surgery on my elbow, I have not gotten back all the feeling in my hand and my tendency is to hit it an occasional heal shot, and my playing partners never know. I do because of the head design shows you! Just an awesome set of clubs. They do not need to pay anyone to play these.

  11. Demo’d the XLD driver today…CRUSHED IT. Best club I’ve ever hit regardles of type. I play Taylor Made Irons, fairways, rescues and driver (R7 Draw). I will buy this club tomorrow. I love it. Anybody want to buy a slightly used R7 Draw Driver????

  12. Just recently learned about the Tour Edge brands and the way the golf ball bounce off the club face so I ordered a XLD driver that come with a free XLD fairway wood off of Rock bottom golf. I am amazed at the feel and distance I am getting from these clubs. I was smashing the driver at the range atleast 20 yards further that my TM Burner driver. I highly reccomend these clubs. :mrgreen:

  13. Hit the XLD 9* stiff at the range and then on the course. Lets me hit a power fade with ease. Hit a Superquad occasionally as far, but with less consistancy. In recent months have tried a Sumo2 (too loud, but long), Dymo (too loud, not as long), Burner (wants to draw). I was weary of the 46″ shaft, but so far it’s not a problem. Shape is very high tech looking and I feel a sense of confidence when I swing it (not so with the Superquad). Sound is louder than the Superquad, but nowhere near the Nike’s. This one’s a keeper!

  14. I recently bought the TEE proto driver 9* with 65 NV stiff shaft and it is amazing. I own a Ft-5 9* neutral callaway with firm fujukura shaft (stock) and now just a back up driver. Im now searching ebay for a 4 wood cb2. Ive spent a lot of time reading reviews on these clubs and everything that was mentioned about them are 1000% true. Any doubters out there, get your hands on one and give if a try,,,and when you do you’ll be one of us …believers…..

  15. Yeh – count my vote too. I use the XLD with the stock GD shaft. On oobgolf, I track “playable” drives: if I – me, not Phil – am able to hit the green with the next shot (par 4). I hit this club 230 in the air – about the same as my MacGregor NVG, but my playable stats go from 65% to 75%, with 68% in the fairway.

    The 12* I have is too lofted – I hit’em way too high. I’ve tried tinkering with my swing/grip to deloft and hit it flatter, but can’t get that consistent. (When I do this right, it goes a mile.)

    I just traded an 08 TM Tour Burner TP with a sick Graf Epic Xstiff shaft in it for an almost-new XLD 9* stiff. I am hoping to be able to lower my traj and get more distance and roll-out, especially now that things are (theorhetically) drying out here in the temperate rainforest.

    As for the company – yes, they seem special. The warranty specifies “original buyer”, but they don’t seem to care (which makes sense cuz they are riding the eBay pony, big time, it would appear.) I can register my sticks with them online and make use of warranty and I intend to have that safety net, j-i-c. Sent in a question about shaft they might rec for lower trajectory and they came back next day with some good comments (“Can’t *really* tell w/o a swing analysis, but . . . “)

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