TRUE Linkswear Announces TRUE Elements

After a few quiet months, TRUE has announced its newest shoe.

Bag DropAfter a couple of quiet months that led some on the Sand Trap to speculate that the company might have gone under, TRUE Linkswear has announced their newest shoe. A favorite among many for their ultra comfortable shoes, TRUE shook up the lineup last year with the introduction of their first spiked golf shoe. Regardless of spikes or no spikes, the focus for TRUE has always been to create golf shoes that help golfers enjoy walking. With features such as a zero heel drop to being waterproof to being super lightweight, TRUE continually produces some of the best shoes (not just golf shoes) available. Now, seven years after the company started, they are continuing in their mission of helping golfers enjoy the walk with their new TRUE elements hybrid golf shoe.

TRUE elements

The new TRUE elements shoe combines two ideas that aren’t generally thought of as going together, breathable and waterproof. The thought is that golfers rarely play in perfect conditions; some of us (like myself) play through extremely hot summers while others, like those in the Northwest, often play in wet conditions. With the new TRUE elements, the company has created a shoe that is ideal for both conditions and anything in between.

TRUE elements - Sole

One big focus was making sure that the shoes were waterproof and TRUE assures the golfer that these are. The new shoes have been tested beyond four times the industry standard and delivers the highest quality waterproofing available and come with a 2 year waterproof guarantee. The shoes also have the Outlast Climate Control liner helping your feet stay at a comfortable temperature whether it’s hot or cold. On the outside, the shoes feature a versatile rubber grip sole and the TRUE Barefoot Rubber Tread

TRUE elements - Available Colors

The shoes come in three different color ways; white/grey, grey/lime, and black/black. The retail price is $119.99.

3 thoughts on “TRUE Linkswear Announces TRUE Elements”

  1. What I liked about the original trulinks is that they had zero heel drop and they had plenty of space for feet.

    Some may call them clown shoes but I think they are great for your balance and for feeling the green.

    These shoes look like anybody else’s

  2. 4pillars, I think you’ll find that these shoes have no heeldrop and are light, flexible, and fairly roomy as well.

    I’ll report back here immediately when I get them if they are not. Also, check out this thread which contains a few notes about how TRUE is looking to get back to their roots and re-embrace the fans they made with the Tours and their earlier shoes.

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