MacGregor MACTEC NVG Driver Review

MacGregor’s new MACTEC NVG driver is one of the most distinctive drivers on the market today. Can this titanium model live up to MacGregor’s storied history?

Mactec NVG BlackMacGregor has been home to some of the greatest names in golf equipment, especially drivers. From the Toney Penna and Tommy Armour drivers to the Tourney and Eye-O-Matic drivers, many of the most-loved and most-played persimmon woods of the last century. Over the past few years, MacGregor has made an aggressive move to infuse more technology into its current drivers.

The new MACTEC NVG is the latest, and boldest, addition to the company’s lineup. Does it live up to the hype – and the history?

Scotty Cameron by Titleist Futura Phantom Mallet Review

Can the new Titleist/Cameron Futura Phantom Mallet replace my beloved Red X? You bet!

Futura Phantom Mallet BackhighLast fall, I switched from an old Ray Cook M1-X to a Scotty Cameron Red X. My review of the Red X reveals my findings: that it’s is a solid mallet putter that replaced my favorite club of a decade and earned a spot in my bag.

Quite frankly, I figured it would remain there for a decade itself.

Oh how things can change. And change they did when I putted with the Scotty Cameron by Titleist Futura Phantom Mallet.

I’ve never been a fan of those “funky” mallets, like the original Futura or the recently reviewed V-FOIL GT by Bobby Grace. The Ping Doc, the Ben Hogan Baby Ben – they all just look too weird. The Futura Phantom Mallet, however, blends the performance of the Futura with the more classic looks of a mallet.

MacGregor V-FOIL GT by Bobby Grace Putter Review

The best-selling putter of the last three years is the Odyssey 2-Ball Putter. One of the newest competitors to the 2-Ball dynasty is MacGregor’s V-FOIL GT Putter. I recently put this Bobby Grace-designed mallet through its paces.

V-Foil Putter SideThe runaway success on tour and at retail by Odyssey’s 2-Ball Putters has spawned a wide range of putters that feature bold alignment marks and weight moved far away from the face of the putter. I recently had the chance to test the new MacGregor V-FOIL GT Putter, a Bobby Grace design. Here’s what I thought.

Unlike some people (named Erik), I’m not generally a fan of mallet putters. For years I played only blade putters, mainly my beloved Ping Scottsdale Anser. But I couldn’t resist the siren call of the Odyssey 2-Ball Putter three seasons ago, and I noticed the difference on the scorecard and standing over 5-footers.

Yes! Olivia Mallet Putter Review

Yes! putters have a fanatical following, and now they’ve got some new toys: removable weights in a classic mallet putter. Sink more putts and sound unique doing it? You bet.

Yes Golf LogoI’m a mallet fan. I rated the Titleist/Scotty Cameron Red X highly and I’ve really been enjoying Titleist/Cameron’s new Future Phantom Mallet (review coming soon). But recently, I’ve been carrying another putter around in my bag: the Olivia from Yes! Golf.

Titleist Readies 735, 660 for Release

The 735 and the 660 – you’ve never heard of these clubs before, have you? Well, they’re coming and they’re from Titleist. The Sand Trap has the scoop.

Adam Barr noted on Golf Central a few days ago that players on the driving range at the TPC at Sawgrass were playing some new Titleist equipment: the 660, the 735, and the well-known 904F.

The 904F, Titleist’s new fairway metal, we all know about. The 660 and the 735 are relatively new, and we’ve got a little information for you…

Titleist 735

Titleist 503.H Hybrid Iron

Hybrids are making a splash at every level. The versatile Titleist 503.H allowed me to remove my 2-iron.

503.HJust over a decade ago, desperate to watch anything golf-related, I watched a show about Chi Chi Rodriguez. I remember that he talked about his favorite club: a 7-wood. A 7-wood! He used it on par 3s. He used it from the fairway to reach par 5s. He used it to chip!

I thought “who am I to argue with the best putter swordsman in the history of golf?” and promptly bought a 7-wood. I hit it on par 3s. I hit it from the fairway on par 5s. I even used it to chip. The ball flight ballooned like nobody’s business in even the slightest of breezes, but it worked well on calm days. I stuck up for my 7-wood, and beat more than a few folks out of more than a few bucks with it.

What’s New for Titleist in 2005?

Information on the 2005 Titleist products has been sparse, but we’ve gathered up all we know here.

TitleistTitleist has a reputation for being tighter than Fort Knox about its new products. Even Titleist reps seem to have little idea of what to expect in regards to new products. Earlier this week, we introduced you to the redesigned Titleist website which includes some teaser pictures on some of the new offerings for 2005. We’ve had our ears to the ground and have some more details and specs on what to expect early on this year from Titleist. Please take what you read here with a grain of salt. This information is compiled from what we’ve been hearing throughout the industry. Although it is accurate to the best of our knowledge, it has not been confirmed by Titleist. Redesign Debuts with New Gear has been redesigned, and a quick look around will reveal a lot of what’s coming from the makers of “the #1 ball in golf.”

TitleistTitleist today unveiled a new website at The new site is similar in design to the old site but features specs on the page (instead of within popup windows), animation and video, and an updated roster of players and features.

The site also carries information and some teaser shots of new and soon-to-be-released products, including:

Things are looking up for Titleist fanboys these days.

Demo Days: Wilson 2005

Although not often considered among the top golf brands, Wilson Staff has some very good products for 2005.

Wilson Px3Ahh demo days, they’re almost like a rite of spring. Along with warmer temperatures and snow melting, golf companies emerge like bears out of hibernation, eager to let consumers try out their products. Today I tried products from Wilson Staff a company eager to break out of the “weekend warrior” mold and into the ranks of mid to low-handicappers. Wilson has some interesting new products: a combo set of forged irons, composite metal woods, new golf balls, and putters to round out a complete golf bag. Along with new products, Wilson has also bolstered their tour presence by endorsing Padraig Harrington and Jesper Parnevik. So just how much has Wilson improved?