Mickelson Drops Titleist, Signs with Callaway

Over the Labor Day weekend, Phil Mickelson signed an endorsement deal with Callaway Golf, dumping Titleist early.

phil_mickelson_callaway.jpgOver the Labor Day weekend, Phil Mickelson, the #4 ranked golfer in the world, signed an endorsement deal with Callaway Golf to use a prototype Callaway HX ball and a prototype model of Callaway’s Fusion driver at this week’s Canadian Bell Open.

This move comes just a week after prematurely dumping a Titleist contract. Mickelson had been with Titleist the past four years.

Non-Conforming Clubs

They hit the ball farther, but they’re not ‘legal’. Would you use them anyway?

Hi, I’m Braz, and I’m an eBay addict. When I bought my irons, I got them on eBay. When I looked for shoes, I looked on eBay. Maternity clothes? eBay. (No, I don’t wear maternity clothes, thankyouverymuch. My wife, however…)

When I started looking for a driver – I currently don’t carry a driver, and use either my 3W, 3I, or 4I off the tee – guess where I went? eBay. My searches for a driver on eBay brought me to a realization: there are a ton of manufacturers out there selling non-conforming clubs.

I’ve been looking hard at the TaylorMade R580 XD. It’s a gorgeous club, and knocks the mortal living heck out of those little white devils we call balls. In my searches, I discovered that TaylorMade has several non-US club models Out There, among which is the Burner 860.

Wilson Deep Red Irons

Braz, a 27 handicap golfer, reviews the Wilson Deep Red irons: in his opinion, an excellent set of irons for the mid- to high-handicapper.

deep-red-irons-set.jpgExecutive Summary: the Wilson Deep Red Irons are an excellet set of irons for a mid to high handicapper.

About the Purchase
Unlike Erik, I’m happy to report exactly where I purchased my set of Deep Red irons. I purchased the 2003 Deep Red Irons from rockbottomgolf.com, over eBay. They have a direct sales site, and if you feel like gambling, you can try their auctions. I opted for the latter choice, and ended up saving almost $100 in the process. If you’re in the market for a club or set and don’t mind older clubs, give them a shot.

Look and Feel
These clubs are aggressive, and a great deal of that bold aggressiveness comes from Wilson’s Fat Shafts. Instead of the standard hosel width, the Deep Reds have a nearly half-inch hosel which slams right into the head of the club. Most people don’t know Wilson for their golf clubs, but standing next to a guy with “normal” irons, you definitely get some glances.


I recommend that you DO NOT buy equipment from BHMGolf.hiddencom. Ever.

A few months ago, I purchased a Titleist 983K from bhmgolf.hiddencom (I’m not linking to them for a reason). They were $50 cheaper than my neighborhood shop. I forgave the abrupt fashion in which the owner (Brian) handled my transaction as “he’s probably busy, getting lots of orders for his stuff.”

I was more than accurate. I called again a day or two later to check on the order status and was treated rather rudely. I received the club a week later… with the wrong shaft. I’d wanted the YS-6, not the Graffaloy. I called – during his business hours – and left a message. I called again the next day. I sent emails. I called some more. I never received a return call or a return email. One time, I did get ahold of Brian and was sworn at and hung up on.

I exchanged the club at a local shop for one with the correct shaft. The $50 extra I would have paid to simply buy it from them in the first place is $50 I’d have gladly paid to avoid the hassle of dealing with BHMGolf.hiddencom.

Clearly, Brian H. Meyer of BHMGolf.hiddencom does not want my repeat business.

Golf-Tech-Porn and the r7 Quad

The new TaylorMade r7 Quad looks really nice, but will it help your game?

r7quad.jpgI finally got a chance to go out and play a round this weekend; between work and a pregnant wife, my golf time has become scarce. So, when my father-in-law called to ask if I could find some time to make an 8:20, I jumped all over it… after checking with my wife.

Standing in line to check in at the pro shop, I overheard the following snippet of conversation between the guy who was paired with us and one of the guys in the pro shop:

“So, have you had a chance to try out the new r7?”
“Yeah, I got one.”
The weekend duffer gets excitedly interested. “Really?!? What did you think?”
“Awesome. I was hitting the ball around 310, 315 yards off the tee.”
Wistfully, “Wow.”
“I mean, that was average. I hit it, what did I say Lisa? 325?”
Lisa, the lady behind the counter, perks up for a moment and responds with a wry grin. “Yeah, 325. Must have had a lot of roll…”
Undaunted, the pro shop employee continues. “Sure. 325 yards. The ball just exploded off the tee …”

Belly Putters

Rumblings by players on the PGA Tour calling for a ban on the belly putter.

Over the past few months there have been rumblings by players on the PGA Tour calling for a ban on the belly putter.

The USGA doesn’t want any part of this issue, and The Rules Committee of the R&A indicated earlier this year that they won’t bring in any further changes to the game until 2007. I, for one, still can’t shake the perception that belly putters are for old guys who have bad backs.

I can understand why some players want to make the belly putter a thing of the past. The claim that these putters provide a stabilizing effect is a very strong argument, but just look at the statistics. Other than the PGA Tour’s leading money-winner, Vijay Singh, none of the top pros use them. So, unless Bernhard Langer starts breaking scoring records, and ripping up the PGA Tour, I believe it’s an argument better saved until ’07.