Non-Conforming Clubs

They hit the ball farther, but they’re not ‘legal’. Would you use them anyway?

Hi, I’m Braz, and I’m an eBay addict. When I bought my irons, I got them on eBay. When I looked for shoes, I looked on eBay. Maternity clothes? eBay. (No, I don’t wear maternity clothes, thankyouverymuch. My wife, however…)

When I started looking for a driver – I currently don’t carry a driver, and use either my 3W, 3I, or 4I off the tee – guess where I went? eBay. My searches for a driver on eBay brought me to a realization: there are a ton of manufacturers out there selling non-conforming clubs.

I’ve been looking hard at the TaylorMade R580 XD. It’s a gorgeous club, and knocks the mortal living heck out of those little white devils we call balls. In my searches, I discovered that TaylorMade has several non-US club models Out There, among which is the Burner 860.

3 thoughts on “Non-Conforming Clubs”

  1. I am a 73 year old golfer and I’m looking for a non conforming driver to get back some of the distance I’ve lost due to aging.

  2. Whatever keeps the game fun for You. Honesty and integrity are also important aspects of golf. So while I say have fun , tournaments and bets with the Boys should’nt be taken so lightly.

  3. 😛

    For some strange reason, I had looked in the Non-Conforming section on Ebay…It is tempting to say the least. The selling point is that since, they are no longer accepted by the standards of Yadda yadda…these “illegal drivers” are rare in themselves. Get em while they still exists! is the outcry…

    Something that someone said about 10yrs ago, when the buzz word started regarding driver heads that were made beyond the peramiters of a fair level of play once said, “what will you really gain, if you spend an extra $200 on top of the going price of a driver, if you are only gaining another 50-75yds? Is it really worth it?

    About a week ago, I had an opportunity to buy one of these non-conforming drivers from Asia…and passed.

    I was looking at a Titleist 983K cr…I am wondering…if I purchase the newer line of drivers form Titleist, will it perhaps give the just the same “properties” as the 983K cr? I guess, I will never know…Maybe back in 04′ this was the item to have in your hands regarding the 983K line at the time…but, times has changed, and the understanding of shapes and sizes is further explored to newer models.

    I went with the 907s

    What satisfaction is there, when you outdrive others to the point of curiousity and you know that such question will arise…what driver is that? can I see it? just to find out that you have been playing with an item that is not made within the fair level playing field?

    The act that results from such a subject matter will question your integrity, character and underlying motive while, playing with a group of “friends” or a business gathering. Esp. when $ is brought to the table.

    I guarantee you, that such devious action has more reprocussion in the aftermath of such facts. Do you honestly believe that you will be asked to do a round of golf…when $ is on the line the next time?

    Indeed, what is it worth to gain distance..but, to lose it all in the end under the catagory of character. Perhaps, thats the final straw in my judgement call to buy one or not…it’s not worth compromising what I see in the mirror. That’s just me.

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