Wilson Deep Red Irons

Braz, a 27 handicap golfer, reviews the Wilson Deep Red irons: in his opinion, an excellent set of irons for the mid- to high-handicapper.

deep-red-irons-set.jpgExecutive Summary: the Wilson Deep Red Irons are an excellet set of irons for a mid to high handicapper.

About the Purchase
Unlike Erik, I’m happy to report exactly where I purchased my set of Deep Red irons. I purchased the 2003 Deep Red Irons from rockbottomgolf.com, over eBay. They have a direct sales site, and if you feel like gambling, you can try their auctions. I opted for the latter choice, and ended up saving almost $100 in the process. If you’re in the market for a club or set and don’t mind older clubs, give them a shot.

Look and Feel
These clubs are aggressive, and a great deal of that bold aggressiveness comes from Wilson’s Fat Shafts. Instead of the standard hosel width, the Deep Reds have a nearly half-inch hosel which slams right into the head of the club. Most people don’t know Wilson for their golf clubs, but standing next to a guy with “normal” irons, you definitely get some glances.

The Deep Reds also benefit from a “fluid feel” insert. It’s basically a urethane-filled section of the cavity that dampens the sting you get on off-center and mishits. For the frequent off-center and mishitter (is that a word?) this translates into a set of irons that feels softer but still transmits enough of the impact feeling to help you learn. More on that later.

deep-red-over-the-club.jpgPlaying with the Clubs
It took me a few rounds to get used to these clubs – I chalk most of that transistion up to the fact that I switched from steel to graphite shafts. Once I got used to the clubs, though…

Two things about the marketing hype Wilson sells with these clubs: your mileage may vary, but I suspect that if it does it’s because you’re a much better golfer than I am. Between the Fat Shafts and the oversize heads, I noticed the effect of the Fat Shaft hype immediately.

Without a doubt, my shots were straighter and more consistent than previously possible with my older clubs. On a whim, I borrowed my father-in-laws old DDH irons (also graphite shafted) and took those to the range for comparison. There was no comparison. The Fat Shafts worked as advertised: the clubhead twisted less, and the clubface was more square at impact. If you know much about golf, I think you can guess the result…

Distance. The most plesant surprise was my increased distance across the entire set of clubs. From 3I to PW, I have added about one to two clubs to my game. Where I would hit a five or six iron, I’m pulling out a seven iron without thinking, and mulling over hitting it long. Just last weekend, I was hitting my seven iron over 150 yards, and flying greens that I would struggle hitting with a seven just three months ago. As I get more comfortable with them, the Deep Red irons are only helping my game more.

On top of that, the straighter shots and increased distance have done something else for my game: increased my confidence. I won’t go into a long spiel about increased confidence here, but I will say that instead of second-guessing myself and my ability to hit the ball on-target and distance, I’m pulling out my clubs and going for the green more often. The results are better, but more importantly I’m enjoying the game more.

With straighter, longer shots and increased confidence in just about any long to mid iron situation, what’s the downside?

Not for the Advanced Golfer
Here’s where I start projecting into the future, when my golf game resembles that of some of my office mates – low handicapper who can shape my shot to fit a situation.

deep-red-shaft.jpgWith the Deep Red irons, I think there is a serious issue for low handicappers. The Fat Shaft does too good a job keeping the clubhead square and the shot straight, and the urethane insert dampens too much of the feel of the shot.

I’ve let several lower handicap players use my clubs (one guy was a 2, the other a scratch golfer) and both complained about the lack of feel and their inability to shape a shot. When they’d want to hit a fade or a draw, instead of the shot they wanted they’d end up with a shot only slightly off the center. For golfers used to being able to have that level of flexibility, this is apparently very frustrating.

(If I ever get that good, I’ll let you know what I think, okay?)

One other sign that the Fat Shaft is too good at doing its job and frustrating for low-handicappers? This year is the first year Wilson has produced a Deep Red iron model without the Fat Shafts – this year’s Deep Red II Tour irons feature your choice of steel or graphite shafts with a standard hosel. Apparently, Padraig Harrington’s been playing with regular-shafted Deep Reds for a couple of years, and Wilson finally listened to their most visible pro.

All in all, I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. For mid- to high-handicappers looking for a set of extremely forgiving irons to help their game, I can’t recommend the Fat Shafts enough. Wilson offers the new Deep Red II’s, as well as the more affordable Fat Shaft-branded clubs. These latter include an iron set with two hybrid clubs, so if that’s your thing, take a look at them.

Specifically, I would highly recommend the Deep Red irons if you can find them. At $299 for a complete iron set with this much forgiveness, you’d really have a hard time going wrong; they’re a confidence building set, but cheap enough to replace when you finally outpace them.

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  1. I just got my deep reds for christmas and i havent got to try them out but your review gave me alot of confidence in my new irons. Thanks πŸ˜€

  2. I have a set of Fat Shafts, used, $100, got them last July.
    Am I the only one out there, but they go a mile. My Pitching Wedge goes 162. I hit a 211 yard par 3 with my 8 iron. I put my 6 iron off the tee about 225.
    I’m a big guy, but my older clubs were 2 clubs down from where they are now. I love the fat shafts and right now I don’t see a reason to get deep reds, but maybe a 220 yard 8 iron won’t be far off with them.

  3. Please let me know where I can purchase a set of Wilson Fat Shaft Deep Red Irons. Also please include price and shipping charges.

    Thank you,
    Mark Adkins

  4. I’ve been on vacation at my parents house for a few weeks and have only been golfing with my fathers fat shaft set of irons and they are ridiculously long…like buddy was saying…”211 with his 8 iron”…i believe it…ive been hitting the 8 iron where i usually hit a 6 and pretty much every iron is either 1 or 2 clubs up from the blades i have at home.

  5. I’ve been looking around for some new irons, im a 27 handicapper also, just wondering how long it takes to get used to graphite shafts if you have never used them before?

  6. πŸ™ I don’t know. I definitely agree in that the clubs are very long. But I have to say, I despise these irons. They have no feel whatsoever, and other than that I can’t really put into words what I hate about them, they’re just bad, bad irons. I’m not even that good of a golfer. I’m glad to hear you guys like them, but I’m tossing these aside and picking up a set of mizuno mx-23’s.

  7. I have to disagree with Bo. I have a set of Deep Red II Distance irons with graphite shafts and I absolutely love them. I am 59 yrs old and I can hit my 7 irons 150 to 160 yards where as with my old irons I would have to use my 5 iron to hit 150 yards. I love the feel of the irons because I never get any sting in my arms or fingers if I chunck a shot. Wilson has gone back to the Fat shaft with their new Wilson Di7 irons. If these are better than my Deep Reds than they are great clubs.
    I usually try to hit a draw but if I want to fade the ball I just have to make sure that I open the face of the club and the ball fades for me.
    The only problem that I know of with these clubs is that there is hardly any hosel so to get them adjusted for lie angle they have to be sent back to Wilson. They charge $5.00 per club.

  8. I found these Deep Reds with iron shafts for $99 brand new!! This is for 3-SW, what a deal!

  9. πŸ™ I don’t know. I definitely agree in that the clubs are very long. But I have to say, I despise these irons. They have no feel whatsoever, and other than that I can’t really put into words what I hate about them, they’re just bad, bad irons. I’m not even that good of a golfer. I’m glad to hear you guys like them, but I’m tossing these aside and picking up a set of mizuno mx-23’s.

    Bo, I have precisely the same impression about these fat shafts. Got the black shaft carbon version and tried them for a month – my gf would call them balanced and light, I thought they feel spongy and remote from the ball – I did a field experiment and played the even holes with my old Pro Staffs and the odd ones with the fat shaft. The ProStaffs just smoked my new purchase. Hey, I think they may work for a beginner, but they certainly nullify any learning from different ball connections. Each hit was a guessing game for me. I will switch to an older Ping Zings that are adjusted to my height – shall try the fat shafts once or twice more but if they still annoy me, they’re gone!

  10. Sold my trusty set of deep red irons a few months ago on ebay for a measly Γƒβ€šΓ‚Β£50.
    Put this money towards a shiny set of Ping G5’s.

    Dont get me wrong the Ping’s are great clubs. But with my old Deep Reds I was hitting an 8 iron 150 – 160 yards – mostly straight, now I need at least a 6 to get the same distance.

    I thought the new clubs would turn my game around (I play off a 14 handicap) but in reality they’ve ,made no difference apart from extra control with the short irons – especially the sand wedge.

    My opinion – stick with the Wilson Deep Reds. If my game does’nt improve by next Summer I’m going to ebay these Pings (apart from the sand & pitching wedge) and go back to “Old Red”

  11. That review is spot on, i bought a set of deep reds about 2 months ago and my game has improved dramatically. in two months ive gone from a hack shooting 120-125, to a hack shooting 100-105.

    Albeit i must say a lot has to do with with the fact my deep reds are custom length (im 6″5″) but the distance and straightness of my shots with this club is awesome.
    But now im overshooting par 3’s with my PW while my dad (15 Hcp) is using an 8 iron. that would be my only gripe with these clubs sometimes i get way Too Much distance.

  12. πŸ˜› :mrgreen: Hey Guys I play off a 1 or 2 handicap and use Deep Red II Tour irons with S300 GD shafts. I personally would struggle to hit 210 yards with an 8 iron more like a 6 iron shot for me but yes they are forgiving and straight. Graphite shafts tend to have more flex and hence can be more forgiving. BEN, we have a par 3 of 233 yards and we would love to see you hit a PW anywhere near the green!! LOL

  13. ❓ I recently took my kids to a local driving range to watch them hit a few buckets. After about 20 mins. i decided to hit a few myself. I found an abandoned steel shaft Wilson Deep red 7 iron in the ball shed and decided to feel it out…What a difference! I’m a 26 handicapper and had recently bought a set of Callaway Fusion clubs (Could you say ‘history?’). You guys are right on target; forgivness, more distance, straighter shots. I’ve only been playing for 14 mths. and i must say this club has it all for me. Can’t wait to get a set to play with! Oh, I took the club home!!

  14. I’ve been looking around for some new irons, im a 27 handicapper also, just wondering how long it takes to get used to graphite shafts if you have never used them before?

    They are virtually the same thing graphite is normally a little more forgiving and more expensive(and lighter). Its whatevr your used to

  15. i absolutely love my wilson deep red carbon fat shafts. broke both my legs and had steel rods put in them. as if golf wasn’t frustrating enough my clubs got stollen my first time out this year.what a blessing because i now have my deep reds and a ton more confidence. even though i’m only 29 i swing the club like my grandpa.with my new legs. and these clubs restored a whole new love for the game.

  16. I’m lucky to know which end of the clubs to hold, but had to get a set this year for some company games coming up. Instead of buying a $400-$500 complete set, the rep at the store had me try swinging the Deep Red Fat Shafts, and they seemed to work. I bought the iron set and some really cheap drivers (to make the budget) and am thrilled with the Deep Reds. I’ll look for a sale on Deep Red drivers to complete the set because of the feel of these clubs

    On the course, I can keep the ball on the fairway and at the range I look a lot better than I am. These are very forgiving and look way cool.

    This is the first summer I’ve really enjoyed golf.

  17. I am looking for flat shaft deep red 52 and 58 degree loft,senior flex,red and black wrap grip.Thank you

  18. :mrgreen:
    Lads, I’m a mid to high handi-capper playing off 13. Wilson deep red’s were my first set of irons and I managed to get cut from 19 to 13 in two years using these bad boys. I then heard about custom fitting. I was measured and told these clubs were totally wrong for me. Unfortunately I listened, changed clubs to Callaways and struggled for 3 years with my handicap going no where.

    I climbed up to the attick a couple of months ago and saw my old wilson deep red’s. (2003) I took them out for a laugh and in the last 6 rounds, Iv’e shot no less than 37 points Stableford. Playing off 11.9 and will never use anything other than wilson deep reds again.

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a Wilson deep red 16 degree 1 Iron please(stiff fat shaft) . Scoured ebay for months and cant get hold of one. Your help would be most appreciated.

  19. Hi guys, I need some suggestion, I want to buy set. I am 5 feet 7. Wrist to floor length is 30 inch. Will it be wise to buy deep red. are these heavy, cause i like light weight club.

  20. 210 yards with an 8 iron.
    Yeah, right!
    The biggest hitters in the pros only hit 160 yards with an 8 iron, and they have had the loft angle adjusted 2 degrees strong.
    This is a great forum for opinions, but come on guys…keep it honest.
    I know that golfers and fisherman have one thing in common…exaggeration!
    I have a set of Deep Reds and they are good clubs. I don’t agree about the comment that “you can’t shape your shot because there is no feel”. I like the smooth soft feel of these clubs…no shock up the club. I’ve had no problem hooking or drawing a shot if needed. You just take the right stance and the right swing with the club face in the right position…that’s all. All this baloney about the “feel” is just that…BALONEY! By the time you”feel” anything the ball is long gone!
    A smart golfer knows exactly what he did right, or wrong by the flight of the ball and adjusts accordingly.
    I will say that I like these clubs because they did add a “club up” in distance for me (about 15 yards average), but no one…not even Randy H. above…can hit a 211 yard shot with an 8 iron! NO ONE!
    I’m 6’3″ tall, I wrestled for U of Ill., and I have a swing speed of 108mph. I hit my Deep Red 8 iron just shy of 160 yards…and that’s with a grunt!
    If I had to complain about anything…and I love these clubs…is that I am having a harder time with my shots inside 110 yards. You know, those 40 to 80 yard shots that make or break us all.
    Now that I am getting more use to these irons I’m not flying the green as often.
    My old clubs??? Ping Zings and then Mizuno MP-52s.

  21. Come on Pat, are you on something? I am 5′ 6″ 165lbs and hit my 8 iron 150-170 depending on my swing at the time. You obviously don’t watch the pros on tv very close, they hit 8 irons much farther than that. You may be big, but your swing has to have the right tempo and and angle of attack to hit the ball long. I play with a variety of guys, and i have seen some very long hitters. So don’t think these guys are making up all this to make you feel better that you are so short with your irons. Remember its not how long you are, but its how many shots you take to get it in the hole. Have a great round. Buy the way I hit wilson Fx (the old ones) graphite shafts, and they too are long for me, 160 yard 8, iron no problem. I would like to try out those Deep Reds though.

  22. I’m going BACK to my Wilson Deep Red irons with FatShafts. Played them for about 5 years, but somehow got convinced that they were becoming too heavy for my age (63). Spent a bunch of $$$ on a custom set with high-end graphite shafts after a brutal series of evaluation tests that included everything but DNA analysis! I absolutely hate the new irons although they have allegedly been engineered just for my swing. The Deep Red 8-iron was zeroed in at 150 yds. Every time. Now I have to guess what to use, and most times I’ll be wrong. Technology did me no favors and actually added 6-8 strokes per round. The Deep Reds are completely predictable PW through 4 iron. Bought a Deep Red driver a few years back. Huge disappointment. Gave up distance and control. Went back to a Taylor 420 Burner and easily out-drive others who are 20 years younger. New grips on the Wilsons and I’m good to go….

  23. Hey guys, my pal is selling me his deep red fat shafts for Β£60 but I’m 5ft 5in tall so would like to get them fitted…is it true they have to go back to Wilson for this?!

  24. When I started playing 15 years ago a friend hand me down a set of Wilson fat shaft, nobody seem to understand why I’m playing well for a beginner, I give credit to the irons they’re easy to hit and they go straight and long
    10 years later I upgraded to the Wilson deep red fat shaft iron and my game just continues to improve
    The best part I’m playing better that my friends that have thousand dollar golf set.
    Wilson deep red fat shaft iron complete set can be found everywhere for $100 or less
    Check eBay Amazon FB marketplace

  25. Still play my FS Deep Reds from 2004 and still love them. I play off 8 and have tried G425s, Mizunos all up around $2000 (Aussie). Slight improvement in distance (which i don’t need), no straighter but feel harsh and unpleasant. Drivers/hybrids a different story, but iron technology doesn’t seem to have moved forward so much.

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