BombTech Grenade Driver Review

We take a look at one of the most, well, explosive new drivers in golf.

BombTech Grenade Driver SoleWhen I heard that we had a chance to review the BombTech Golf Grenade driver, I jumped after the opportunity after a bit of research. BombTech Golf is a new company, based out of Vermont, that makes clubs by hand in the United States. Their first club, the Grenade driver, was co-engineered with the University of Vermont engineering department as a part of their senior design project.

Why did I jump at the opportunity? Because I’m an engineer myself.

The BombTech Golf website reads more technically than most. It includes SolidWorks CAD models and computational fluid dynamics simulations, as well as a drag force calculation, not exactly the types of information that companies like TaylorMade or Nike would be willing to give out.

They might not market like the big boys of the golf industry, but could their drivers perform like the OEMs’? Let’s find out.

Design and Technology
The design of the Grenade driver is relatively simple, and most of the engineering went into the aerodynamics. It’s tough to keep up with the big boys, with their million-dollar R&D budgets, on some of the intricacies of golf club design, but innovative aerodynamics is something that anyone with engineering knowledge and a copy of SolidWorks can attain, and that’s what they did.

Aerodynamics in golf club design has improved recently, thanks to companies like Adams and Nike, but it’s not something that jumps off the page of a magazine ad like an additional axis of adjustment does.

BombTech Grenade Driver Sole 3

The Grenade driver features two triangular channels cut into the rear part of the sole. BombTech says that they analyzed and tested dozens of designs for the cavity using SolidWorks, a CAD software, and used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to arrive at the final, optimized design. BombTech’s website uses that data to calculate a value for drag force, which shows the importance of optimizing the drag coefficient as well as the club area (making the area as small as possible for aerodynamic reasons but keeping the volume at 460cc and the face large for forgiveness).

One thing that the BombTech website doesn’t mention is the moment of inertia benefit that comes from those cavities. Increasing MOI to a driver can be a little counterintuitive; when you want to remove mass from an iron, you use a cavity, but a cavity actually increases the mass of a driver because the club is hollow. Think of it like this: if you were to take a BombTech Grenade and remove the cavities completely, would it weigh more or less than the driver they sell? The answer is less, of course, because they would be using less material. The slightly more mass used in the design to create the cavities increases the mass in the corners of the clubhead, which increases the MOI and moves the CoG deeper, both of which are beneficial.

They also advertise a higher center of gravity, which they say reduces spin. Each Grenade driver is made of two pieces of cast titanium, including a TI-1188 beta titanium face, which BombTech says has a superior tensile strength and reaches the USGA maximum CoR of .83.

BombTech Grenade Driver Sole 2

Though flashy graphics and shiny, sharp lines do hold a certain appeal, I’ve always preferred a more simplistic approach to golf club design, which is what BombTech has employed.

The crown of the Grenade is a matte black, which is an interesting choice given the fact that the sole of the club is a reflective black finish. I understand and appreciate the appeal of the matte black – glare was greatly reduced versus both matte white and reflective black crowns I tested – though you do lose a certain sleekness factor that reflective crowns have. All in all, I do like the choice. Though I’m not completely averse to different colors of crowns on a driver, black still looks the best to my eyes, and I appreciate that that’s what they’ve gone with here.

There is no alignment aid on the crown, which is just fine for me. My favorite alignment aids in the past have been small and understated (the TaylorMade “T” logo, the Nike “Covert” script), and going to a driver without the alignment aid didn’t even present a learning curve. If anything, I made me focus even harder on making sure the face was squared up and in the right place. I also like the fact that they haven’t gone the TaylorMade/Adams route of large writing and shapes meant to help you line up the club, which frankly I’m not sure does anything other than look gaudy.

The face is the same black color as the crown, with lime green (more on that in a second) paint in the grooves. It frames the ball nicely, which is really all you can ask for.

BombTech Grenade Driver Face

The sole of the club continues that understated look. The plain black color is broken up for five items: the BombTech Golf logo, the loft, the clubhead size (460cc), “Grenade,” and the cavities. Lime green and white are used as accent colors.

My guess is that some people might not like the lime green – it doesn’t exactly promote the fearsome and sinister look that many golf club manufacturers are looking to promote – but I love it. It just looks great, and contrasts very nicely with the jet black color of the sole. It reminded me of the view through night vision goggles, which ties in nicely with the club’s name.

The shaft is a similar tint of green.

If I’m picking nits, there’s really only one thing I don’t love about the look of the club. At address, the toe of the club – where the face meets the crown meets the sole – is quite angular. This is a look that some of TaylorMade’s recent drivers have had (dating back to the Burner SuperFast models, and including the current RocketBallz drivers), and it’s one that I’m not crazy about. If you want to know what I mean, compare this picture of the Nike Covert Tour against the below picture of the Grenade. Specifically, look at the way the edge of the crown on the Covert curves out a bit more.

BombTech Grenade Driver Address

Again, not a big thing, and judging by the way that the RocketBallz have sold, I may be the only person in the world who cares about this.

I’ve reviewed enough golf clubs by now that I know not to come out and promise you 20 extra yards. By that standard, I should be well over 400 by now. Unless your last driver began its life fighting for sunlight in a persimmon forrest, no current driver on the market is going to be lightyears ahead of the rest.

But I have to say, the Grenade killed the ball. Swinging the club, it has a very light and balanced feel, as if it’s all one piece. The weight feels very much evenly distributed, and I was able to take really big swings without having to exert much effort. At the same time, I was never felt like I was losing a sense for the clubhead.

Alongside the Grenade, I was able to hit current drivers from several of the bigger OEMs: Nike, Titleist, and TaylorMade. The Grenade launched the highest of all the drivers I tested, and was also pretty consistently the longest by a decent margin.

BombTech Grenade Driver Toe

The general formula for long distance is fast swing speed + high launch + low spin, and that’s an equation that the Grenade adheres to pretty strictly. With the light weight and aerodynamic design, I was never at a loss for swing speed, and the launch conditions were downright perfect for me. The ball got up quickly and stayed there. It seldom ballooned and never fell out of the air prematurely.

The feel and sound of the Grenade were both terrific. I was originally skeptical that the Grenade would sound either too tinny or feel a bit harsh, but I got none of that. Even though BombTech doesn’t have the engineering resources to spend months tweaking the sound and feel, both of those variables have been mastered.

Bombtech Grenade Driver Back

Forgiveness was great, not category-leading but certainly on par with the other drivers I tested. It also seemed to work the ball better the the other drivers. Even without some sort of hosel adjustability system, I was easily able to hit massive hooks and flaring draws, through fades seemed the easiest of all.

While we’re on that topic, I do have to mention the lack of adjustability. Ultimately, that’s probably the biggest sticking point with the Grenade. There are no weights to move around, not sole plate to tinker with, and most importantly, no sort of hosel adjustability. It’s understandable, but disappointing given how ubiquitous adjustability has become. The Grenade is also available in only one loft, 10.5˚, and a system like Nike’s Flex loft could tackle both of those problems at once.

The shafts in the BombTech Grenade drivers are a custom Matrix Grenade design. It’s lime green like the accenting on the clubhead, and is available in a-flex, ladies, regular, stiff, and x-flex. The shafts can also be ordered in any length from 44.5-47 inches (in half-inch intervals). Some shafts I’ve tested recently have seemed oddly whippy for their flex rating, but the stiff flex Matrix felt very true.

BombTech Grenade Driver Grip and Shaft

The grips on the Grenade are Pure Pros, one of the best non-cord grips on the market. It has great tackiness, and Pure’s grips are known for their longevity.

The headcover is a matter of form versus function. It’s got a quick-release handle, which makes getting it off a snap, and the sock is sized perfectly. Unfortunately, it’s not great to look at. The white is kind of gaudy (I wish the black was carried over from the clubhead), and the colorful accenting doesn’t look great.

The Grenade is currently available only in a 10.5˚ model, though more lofts are expected in the future, and the cavities can be painted green upon request (mine came with green cavities, which I highly recommend).

All BombTech Grenade purchases have a 30-day money back guarantee, and they currently offer free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. The Grenade is listed for $299.

While I do have a few qualms with the Grenade, I can say for certain that BombTech has a winner here.

It’s got just about everything you could look for: distance, great launch, and good feel and sound. It looks awesome, and you are presented with a variety of shaft stiffnesses and lengths at purchase.

But it faces stiff competition. It’s priced at $299, lower than the new drivers of most OEMs, but more expensive than year-old models offering most of the newest technology. It’s competing not with the R1 and Covert, but with the R11S and the original RocketBallz. Whether you consider it competitive depends on how your value name brands, hosel adjustably, U.S. design and assembly, and supporting a smaller business. No matter what though, you’re not going to be disappointed with the product.

16 thoughts on “BombTech Grenade Driver Review”

  1. Good review, Jamo. Fascinating point about the cavities on drivers … I had never thought about that before. (You have a typo in that line I believe though … “hollow hollow” ;)) I have an Xhot right now and have become really accustomed to the matte black finish, it looks great. Hopefully this driver succeeds, it would be nice to see them compete with the big boys!

  2. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. It should be referenced only to use of aftermarket car parts. However, cool looking driver that would match my Nike lunars nicely.

  3. Thanks for the review.

    I agree as to the angular cut-off at the toe – I like a softer angle and a higher toe – which also adds to stability.

    At least Bombtech has installed a stock Matrix shaft matching to its driver’s characteristics. The money-back playability guarantee is a nice touch.

    I saw a youtube review and heard the sound – it was, as you say, well designed as to the sound.

    Good luck to them with a nonadjustable driver in an adjustable market. I think their market will be the guys who keep their equipment and do not upgrade annually. The OEM market panders to the guys who are lured by promises of longer, straighter, better fit, more gizmos. I see this as a future, late night infomercial. I mean, that’s where Adams Tight Lies started.

  4. Hey Jamo. Don’t know if you already know this, but the guy behind BombTech is the son of the chef at the South St. Diner in Westborough. Tell him you wrote a review of it and they may well sling you a free breakfast. I recommend the Smokey’s omelette!

  5. Hey Jamo. Don’t know if you already know this, but the guy behind BombTech is the son of the chef at the South St. Diner in Westborough. Tell him you wrote a review of it and they may well sling you a free breakfast. I recommend the Smokey’s omelette!

    I’ve always been more of a Harry’s guy myself, but Harry’s eggs are nothing special. Maybe I’ll defect.

  6. I had the chance to demo the Grenade the past few days. I tested it at the driving range, on trackman and out on the course against my regular stock of drivers (Ping, SLDR, R15 and even an illegal driver (The Juggernaut) I am very skeptical when anyone promises that you’ll hit their driver farther than your current driver. Upon receiving the club I have to say, it looks pretty bad ass. Love the shaft which is a Matrix and love the paint job. I can confirm it is by far the straightest driver I have ever hit! Nice little baby draw and mishits stayed very relatively straight or at least playable. As far as distance, I thought a 10.5 would be way too high. After hitting the driver I found the ball flight to be perfect. My toe and heel mistakes often went farther than my buddies tee shots that were struck perfectly. Great numbers on the LM. Only negative I would say is the grip. In the Florida heat and rain, it becomes slick fast! I replaced it with another PURE grip that is tackier. Grenade has all three of the latest and greatest brand name drivers beat by 10-15 yards. I had people at the range as well as people in my group try it and agree with my review. I like this club so much I will be buying a second Grenade! Forget the 60 day return policy… you’ll love this driver in less than 60 seconds! Sully has been great to deal with and shipping was fast. I owned 47 drivers over the last 3 years and demoed them all. The hype and promises about the club are true and verified by this former skeptical driver fanatic.

  7. Bought club worked fine two weeks in Shaft broke on first t. Tried contacting company by phone, email and chat multiple times. Been over a week and nothing. Nice club but shoddy customer care.

  8. Okay Update on My Bombtech..evidently the shop was on reduced hours over the holidays..He got back with me this morning and sent a new driver out(Shaft broke) Driver is the best I have ever owned until shaft broke(lol) So customer support was not bad it just did not exist there during holidays. Lesson learned. But when he did get the message(Sully) He acted in Rapid fire mode to take care of it.

  9. Would like to know if this driver is for swing speeds of 90-95 MPH or better suited for the higher swing speeds. Everything else you wrote is impressive.

  10. thinking of buying grenade driver.dont know what degree to purchase 10.5 or 9.0 play of 12 handicap in scotland

  11. As someone that has run into several of these drivers in for repair, I’d highly recommend avoiding the Grenade until they improve their quality control. I’m frequently running into broken shafts on these drivers (it’s a local company, there seem to be a fair number of these in the area), and it’s largely due to the shaft sitting far too loosely into the hosel of the club. I’m sure these things are great if you happen to get a good one, but some poorly, poorly made heads are getting through quality control, and those are the only ones I’m seeing in the repair

  12. I might add that upon further review The shaft breaking was my fault apparently I did not put the cover back on and the other clubs bounced around in the cart and weakened it.(Fractured). I have played with this club all across the west and have had no trouble with it. Bombtech has a facebook page with 0ver 12000 folks signed up and I have never heard of a Face cracking or broken shafts. I think the above post about being poorly made is a bunch of crap. Me thinks that post is a competitor looking over the internet for an opportunity to denigrate a very fine and well made club. All one has to do is pick one up and look it over to see the quality that went into the Grenade and other clubs made by sully. Best driver I have ever owned.

  13. Agree with the original analysis with the exception of the grip. When I received it, I took it out and hit on a rather humid day. Could hardly hold onto the club. Seemed substandard. I was tempted to return but tried again the next day. Again, muggy and was unable to “let the big dog eat”. I ended up changing the grips on both the driver and 3. Awesome change and hopefully they will be a very durable fixture to my bag. Now rate very highly.

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