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Don’t relegate that old putter to the closet, have it refinished and put a
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Colbert Putter Plating LogoI love putters. All shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors. Mostly I love putters that are different or unique.

My Scotty Cameron Newport putter is not a very unique putter since the Anser-style is the most copied putter design ever. My putter is – or I should say was – a very ugly one in need of a drastic restoration. I had to change it.

I could have sent my putter off to Scotty’s Custom Shop, but they only don’t offer very many finishes Enter Colbert Putter Plating, owned and operated by Kevin Colbert out of Blaine, Minnesota. Colbert Putter Plating came highly recommended from some acquaintances and other putter aficionados who, like me, were looking to give their putters a little TLC. Great thing about Colbert Putter Plating is that he can refurbish nearly every make and model out there, so it’s a great one-stop-shop for putters.

After visiting the Colbert Putter Plating website, my imagination quickly began to race with ideas of how to transform my ugly duckling into a sexy swan.

The process was pretty simple and painless. The hardest part for me was to decide what finish I wanted!

The Original
Okay, so I told you it was ugly. Here it is (toldja so):

Original Back

Original Front

Finish Options
Like make things in this world, appearance is everything. The first work that needed to be done was to transform this standard blah Ping tumble finish. There are several options to help make the putter uniquely yours:

  • Satin Nickel Plating: Great finish due to the low maintenance and long term durability.
  • Black Oxide: Like the little black dress, it catches your eye.
  • Oil Brown: This finish will vary slightly in iridescence, giving the putter a truly unique look.
  • Stainless Steel Putter Service: No finish is applied, simply bead blasting and cleaning up the putter back to its natural state.
  • 24k Gold Plating: For the “Donald” in all of us, the ultimate way to transform the gamer that won the club championship to the trophy in your office. The putter is first nickel plated then the gold is applied.

Note: Both the Black Oxide and Oil Brown finished will require oiling over time in order to prevent rust. I ended up choosing the Black Oxide finish because I first wanted something different and I also liked the way the black finish framed the ball at address. The texture of the finish itself was a little rough, which I personally liked but that speaks more for the putter than the finish itself. During the order process you can request extra sanding if there are rough areas that you would like to have addressed. Kevin can also remove most dings from the top line and other areas, I personally think this is key to have that “like new” look. Then again a little scar or ding can add some character.

One option that is really cool and unique to Colbert Putter Plating is to have the face insert plated as well. While not an option on every putter, this adds a little extra class and attention to the putter.

Engraving Options
Now this step is where you really get to transform the putter into your very own. Some of the work that Kevin can carry out is

  • Name and Initials
  • Sight Lines and Sight Dots: Need a little more help with your alignment?
  • Custom Designs and/or Logos: Want something to match your tattoo?
  • Corporate Logos: Have a school or company that you wish to honor? However written permission will be needed for any copyrighted or trademarked logos.
  • NEW Face Milling Option: This is a new service and adds a cool feature to putter.

Only space is a limited factor for your engravings. There is a separate Engraving Form used to describe what and where you want your engravings displayed. If you’re stumped for ideas you can check out the numerous samples on the website. One thing to keep in mind is that Kevin will not make a putter appear to be a tour-issue model or infringe on the copyrights or trademarks of other companies.

The Black Oxide service was chosen and you can already see the difference from the old putter to the refurbished one. The face, sole and edges have all been cleaned up while still retaining the detail of the engravings, see how all the bag damage has disappeared?

Once you have decided on your engravings, the next step is to choose your paint scheme. With a wide array of paint-fill options you can really bring out the look and depth of those new engravings. I am a vanilla kind of guy and chose to have a white paint fill on the black putter, which really made my initials and sight line stand out.

Final Steps
Colbert Putter Plating does not perform Loft and Lie adjustments. I highly recommend that if you need to have your putter’s loft or lie adjusted, that you have it done before sending it in for refinishing. Some of these finished may be hardened and could crack or be damaged when placed in a bending machine.

For those of you concerned with the swingweight, you need not worry as this process will not affect the swingweight. Too little material is applied. Finally, for those of you with sensitive hands, you may like the Satin Nickel plating as it has been reported to make the putter feel a bit crisper.

Here’s a close up of the face, there is a new Face Milling option if you so choose but I like the smooth look. You could choose the ‘stealth’ look but I can’t wait to see how she’ll look when she has a little paint on her.

Now that you know what you want it is time to fill out the order form. Shortly afterwards Kevin will contact you to finalize the order. Depending on the work performed, the shaft may have to be removed, but if it is just engraving then no removal is required. Expect your putter to be out of commission for 1-2 weeks for engravings and a minimum of four weeks for refinishing.

Final Result
Overall, I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of work and Kevin Colbert’s professionalism. My putter came back within three weeks and it was like being a little kid again on Christmas morning as I tore into the box.

Durability of the new finish has been very good, and should be for you provided that you take care of your putter. You don’t have to baby it – just make sure the headcover is on and that you keep it dry.

Alas, the completed putter with a white sight line and red/yellow paint fill on the engravings. You could let your mind can run wild with all the finishes and color combinations. Now please remember to use that head cover!

Based on how simple the order process was and the quality or the net result I would happily and wholeheartedly recommend Colbert Putter Plating to anyone looking to have their putter transformed into the prized possession it deserves to be.

This entry was written by former staff member Everardo Keeme. In 2005, Everardo founded the Arizona Golf Company.

11 thoughts on “Colbert Putter Plating”

  1. I was expecting something pertaining to stephen colbert 🙁

    But seriously, while the lettering on your putter is definitely not my taste, this is definitely a cool thing to do. You can buy someone a putter and make it unique for a birthday, or something. Very cool.

  2. To each his own and you are entitled to do what you like, but I don’t know why anyone would send a Scotty Cameron to anyone else but the Scotty Cameron Custom shop.

  3. I think the putter looks great Kevin has done 3 putters for me and he is just as good as the CS without the $$$HIGH cost.

  4. Kevin does great work at a very reasonable price. My Tel3 turned out wonderful. My only concern is how long it takes. I sent four putters to him 3 months ago and still not back. If you know someone with great workmanship please contact me at

  5. To each his own and you are entitled to do what you like, but I don’t know why anyone would send a Scotty Cameron to anyone else but the Scotty Cameron Custom shop.

    Because it’s a custom shop without THE custom shop price, in addition you can get exactly what you want unlike Scotty’s shop where they make those descisions for you. Kevin does excellent work and has exceeded my expectations on the three putters I have sent him..

  6. I have a face balanced de la cruz putter with a smooth face. I prefer this to have a deep milled face. If possible, what’s the cost?

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