F2 Wedge Review

Can a club really help you you hit the ball to within 10 feet of the pin twice as often, from 100 yards in.

Face Forward TechnologyAccording to Face Forward Technology there has not been a major innovation in wedges in the past 50 years. Taking a look at all the wedges in golf shops today and you’ll surely agree that although there are subtle differences that none really stand out.

Enter the F2 Wedge and its radical design. In fact, the first time I had these out on the range a few passers-by even paused to take a look at this odd looking club. According to the company “both human testing and robotic testing proves that the F2 gets you into the Scoring Zone more often than any other wedge tested.” We’ll see about that…

By now you may have seen the infomercial featuring Bruce Devlin demonstrating with others the benefits and gains your game will make by using the F2 wedge but can one club really live up to all the hype?

F2 Wedge FaceFirst things first: the F2 Wedges do conform to the USGA club standards, so you have no worries about legality with these clubs. Now, the F2 wedge doesn’t get your attention with a fancy finish, “tour” grooves that spin the ball like crazy or even a half dozen bounce and loft combinations. Instead, what first draws your attention is that the leading edge and face of the wedge are actually in front of the hosel. The F2’s design claims to cure many of the ailments that plague golfers of a wide range of abilities and handicaps, from making it virtually impossible to shank the ball, getting the ball airborne from the rough, and improving your greenside chipping and bunker play.

F2 stands for Face Forward technology. As you can see with this ingenious design, the face has been moved forward and the hosel back, enabling the ball to strike and leave the clubface before grass or sand can grab the hosel and twist the clubface. The F2 Wedge may look unconventional, but as soon as you hit it, you’ll know why it is the biggest jump in short game technology since the invention of the sand wedge!

Look and Setup
A side by side comparison with the standard wedge and you’ll immediately notice the difference in the shape of the face.

F2 Wedge Compare Toe
When comparing the F2 Wedge to a Vokey 200 series wedge on the right and here is where you can really see the difference in setup. With this view you can also see how the shank is next to impossible.

The F2 does have its face forward of the hosel, which may take a little getting used to. Otherwise the shape of the head is close to a classic teardrop shape with a simple cavity back head and gleaming finish. The club naturally sits open at address and with a rounded leading edge will make you rely on the black painted grooves to line up initially. The first time you pickup the F2 you’ll also notice the weight difference, not so much in the over all weight but how the weight is distributed. With the face forward and thus placing the hosel in the center of the club head mass, this forced me to waggle the club more often than my current wedges in order to get comfortable with it. I also noticed a different feel during my back swing and also had to adjust to that.

Specs and Pricing
F2 Wedge ToeThe F2 wedges come in only one finish, a cobalt (grey) and come with a step-less steel shaft (a graphite shaft will run you an additional $19.95) and a velvet-like grip. At this time they are available in the following lofts: 52°, 56°, 58° and 60° in both right and left hands. Which should satisfy the average golfers needs out there. Now pricing is on par with most wedges in the marketplace running $99.99 each and you receive free shipping and additional discounts with the purchase of two or more. So for the same price as others I think they’re worth a shot.

The F2 has several advantages including:

  • When entering the impact zone, the face comes through and makes contact with the ball before the hosel even enters the hitting area. On all shots, this literally makes it impossible to shank the ball.
  • In deep rough, the F2 clubhead moves through the grass with less resistance and keeps the grass from grabbing the hosel, forcing shots offline.
  • In sand, the F2’s unique wide-open face design allows you more opportunity to flatten the club and hit a high, short sand shots.
  • When pitching the ball, the F2 design helps you setup in the desired hands forward position which makes it harder to skull or hit your shots thin.
  • When chipping, the face comes through the hitting area ahead of the hosel, allowing contact to happen sooner. This lets the natural loft of the club do the work for you.

F2 Wedge Compare FaceSo the F2 claims to be virtually shank proof, which in all my testing was true. Even when I purposely tried to shank a few, the hosel couldn’t get near the ball and did keep the ball flight somewhat online. The F2 wedges also worked pretty well out of the bunkers and deep rough, making it a little easier to get the ball out and airborne. However this is where the performance gains stopped for me. I like to think my bunker play is pretty good already and I have had good results with specialty type sand wedges however it is very important to me that every club in my bag also be used for multiple shots (with the exception of the driver and putter). I live and play in Arizona so desert landscape and hard pans lies are all part of an average round. Those specialty clubs and these F2 wedges, while great from the sand, did not do well for me in tight lies or desert areas where you need to hit down on the ball.

I practice my short game several hours a week already and have become very comfortable using my current wedges, irons, and hybrid for chipping and flop shots. That’s not to say that I can’t improve and the F2 wedges with its face-forward design does simplify your average chip shot but it left me to hit many of my initial chips fat. In reading the website and viewing the infomercial again I see that no adjustment should be necessary and that my regular setup and swings should be used. Maybe it’s just the look of the wedge that got in the way for me but I felt that my swing and stance did need some adjustment to make better contact. So after adjusting my stance a little I was able to get better results. However that meant I had to re-adjust a little when chipping with a iron or hybrid or going back to a full swing with any other club.

My main 2006 goal is to improve my short game, specifically I want to improve my proximity to the hole, this may sound obvious but the closer to the hole I can get my GIR or Up and Down chance the better chances of making fewer putts, thereby reducing my scores and handicap.

Fact: 65% of a golfer’s score comes from shots that are 100 yards in. Every good golfer knows that this is the scoring zone, the zone that separates great players from the rest of the pack. This is where most average golfers leave their strokes. This is the difference between breaking 90, 80, or even par.

So when I heard about a wedge that claims From 100 yards in, you will hit the ball to within 10 feet of the pin twice as often, I was thrilled that I had found my Holy Grail! I certainly didn’t get the same results as the F2 testers claimed on the website and infomercial. As I mentioned above the problem I faced was that I could never get used to the look and I also do not want to adjust my stance or swing for what I feel is a specialty club. So for that reason alone I wouldn’t put this club in my bag because I never felt 100% comfortable with it.

Although the F2 wedge is marketed for all players, I wouldn’t recommend this club for mid to low handicappers based on my same experience and playing conditions. Now I do recommend this club to beginners and high handicappers and also wish that I had these F2 wedges when I was first learning to play the game because I think it would have made my rounds a lot more fun and enjoyable.

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  1. Thanks for the information you shared concerning the f2 wedges. If it sounds too good to be true, you can bet it isn’t true.

    I certainly appreciate your investigation of these wedges. Great Article!!!

  2. I’ve purchased 3 of these wedges, and I think the key to your article lies in the fact that you “could never get used to the look” of the club.

    Many of my friends didn’t want to even swing it when they saw it, and when they did they just said it was too “weird” looking…however…these wedges have actually taken my short game to a whole new level. Yes, there was an adjustment period, but once I got used to them, I’ve never been able to hit wedge shots more accurately or get as much spin on the ball, especially on half wedge shots.

    Where I used to play conservatively to keep myself at a comfortable 150 or 100 yd shot, these wedges have provided such comfort around the green that I don’t worry if I’m between clubs anymore. I think it ultimately comes down to confidence in a club, but in my case, these wedges were exactly what I was looking for to give my short game that extra little confidence boost.

    I would say everyone should at least hit them for a few rounds and at the range first…sometimes “weird” looking is just the ticket, especially when you hit the ball inside of your buddy’s consistently, and then you get to witness them coming up to you at the range and saying, “let me give that thing another try.” It’s happened more than once!

  3. I have an F2 wedge that their designer, Jeff Peterman, gave us to do our product review on Digital Golf. For me, it has changed my game.

    It is very difficult to get used to hitting a full shot with the club. I was delofting the club at address, because I couldn’t tell how to align the clubface. But, when you practice with it, the results can be great.

    I think the true value of the club comes around the green. It is very easy to open the club face, slide it under the ball, and hit high, soft shots.

    It is worth the practice to use the club.

  4. Nice review. Helpful to have comments as well. Good dialog. Thanks for this nicely designed site.

  5. I purchased the 52 degree, graphite version, slightly used, on Ebay for around $75. I am a 12 handicap 63 year old, above average putter, but awful out of sand and chipping. This club has given me new confidence for short chips out of the fringe and surprisingly I hit the ball precisely 104 to 108 yards on a full swing with such consistency that I am now playing par fives (I can’t reach any in two any more unless I get a cart path/ gale force wind assist) to leave a 105 to the pin. Yesterday I birdied two par fives with this strategy! I also live in Scottsdale, but haven’t had the chance (yet) to subject it to the hard desert we have to deal with here…but I can’t master that with any club in my bag already, so even if it doesn’t work there I won’t be disappointed. I am pleased enough to give the 58 or 60 degree version a try once a used one at a bargain price appears on Ebay.

  6. I would like to try the f2 wedge, but I have no idea whether to get the 52, 56, 58 or 60. I am a female, right hander who is fairly new to golf and I think this might help me get loft on the ball. Can anyone explain which one I should get?

    Thanks and great review.

  7. Andrea,

    It depends on what you are looking to do. If you are looking for a club to hit from pitch within 100 yds and also to use around the green for chip and runs, I would say get the 52 degree. I love this club and have a lot of consistency and control with it. Plus most people already have a 56 degree club (most sand wedges are this degree of loft generally), so it would give you a club in between that and your pitching wedge.
    If you’re looking mostly for something that you can pitch up onto the green with very little run from around 60 yds or closer, or if you want a club to chip with just off the green that will plop down with very little run, then I personally really like the 58 degree. I liked it better than the 60 actually. I just found it a little easier to hit. Not exactly sure why. The 58 does have a bigger bounce I believe than the 60, so it’s become my sand wedge as well as my favorite club for flopping shots when I’ve got very little green to work with. Against conventional thought, I’m actually more comfortable with dropping the ball closer to the pin with this club, than letting the ball run to the pin. The 58 has become my favorite club around the green, but my 52 degree from 115yds is deadly. I love these clubs.
    I do have to say though, that I did and still do have a bit of trouble with a full swing. I find that a 3/4 backswing gets me almost the same amount of distance, but more accuracy than trying to take a full swing. Perhaps it’s all mental, but results are results! I feel like I should be working for this company with all the praise…I don’t…but these wedges really have helped my game.

  8. I got the 58 degree F2 wedge in the mail as I was leaving for Myrtle Beach. Did not have time to watch the CD. The first time I used it felt strange, but the shot was great. That was the first time that I was able to make the ball bite so much.

    My golf game in Myrtle was outstanding I lowered my score from the last time I was there. This F2 wedge will not leave my bag.

  9. Not impressed with F2. Am 59, shoot in 90s.

    Tend to be sucker for new products which are ‘guaranteed’ to save me ‘several strokes’ per round.

    Purchased 52 degree and have used for several rounds and scores have risen around ‘the scoring zone’ vs lowering

    Unable to adjust to face forward position. Club will not be in my bag again and will join the ‘Perfect Club’, the ‘E-club’ etc in my basement gathering dust.

    Meanwhile, however, the Alien wedge and the Clutch iron continue to perform admirably.

    Hmm, wonder if there’s any new product on the Golf Channel that will give me the miracle that I’m looking for….

  10. I bought three F2 wedges recently, the 52, 56 and 60. I have used them just a hand full of times so far and they have helped.
    I am a 20 handicapper and have always struggled around the greens. What the F2 has done for me is keep me from skulling the ball. I normally thin the ball several times per round, when I first used the F2 I only had one skull during my first round and that was on the first hole. Thereafter the only problem I am seeing is that I tend to thick the ball now. BUT…that has actually been a good thing because even when I hit the ball thick it still goes almost as far as if I had hit it pure. With other wedges when I catch the ball heavy it only goes 5-10 feet!
    I find the head to “feel” heavier as do others who I have talked to who have hit an F2. This, along with the face forward design and me using my normal address is probably causing the thick shots.
    I am looking forward to practicing more with them. So far I am impressed with the feel and like the face forward “look” when I am addressing the ball. It makes me feel more comfortable and that is translating into better golf shots.

  11. I’ve used the 60 degree one from a friend of mine lately to see what it is like and give it a try. Im a 11 hdcp high schooler who isnt gernerally on the ‘taller’ side so using these made me tend to hit it fat. When I was able to make decent contact, it was hard to keep them on line. Even though the hosel really doesnt come into play at all, the place where the hosel would be he the ground and COMPLETELY FLIPED OVER THE CLUB. I hit more whots off line with this product that i do a 10 dollar impulse buy wedge i would get a a local sports authority. But, on chip shots and some flop shots I was satisfied with the outcome. Though i must admit, the flop shot with this is a bit easier with the hossel back out of the way. I believe that for the higher skilled player with a 10 hdcp or less, this product is not for you. Think of the f2 as more of a ‘training wedge’ before you upgrade to a big boy wedge like callaway, cleveland, or titleist.

  12. I have had 3 of the F2’s (52,56 & 60) for about a year now. When I got them I was a 9 handicap and suffored bouts of the shanks ๐Ÿ˜ณ from time to time. I am currently a 5 thanks to fewer putts and no shanks :mrgreen: . Initial look was tough to get use to ๐Ÿ˜ฏ . Most of my early wedge shots were really fat and ruined my rounds ๐Ÿ‘ฟ . I ended up putting them away for awhile. But about 6 weeks later I released them on parole and adjusted my ball position about 1-2 ball positions forward. Things have been great ever since ๐Ÿ˜€ . They are perfect from thick greenside rough and for hitting high approach shots. The only downside I have now is getting razzed and ridiculed for using such an ugly club.

  13. I have three wedges (52-56-60) I used to be a single digit, but for some unknown reason developed the dreaded shanks. (mostly with the shorter wedge shots) The shanks caused me to try a million things to correct it and I got so screwed up that I could barely break 90. I broke a tail light on my wifes car (shank) a bathroom window (shank) put a dent in my brand new truck (shank) and have nearly killed numerous people. (shank-shank-shank) I got the f2 52 degree and havent shanked since, my confidence is totally restored. I added the 56 and 60 too. I cant wait to get the whole set. They are a golfing life saver for me. Now I chip and pitch balls over the cars and the house and no longer have to warn people on my right side to stay back. I’m back in the low 80’s and soon to be back in the high 70’s again. I hate the looks but love the results. I figure they have already paid for themselves by me not breaking anything else. Has anyone out there tride the new full set F2 irons yet, I cant wait…

  14. I’m a 8 h/c. These wedges are super. Try them, you’ll be surprised and very pleased.

    (Hello from Ireland)

  15. I am a 6 handicap that struggled with the wedge (Ping type). I am an informercial junkie (Dr. Feelgood Zero Latitude Putter (illegal), the Hammer (no good), etc.) but have been surprised with the F2 52,56, and 60. They have taken about 3 shots off of my handicap.

    No shanks (how could you?) but had some complaints with the “heavy” feel and odd look. It takes time to get used to alignment, but I have found using the scoring line and lining it up square works best with a 3/4 swing. They are very consistent with the distance using the 60 at 95-100, the 56 at 105-110, and the 52 at 115-120 yards. They are excellent out of heavy grass (Chicago area) and on pitch shots around the green. Long bunker shots also are improved where a thin shot is required. I don’t know if they have a money back guarantee but they are worth a look if your short game needs a boost.

  16. I purchased the 60 degree wedge, and I am happy to say I can hit Shots from 75 yards out and stop the ball on a dime. I could never hit a lob wedge consistantly, until I purchased the F2. I call it the magic stick.

  17. I am a high handicapper and I tested the f2 wede at my local driving range. I saw an immediate improvement. It was so much easier to hit with my wedges. Even on mishits it produced good results. But what was even more amazing is that when I went back to hitting my regular wedges, I hit them better too. The only thing it doesn’t help you with is hitting it fat, which is my most common fault. I’d definitly recommend this to anyone who sucks with regular wedges.

  18. Nice review. Helpful to have comments as well. Good dialog. Thanks for this nicely designed site.

    I’ve been watching the tv adds for the f2 forever. I finally bought one a couple weeks ago. There amazing any shot you take the club feel so much more comportable then any other wedge i’ve tried.

  19. more offset = a worse hook (for me) so why not try a forward face? it has been a godsend.. no more thin shank sandies..a 3/4 normal swing with the 56 degree will get you out everytime…off the fairways a 3/4 swing with firm wrists(so the forward face stays on line) and presto..i have hit more wedge shots inside of 10 feet than ever ..recently bought the 52 degree for 90-105 yds and am going to buy a used set of irons (keeping my ta 6’s just in case) to try out…wondering if you can work the irons …alas i will find out

  20. Am new golfer- based on reviews plan to but f2- would appreciate more suggestions on which one to get to start.

  21. I picked up a used 58/14 F2 wedge over the weekend. For $29 it was worth a shot.

    The first time I tried a sand shot was at the practice green and it flew like a rocket.

    It did take a while to get the hang of it and I finally started hitting sand shots and various pitch shots.

    Yes it does take a bit of adjustment. The biggest is having the hands a bit ahead of the ball.

  22. I have a 6 handicap and have used the 60 degree for over 2 years.
    I still prefer my other ping wedges (48 and 56 degree) for longer shots but have been very successful with the F2 on shots 10 to 70 yards.
    It is much better out of the rough and I like it out of the sand. With flop shots it really shines!
    I didn’t have much trouble adjusting to its different look.
    How my golf shot looks takes presedence over my club’s appearance!

  23. The truth…Had the shank problem as well as sculling short chips shots on hardpan…5 handicap by the way…Clubs are ugly but they WORK…It has eased my mind..I fel like i am playing with a club i bought from target and maybe its only temporary but if you are thinking about it at least buy 1…or dont and keep on shanking. They are easy to hit. Ugly ..oh yes…but no more blowing a round on the s word…the only thing i will do is regrip them as the grip feels to fat to me…

  24. ๐Ÿ™‚ Use to hit them sideways occasionally but not with the
    F 2. Better in every way to the std. wedge.
    Never gave the look of the club a second thought when it allowed me to score so well.
    Hard to believe the look of the F 2 would bother anyone with the pie plate drivers that are in vogue now. I hope the contributors I play with and take $$$ from on a consistent basis continue to think the F 2 is too weird and ugly.
    Seriously thinking about giving the 4 – PW a shot.

  25. Bought a 60 degree F2. I had to see if it worked. Right from the first time I swung it it became my most reliable club. I have 3 years of golf under my belt and this one club has taken more strokes of my round than any other club I have ever tired. I will be buying more of the set.

  26. Short game has never been the best part of my game. I would putt the ball every time before using my wedges around the green. Just bought the 52 and 56 I have been using these for three days in a row (practice area only). No shanks and I could chip the ball with confidence around the green instead of using my putter and even when I had a miss hit, it did not go that much offline as it did when compared with my present wedges. I have used the 56 from 100 yds in. Half to three quarter swing works great. Sand shots have been a delight (closed and open face). It was not hard to get used to the clubร‚ยดs looks. I just found a replacement for my Cleveland`s CG10s

  27. I have had a F2 gap wedge for about 3 years. From 100 yds out and it the rough, it is spot on. I have a few issues with it on tight lies, but overall it is a good club. I agree with the review that it is a speciality club, but I have replaced my gap wedge with it, and do not regret it.

  28. Hey, I just recently developed a BAD case of the shanks, so I purchased a used set of the F2 irons, with 56* and 60* wedges from Ebay… I am confident they will help. The reason for this post is that I wanted some feedback… I ahve had trouble for some long time hitting the pill close to the heel… I believe that my shanks came from playing with prescription sunglasses, and I have a heavy correction, being VERY nearsighted… I recently noticed that when I look down at the ball with my glasses on, and then slide my glasses up to still look at the ball, IT MOVES ALMOST 1.5 INCHES CLOSER TO ME!!! Please post if this may be the source of my shanks! No wonder they go off the heel or the hosel! Shanks can destroy the enjoyment of the game, yes? So I am hoping the F2 irons/wedges really help. and also an going to try contact lenses to try to eliminate the distortion that I think may be screwing up my game. Swinging the club to try to miss the ball to the inside is crazy, but that is what I now have to do to make clean contact… Comments?

  29. I am a 10 handicap golfer 58 years old. Actually these clubs are a huge help around the green. I purchased the clone heads and put them together with steel shafts I had on some clubs I haven’t used a long time. Each club cost me a total of $12. What a investment. They work just like the F2’s and look like a twin. These clubs didn’t take long to get used to the face forward. I can’t seem to miss with these clubs. There is no thought process to figure out how to hit time. Just swing and let the club do the work. GREAT TECHNOLOGY. Where are the NIKE’s MACGREGORS, COBRAS. They all missed the boat. My handicap will more than likely drop to a 7 because of these clubs. email me if you want more info golf1richard@yahoo.com

  30. Got the set of F2 irons and wedges with S graphite (irons) and steel (wedges). Absolutely stinko, all of them. Realized that you have to fix your swing flaws, not buy a goofy design to mask them. I am back to my favorite X-14 Pro series and Vokey Spin milled wedges. The wedges seemed to have the leading edge sticking out 1/2″ from the hosel, towards the ball… how do you hit such a thing? Chunk-O-rama! And the irons felt harsh, no bang off the faces, short a whole club… And they do NOT cure the shanks, you still hit towards the heel you still have a really bad shot. The X-14’s are more forgiving on heel shots, and sets like the RAC ht irons and the Slingshots are FAR more forgiving, as are the nice Ping G5’s. Save the dough and take a few lessons is my advice, applicable to me too! Hit ’em well, guys!

  31. JJ. I agree with you. Extremely bad swings like yours, nothing would help. Give up the game and you will never shank or chunk again. F2’s will help 99% of those that use them You are the 1% it can’t help. :mrgreen:

  32. hey, Little Richard (and you know what’s little)… Not supposed to get personal here, Jaggoff… I happen to shoot in the 70’s, not great but decent, so get stuffed. Just giving an honest review here… maybe if you really stink, (like you) these will help… say if you hit an 8 iron 110. Otherwise, they suck and so does your mom. You a F2 employee or something?

  33. Purchased the 4-pw with a 56 deg Wedge. Have managed to keep below the century for all of the stroke rounds so far-Only managed to break a 100 once in two years on medal rounds.
    Need to play a few more games to break in new set-So far I am very pleased with short game
    Have not had to use the wedge too often as have managed to avoid most of the sand traps But happy with getting out for only one stroke makes hell of a difference at the end of the day

  34. Honest Review: These irons will stop the shanks. I am an “ok” golfer who usually shoots in upper 70’s and 80’s but in the last 3 years have developed an occasional shank that shattered my confidence. I have always hit towards the heel and preferred forged irons that have a sweet spot closer to the shaft. However with my lack of playing it went too close to the heel and caused shanking. These irons fixed that since you can’t shank them. However they feel “harsh” especially compared to soft forgings. Also I found them very unforgiving with a negative bounce. I found myself no longer worrying about hitting the heel but my sweeping motion of a swing made me chunk them more than usual. Also they seem to have a very heavy swingweight around D4-D6 which is much heavier than all other brands which average D1-2. These irons did help me “cure” my problem of shanking though. With these irons I figured out what my swing error was causing the shanks by accident by trying to figure out the best way to swing these sharp bladed shovels. I have since switched back to my forged Mizunos and haven’t shanked since. Overall I would buy again since they restored my confidence and helped me fix my swing. I wouldn’t use them otherwise based on the negative aspects unless you have a steeper planed swing and hit hard down on the ball and use a balata or soft urethane covered ball.

  35. I have been using these clubs for 6 years…even have a 9 iron from F2. As a 13 Hand. I just love the funtionailty of this club. If it works (regardless of looks) get it!!!
    I just tried some of the New King S2 Max,Diablo’s,etc.STILL the F2 will not shank. It just performs easier than all others.
    The main reason folks use what they see on the Golf Channel is just that-even thought it might not be the best thing for them. As a designer I can tell you -just get one and go to the range. From 100 in- there is no contest.

  36. Theses clubs have made it fun to play golf again F2s I shank the hell out of all the other irons these clubs I don’t…… I’m not a paid advertiser email me I’ll tell you exactly how it is w these clubs they are great for hackers like me in 5 years I have shanked it a total of 5 times its because I was trying to shank it I will never play any other clubs but F2s irons if you have questions call me at 501 425-0239 I’ll will be glad to talk to you no $ involved I’m doing it for free I paid for them

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