Titleist 909D2/909D3 Driver Review

Titleist gets back in the driver’s seat with the 909 series. And yes, that pun was totally intended.

Titleist 909D2It seems to me that Titleist’s 909 drivers are the most eagerly awaited Titleist drivers since perhaps… well… in a long time. The retailers I’ve talked with are reporting good sales numbers, and PGA Tour adoption was awfully quick, with the majority of staff players switching before the first ball was struck in 2009. On a personal level, the number of emails, PMs, and IMs I’ve gotten from people anxious to read this review has been off the charts – and the 909H and 909F3 reviews only seemed to wet their whistles.

Titleist is the first to admit that the 907D1 and 907D2 – two drivers with near identical launch conditions but different looks and different MOI characteristics – were perhaps not the best pair of drivers for fitting a wide range of golfers. They’ve corrected that “one set of launch conditions” error with 909, offering three models: the composite-crowned (a first for Titleist!) 909D Comp, the “tweener” 909D2, and a low-launch, low-spin, 440cc 909D3.

Don’t get me wrong – the 907 was a great driver if you were the type of player that fit its launch conditions. I was able to, and switched to 907D2 after playing an r7 425 and an FT-3, and the 907 worked beautifully for me.

Now that I’ve had a chance to test both the 909D2 and 909D3, I’m ready to share my thoughts. Click through for the rest.

Design and Technology
As I mentioned, Titleist will admit the 907D1 and D2 were not the strongest pair of clubs they could have offered. With one set of launch conditions, several of Titleist’s PGA Tour staff saw no reason to abandon their trusty 905R in favor of either 907.

With the three 909 driver models, Titleist is back in the game again. Between 909D Comp, 909D2, and 909D3, Titleist will be able to properly fit an incredibly wide variety of players. Of course, these clubs are still targeted at the “serious” or “aspiring” golfer. If you want the most forgiveness you can get, Acushnet is happy to take your money – you’ll just be buying a Cobra driver instead.

Titleist 909 Driver Launch Chart
Titleist Driver Launch Conditions: Note that these numbers are generalizations with data from one swing type, as in “In general, 909D2 launches about half a degree lower than 909D Comp.” They’re not exact figures and they’ll vary depending on the type of ball you play, your swing speed, your angle of attack, etc. Don’t “fit yourself” by looking at this chart – visit a Titleist certified fitter with a SureFit cart.

This chart does a nice job of summarizing the issue. 907D2 (and D1) had nearly identical launch conditions as 905R, but the 909 models evenly space themselves out across a fairly wide range.

Golfers also have different preferences in terms of ball flight, trajectory, and playability, and demand more than just distance – a list that includes appearance, feel, sound, accuracy, quality, and consistency.

Each of the 909 drivers offers distinct performance characteristics with a precisely positioned CG that should fit everyone from the Tour player up to the “aspiring” 10-15 handicapper. All three models feature a lower crown and profile, which moves the CG a bit further back and down, reducing spin and increasing MOI.

Additionally, the drivers have a number of other features in common:

  • Optimal CG location low and deep in the clubhead.
  • A milled 6-4 formed titanium face insert that features variable thickness, including a thicker trapezoidal shape near the center surrounded by thinner material to maximize ball speed across the face.
  • An integral Titanium blind bore hosel – gone is the bore-through design found on the 905 and 907 drivers. This saves internal weight, provides a solid feel, and allows for more shaft options.
  • Shaped sole design with the primary tasks of tuning the acoustics and reducing vibration. Each model has a different “trim” color on the sole as well.
  • Modern shapes with Tour-approved profiles – gone is the “triangle” found in the 907D1.

SureFit SwingWeight PlugsThe 909D2 is a 460cc titanium driver with a full pear profile and mid launch characteristics with low to mid spin. MOI is 4800, allowing for a little more workability than the 909D Comp, and the face is shallower than the 909D Comp or D3, providing launch confidence and a preferred setup appearance for some.

That contrasts with the 909D3, the smallest of the 909s at 440cc. D3 is a titanium driver with a deep face, a classic pear profile, and mid launch, low spin launch characteristics and an MOI of 4600. Many will recognize that this model is an extension of the cult hit 907D4 model that was never released to the public.

Titleist has stated that they expect about half of their PGA Tour staff and player base to be best fit with 909D2, with the remaining half split between D Comp and D3. For more technical information, check out Titleist’s pages for 909D Comp, 909D2, and 909D3.

If you don’t care about a club’s esthetics, you’re probably not a Titleist player. Or perhaps you’re just not one yet… Titleist puts an incredibly generous amount of time into fine-tuning a club’s appearance. Titleist not only cares about the aspects of a club’s look that modify certain performance characteristics, but those that don’t as well because they realize they can affect the golfer’s performance via his comfort and confidence.

Titleist 909D2 Driver Sole
I didn’t like the shiny silver sole on the fairway metal or hybrid, but it fits the driver nicely.

From bottom to top, the first thing many will notice is the new sole treatment given to the entire 909 line. Shiny! Though I disliked the sole design on the 909H and 909F3, it strikes me as far more appropriate on the driver. It conveys “power” a bit more than 907’s brushed finish, and I think the fact that the driver is used almost exclusively to hit a ball that’s teed up has a lot to do with it for me. Silly reason, I know… but the sole just doesn’t bug me on the driver. I’d even go so far as to say I like it.

The hitting area retains roughly the same look as that found on 907 – white grooves with a trapezoidal, grooveless sweet spot. However, they’re not identical: 909D2 and D3 widen and reverse the trapezoid while 909D Comp’s face looks almost identical to 907.

Titleist 909 Driver Lineup
The D Comp, D2, and D3 (from L to R). Notice how much more compact the D3 looks with 20cc less.

The crown, as with the hybrid and fairway metals, is given the old “fleckled” look that’s sure to please Titleist loyalists. As I mentioned in the other reviews, the look is still very dark grey, but the fleckling helps to break up reflections and reduce glare over the solid, shiny crown on 907. The crown is finished off by the “triangle and bar” graphic we’ve become accustomed to on Titleist equipment.

The shape at address is a bit rounder with 909D2, perhaps due to the extra 20cc over 909D3, which appears to me to be the most “pear” shaped of the bunch. The face depth, crown treatment, sweet spot marker… it all combines to inspire confidence. It’s subtle, understated, and attractive.

While the 909D2 looks quite a bit like 907D2 at address (paint treatment aside), the 909D3 has the killer looks in my book. The D3 is again 20cc smaller, and the difference is subtle, but noticeable if you look for it or set the two models side by side. By now, we’ve all adjusted to looking at titanium balloons on sticks, but it was very easy to like the looks of the smaller 909D3 over the D2, and to like both of those more than many of the other “we want to look really large” drivers out there.

909D2 Address
The Titleist 909D2 at address. Note that this is the “round” profile. 909D3 has a pear profile.

Initially, I chose to test a 909D2 with 9.5° of loft and the stock Aldila Voodoo shaft in a stiff flex. I made the mistake of “fitting myself” by looking at specs. My second driver was a 909D3 with the same loft and a UST ProForce v2 76 shaft (also stiff).

If you’ve read the 909H and 909F3 reviews, you shouldn’t be surprised that I found the D2/Voodoo combo to exhibit the same characteristics I found with those clubs. Namely, ball flight was a bit higher than I liked with limited ability to lower it (at least, not without adding too much spin) and the ball tended to stay left a little more than I like.

Titleist 909D2 Face

As with the hybrid and fairway metal, the higher ball flight wasn’t accompanied by a loss of distance per se (though I rarely got more than a yard of roll rather than my usual 5-10 yards). Drives with the D2/Voodoo floated and remained airborne for quite awhile. I just don’t like how the higher ball flight looked. It didn’t help that when I’d play my normal 10- to 15-yard fade, the ball would often simply hang on the left edge of the fairway or into the rough.

I’d been playing the UST ProForce v2 76 in my 907, so I tried the 909D3 with that shaft next, and it snapped the issues I had with the D2/Voodoo right back into “perfect” range.

Titleist 909 Driver Lineup
Early prototypes of the 909D Comp, 909D2, and 909D3 from left to right.

I’ve always struggled with getting a bit too steep on my driver, and over the past few years I’ve had trouble hitting a draw partly because I was playing the ball further forward than I might prefer in an effort to reduce backspin.

As I alternated between the 907D2 and the 909D2 and D3, I realized that the D3 gave me the ability to move the ball back in my stance just a bit (inside the left heel instead of even with it) and still keep the ball from ballooning.

That’s largely because the 907D2 asked me to make a small compromise: I could launch the ball a teeny bit higher than I wanted, but with the right amount of spin, or I could hit the ball on the trajectory I wanted but with a bit too much backspin. The better compromise was to play the ball up and to reduce spin.

Titleist 909D2 Toe
This shows a bit of the “fleckled” look. It’s quite an attractive finish, and I’m glad it’s back.

The 909D3 eliminates the need for compromise in my golf swing. Ball flight and spin are well within the zone for my swing speed (~108 MPH). The ball comes off on a lower, flatter, more boring trajectory. I can hit the ball lower (in wind, on firmer turf) if I want, and I haven’t lost the “carry the trees on the corner at the 10th hole at Lake View” shot, either (high ballflight).

Several holes at my the courses I normally play require a draw off the tee. In hindsight, I think having to play the ball a bit more forward with 907D2 inhibited my ability to hit a reliable draw with that club, and I tended to pull 3W on those holes. The 909D3 eases the requirements for me to hit a draw. It’s still not my preferred shot, and I probably still can’t pull it off really well more than about seven times out of ten, but that’s an improvement from four or five of ten.

Titleist 909 Driver Lineup Faces
The D Comp, D2, and D3 (L to R). Notice the deeper face on D2/D3 and the wider face on D Comp.

Forgiveness? Even with the smaller (440cc) head, the 909D3 performed admirably. I’d compare their forgiveness to be nearly the equal of 907 in practice. I don’t mis-hit the ball towards the toe or heel very much, but the few times I did the 13″ bulge brought my ball back to the target with minimal distance loss. Likewise for my more common miss – shots low or high on the clubface – and the club’s 11″ of roll.

Though the 909H and 909F3 seem to have gotten a higher pitched, more metallic sound than previous generation models, the drivers haven’t changed appreciably. That’s a good thing, as Titleist drivers have always sounded quite good to me, with the right pitch and volume. The drivers may not scream “POWER!” like some others (if that’s what you take some of the more obnoxious drivers to say), but they’ll relay “solid” every time you catch one near the center of the clubface.

Voodoo Shaft
The stock Aldila Voodoo wasn’t a perfect fit for me. You should always get fit for new equipment!

A note about fitting: Though I thought that perhaps I might fit into a 909D2 based on my guesses and two years of experience with my 907 head and shaft, the fact that I was better suited to a 909D3 was yet another underline on the fact that you’re doing yourself a dis-service if you “fit yourself” by reading off a spec sheet. Get to a demo day or visit a certified club fitter and try out a bunch of driver head and shaft combinations to find the best fit for you.

Specs and Extras
The 909 drivers will be available to righties and lefties in 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 degree models. Righties also get an 11.5° model. The lie angle is 58° (D2/D3) or 59° (D Comp), and the face is 0.5° open.

Stock shafts for the 909D2 and D3 are the Aldila Voodoo (69g, 3.3° torque, med-stiff tip, mid-high flex point, medium trajectory) and the Diamana Blue 65 (65g, 4.3° torque, medium tip, mid flex point, medium trajectory), while the 909D Comp gets the Matrix Ozik XCon-5 (62g, 4.9° torque, medium-soft tip, mid-low flex point, med-high trajectory) and the XCon-6 (65g, 4.1° torque, stiff tip, med-high flex point, medium trajectory).

Sole highlights are red on D Comp, Silver on D2, and black on D3. D2 and D3 have an MAP of $399, while D Comp is $499.

909 Headcover
A magnetic closure headcover from Titleist: yippee! Seriously, though, it’s a welcome feature.

The 909 drivers all ship with the headcover you see here. Titleist has gone away from the zippered all-cloth headcover found on 907. The 909 headcover uses a magnetic enclosure (which lessens covering and uncovering time, and can’t break) and added some more materials. The result is a dark, moderately menacing headcover with a beefy look that weighs about a quarter of a pound more than the 907 headcover.

Like I said at the top, I was one of the players that fit within the 907D2’s launch conditions, and my 907D2 replaced two drivers (the r7 425 and FT-3) that I had previously adored quite a bit.

I had perhaps my best driving years with the 907D2, and that looks to continue to improve with the 909D3. There’s almost nothing I dislike about this club: it looks good, it sounds good, it lets me work the ball in every direction, it’s forgiving in just the right amount, and it’s long.

If you’re a Titleist guy, you should be able to find a 909 driver model you adore as well. If you’re not a Titleist guy, well, you may very well soon be.

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47 thoughts on “Titleist 909D2/909D3 Driver Review”

  1. Great review as usual.

    I went to get fit a few weeks ago but I hit that bad that the fitter couldn’t really suggest the right specs with any confidence…you’re spot on though, different shaft/head combo could REALLY make a difference!! ๐Ÿ™

    I’m in the UK and our pro’s are still waiting for their carts to arrive. It has been delayed on a number of occassions and I’m finding hard to keep patient!!!! Come on Titleist!

    p.s. I’ve recently tried an R9 and IMO it’s not a patch on either the D2 or D3 that i’ve tried.

  2. Thanks for another excellent review – the time and effort that goes into them is greatly appreciated.

    I purchased a 907D2 driver last year after coming across the sand trap review by accident and absolutely love it. It has been confusing to read so much negative press recently based mainly on the lack of pro takeup and sad to see the denigration of the 907 used as a marketing tool to boost 909 sales. Thanks for some balance on that.

    Your review leaves me with a couple of questions however. How would the 909D2 & D3 compare with the same shaft (will you be doing any further testing)? and did you test the 909 off the deck? (which is possible for ‘aspiring’ golfers using the 907D2).

  3. Thanks for some balance on that.

    You’re welcome. 907D2 is a great driver if you fit the launch parameters.

    How would the 909D2 & D3 compare with the same shaft (will you be doing any further testing)?

    No, I won’t. That’s where you can fall back on the chart provided, for the most part: D2 will launch a bit higher and spin a bit more than D3. For the bulk of golfers, D2 is probably the target market.

    and did you test the 909 off the deck?

    I hit a bunch of balls on a range off the deck but the opportunity to do so in play never occurred. D2 is about as easy as 907D2 to get off the deck, but with D3 the lower launch and reduced spin really require a good amount of clubhead speed and perhaps even a bit more of a cut swing (to help add loft) to get airborne.

    I don’t include “hitting driver off the deck” in my reviews because, well, for some it comes off as bragging or something. Additionally, it’s not a shot you see very often these days. Into a stiff breeze with a lot of open space it can be pretty useful, but beyond that…

  4. Great review and will check them out down here in Australia.
    I have the MP 600 after an r7 425TP, should be an interesting comparison.

    Cheers and keep up the great work.

  5. Again I must say Titleist is it for me I play the 909D2 stock voodoo9.5,909F2 13.5 stock voodoo,and the 909H 17DEG stock voodoo these clubs will give you that game improvement you may be looking for(more fairway’s and green’s all day)GET FIT FOR SURE! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I get that all the 909 series drivers are .5 degrees open. I main reason I switched from ribbed grips to round is that I can open/close club faces whilst still having the same grip feeling. In order to square up the driver, is it a matter of just twisting the club by .5 degree closed? Does that affect to loft of the club, ie reduce the loft by .25/.5? Also, the alignment marker on the crown, I take it that it is square to the driver face.


  7. Just ordered the 909D3 with a Matrix Ozik X-Con6 shaft. Can’t wait to get it in and try it out on the course. Range session and fitting was good with it, so we’ll see…

  8. I Just played my first round with my new 909D3. Amazing. It took me a long time to find a driver that fit me. My swing speed is 116-120 mph so I really was looking for the characteristics that Titleist advertised (low spin, launch, etc).

    Not only is the club all that I though it would be as far as performance goes, but I immediately felt comfortable knowing that this driver would do what I told it to do, and not putting a limit on my game. It is not as hard to hit as people have told me including the guy at the store who tried to fit me with the new R9.

    My previous driver was the Callaway ft-5. I am not looking back at all after bombing multiple 340 yd drives today. Every bit as long as the ft-5, only with better looks, sound and feel.

    This is the only driver that I will ever play :mrgreen:

  9. Erik

    Are you going to put the 909D3 with V2 UST shaft into play or stick with the 907D2??

    I have tried the 907D2 with the V2 shaft and loved it and am tempted to buy one secondhand. They are cheap on ebay at the moment

  10. I have put in 4 rounds and hit quite a few range balls with my new 909 D3 with the voovoo shaft, and I’m very pleased. I previously played the Cleavland Hi-bore XL. I can’t say that I’m any longer, but my ball flight is better and its easier to work the ball. It also just sets up better to me.

  11. Are you going to put the 909D3 with V2 UST shaft into play or stick with the 907D2??

    The 909D3 suits me a bit more. It’s not a huge difference – I was 95% happy with the 907D2, after all – but it’s enough that I notice and appreciate it.

  12. I have the 909DComp and i love it!
    It’s so forgiving.. the only reason why i would get a slice is because im fixing my horrible strong grip. I’m a small 5’3″ 14 year old (yes i’m quite short) and i dont have a very fast ss. I can hit it 220-235 yards by carry.

  13. Another great review, thank you.

    Question about the photo looking at the 3 club faces. The one on the left doesn’t look like the DComp’s face.

    The white dots on the face are in between the lines, not next to them. Notice how the dots on the D2 and D3 face are between the lines, not next to them. That’s how the Dcomp face should look like as well.

    Here’s Titleist website:


  14. Notice how the dots on the D2 and D3 face are between the lines, not next to them. That’s how the Dcomp face should look like as well.

    They were prototype clubheads. Nearly final, but not 100% there. The photos were from my sneak peek (and were taken in June).

  15. Well I hit several drivers at demo days throughout the spring and bought the 909D2, 9.5ร‹ลก with a stiff Voodoo shaft last week. I was very impressed with the feel of the driver (I had bought a Titleist 3 wood and Hybrid about a month a half ago for the same reason) and the ball flight I was getting, not to mention the distance. I have only played two rounds with it so far, but is just gives me a lot of confidence off the tee. Thanks for the review as it helped me in some of the decision making process too.

  16. Are they going to make new drivers next year or stick with the 909 series for another year ? Want to buy a d3 but will wait For the price to come down when the new stuff comes out

  17. I jumped into the Titleist fold earlier this year. I’ve been playing a HiBore XLS with the gold shaft in x-stiff, but would get into pulling the ball, probably because of the closed face (or my swing ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I was always scared to play a Titleist, because I always hear they are players clubs. I’m a 9 handicap with a SS of around 115 mph. I tried this and was amazed. I went to a fitter and spent a lot of time on the launch monitor before settling on the D3 with the Titleist Voodoo in X-stiff. I love the sound and set-up. You would understand the huge difference for me if you’ve played a HiBore XLS. I’ve been playing great with it, but have had some bad luck. The shaft broke in between the hosel and ferrule twice on me now. My local shop talked to the Titleist rep and they are going to make a new one rather than repair this one. He’s thinking I have very bad luck or possibly there’s a small burr or imperfection in the hossel. We will see. Regarding performance, it’s as long and as accurate as anything I’ve ever played. If it snaps again I’m going to look at the Ping Rapture V2 with the NV Proto shaft, but I’m hoping this was a fluke.

  18. Great reviews! But I do not know what 909 fits me the best, my furthest drives are the ones that come off lower like the 909 d3, but the extra forgiveness with the d comp attracts me. I agree that the d3 has indeed the “killer looks.” I am a 12 handicap and i was wondering if you thought that that would be good enough for a 909 d3, or should i go with the more forgiving bulkier d comp? Is there really a big difference in forgiveness between the d comp and d3? Because, if the d comp is a lot more forgiving, I would want it, but if the d comp is not much more forgiving, than i would want the d3

  19. What does the torque of a shaft mean? What are the pros/cons of having a higher or less torque shaft?

  20. Awesome reviews! But what is the difference in the diamana blue 65 and aldila voodoo 67? Which one would offer more control, difference in lauch conditions, etc. I would appreciate it a ton if you told me everything comparing these two shafts ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hey erik, great reviews on d2 and d3, but what about the d comp? If you got a chance to hit it, how did it perform in terms of feel, forgiveness, etc?

  22. Erik,

    Are you still playing the d3? It still out performs the 907d2? I prefer the 905r based on what seems to be a draw bias for my natural swing. With the 905r I don’t have to force the release to draw the ball, but I agree it does balloon in the wind at times. No problem drawing the d3?

  23. Hey erik, great reviews on d2 and d3, but what about the d comp? If you got a chance to hit it, how did it perform in terms of feel, forgiveness, etc?

    I did, here. I liked it – the head size was a confidence booster and the sound wasn’t a hollow thud like a lot of composite drivers. It launches the ball higher and with a bit more spin, which I don’t need, though, so I never considered it seriously.

    A few guys I know really like it though. They’re lower launching hitters already, so it works really well for them. Just watch that the spin doesn’t get too high.

    Are you still playing the d3? It still out performs the 907d2?

    For me, yes. The reduction in backspin alone is more than enough for me to keep it, and I still like the looks and feel.

    No problem drawing the d3?

    No problem at all, no. In fact, that’s now my preferred shape off the tee!

  24. All

    I have just put a 909D3 8.5 deg with a pured Matrix Ozik code 7 shaft (a custom job from the tour van for a tour pro) into play and it is without a doubt the most solid and longest driver I have ever hit. The low launch, spin and roll out are unbelievable. I have been rotating a 905R with Speeder 757 and 907D2 with UST V2 for several years, but this is in a different league.

    I am a good player, but not anywhere near a por’s std, but the tools they get from the tour van are second to none.
    With the proper shaft any Titleist driver is superior to almost anything out there

    R9….yawn…what a load of marketing hype

  25. Hey erik, im interested in buying the d comp but it is really expensive so do you happen to know of any websites that you can get a great deal on the d comp? If there isnt a really good deal, then should i consider getting the 907 d1? Is there really a difference between the 909 and 907 besides looks and sound? Thanks erik, you are the best when it comes to giving us reviews! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. hey erik, I have a couple of questions I would like if you answered. You now have a d3 rather than the 907 d2. Is the feel of the d3 any better than the d2? Is the length of the d3 any longer than the 907 d2? Elaborate on why you got the d3 and did not keep the 907 d2. Thanks erik for all your work with your reviews, you are the best!

  27. hey erik, I have a couple of questions I would like if you answered.

    I believe I answered your questions in the review. The 909D3 is an all-around better driver for me than 907D2, and would be even if the only factor by which it had improved was a decrease in spin.

  28. I am reluctant to switch from my trusty 905R (UST Proforce 65 Stiff), is the 909D2 comparable? From your excellent review it seems as though it is. Please alleviate or confirm my suspicion.

  29. I can’t really alleviate your concerns, Eric – the 905R always spun a bit too much for me. I liked the 905S back in those days. Hit the 909 at a demo day or something and see how you like it.

  30. I know that the d comp did not fit your recommended launch conditions and spin rate, etc. But you have hit the d comp and d1 (Which both i am interested in getting), if you did fit the d comp launch conditions, etc. would you say that the d comp is better or not that much better than the d1? I would appreciate it if you commented, even though you probably hate these kinda questions!!!!

  31. So erik, with the d2 having 4800 moi and the d3 having 4600 moi, was there a big difference in forgiveness between these two models when you would not hit in the sweet spot? Thank you for all the time you put in these reviews, best to luck to you and your golf game!

  32. So erik, with the d2 having 4800 moi and the d3 having 4600 moi, was there a big difference in forgiveness between these two models when you would not hit in the sweet spot?

    Big difference? No. Noticeable difference? I don’t know. I think 200 MOI is probably a yard of left-to-right “correction.” Maybe less.

  33. Hi erik, I love all of the Titleist clubs ranging from the old 980F fairway woods up to the modern 909 range. I had a 905R and used that for about two or three years but when the 909 range came out i decided to purchase the 909D3 9.5 Voodoo Stiff.

    I love or loved the club but the shaft snapped after about a month of usage when i was playing my normal round. I got it sent back to Titleist and when i got it back it had a rattle noise in the head where some glue was loose so Titleist ended up giving me a brand new driver. I collected it and went out with it the same day i had got it but after the 7th hit of it the shaft snapped again!

    I was just curious to see if any other customers had had such problems or whether it was just my bad luck. I’m now unsure as to whether I should get another Titleist but there are no other drivers on the market that suit me better.

    I play off of 2 and just like the small conventional head of the D3 and the way it can shape the ball.

  34. Erik,

    Thanks for the well written review – it provided a solid foundation as I narrowed down down potential driver candidates.

    I just picked up an 8.5* 909 D3 after hitting about 7 different drivers with varying shaft combinations.

    What impressed me most about the head/loft combo on the D3 was the boring trajectory it produces for those of us who tend to hit with high launch – high spin (I blame 20 years of hockey for it). On average, the other drivers I hit were 400ish rpm higher, even with similar lofts.

    It was also interesting to find, in a good way, that for me the VooDoo stock shaft performed as well as the after-market shafts I hit – including the prolaunch red and v2.

    As always, this driver search proved the importance of getting fit properly – thx for constantly emphasizing that.

  35. Brilliant, simply brilliant. just got the D2 today and it is every bit as good as promised. was recently playing with my dads 07 burner reg flex. even with the open face angle on the d2 , i manage to hit longer absolutely straight drives that leave my playing partners wondering if i’m cheating. Simply awesome 200/100. Cannot stop grinning. :XD

  36. Absolutely love your website and refer to it often for the very detailed and honest reviews. I was hitting a 907 D2 10.5 degree with a UST ProForce V2 76 stiff shaft. I had never been as accurate and long, (which was unexpected), as I was with the 907 D2. I sold it and went with a 909 D3 8.5 degree with Axiv Core black series. Hit that too low. I have tried the 909 D2 with the VooDoo and really don’t care for the feel. I tried a 909 D3 9.5 degree demo with the VooDoo and the flight was good. However; still don’t like the VooDoo all that much. Can you tell me the difference in performance, (if any), between the UST ProForce V2 76 stiff shaft in the 907 D2 and the 909 D3? I am thinking of ordering a 9.5 degree 909 D3 with the UST ProForce V2 76 stiff shaft but was concerned the shaft may not work the same since the 907 is bore through and the 909 is a blind bore. Thanks!

  37. I spent 2 hours on the range with club fitter from my club. I tend to put a lot of spin on my drives, the fall out of the sky like bird that’s been shot. We tried different shaft combo for Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping & Titleist. It was close between the R9 and D2 and then I asked to try the D3. He handed me a D3 with an upgraded shaft, Aldila DVS 60-S stiff, and the difference was amazing. My flight was a little lower but instead of dropping from the sky it seemed to fall forward.

    I played the next day with this demo 909D3 and even though it was cold and windy I could tell I was hitting it much better than my Ping Rapture. I ordered it Saturday night off line and can’t wait to get it!

    Great site!

  38. Im 5’5 110 lbs and hit the ball very high about 260-265 carry. I hit a tour burner 8.5 with an aldila nvs 60-x pretty well. I am about to switch to the 909 d3 with the proforce axivcore red 69s. the question is: what loft 9.5 or 8.5. I know it is a low launching low spinning driver but im not sure which loft. my swingspeed is 105-110

  39. Great review! Thanks a lot for your in depth analysis of the new Titleist D series drivers. I hit the Titleist 909D2 and 909D3 driver today as well as the Taylor Made R9 and R9 460 driver and it was a hard decision. Both performed very similar but I think I’m going to choose the Titleist 909D3 because of it’s better sound, ability to work the ball more, and design that seems to fit a ‘player’ more. I don’t care about all those crazy customization options that Taylor gives you such as loft, angle, etc. adjustment. I think if you have to make all those adjustments on your club you either don’t know how to change your swing to the hole or you hook or slice like a maniac and are seeking a club fix instead of fixing your swing haha. Again thanks for the awesome review- it helped to re-confirm my thoughts on the club and make my purchase decision much easier.

  40. What determines which weight is installed into the bottom of the club? The website shows 3 different weights, which I assume will impact launch conditions. Are these user changable?
    I’ve just ordered a 909D2 with the new Mitsubishi Fubuki alpha and cant wait to get it!

  41. Hey, I just got my 909D3 and I have to say its awesome, the feeling, sound, trayectory, everythings is great in this club, the shaft is the Aldila Voodoo 72 grams (stiff) and well, my last driver was a Callaway FTI-Tour with a Fujikura Speeder 686. The difference here is the feeling, sound and stock shaft, with the 686 i couldn’t release all the power, and with this 909 D3, its way different, the balls flight is beautifull and even with the wind against me, the ball keept in the same launch angle, do you know why this is?

  42. HI Erik, great review. A year on how are you finding the D3? Is it still in the bag?
    I too like you fit the 907D2 with V2 shaft. Unfortunately for me I havn’t found the right combination of the 909. Tried the D3 with stock Voodoo, and although the odd shot (ball flight / distance) was great my dispersion against the 907D2 was way off. From the Optifit cart then went to a 909D2 with the V2 shaft… and again while I get the odd good shot, more misses are much worse than the 907D2. I fear the non bore through don’t play as stiff. When I put the 907D2 and 909D2 side by side I notice all the markings on the shaft are about an inch higher (towards the grip) on the 909… Could this mean the shaft needs to be tip stiffened, which could then help my dispersion? Appreciate your thoughts.

  43. I just got the 909 Dcomp with the Matrix Xcon 6 shaft. I’ve already logged 5 rounds with this driver and I’ve gained about 20 yards off of my R7 TP with the Fuji 757 speeder shaft. It’s definitely a lot straighter, yet I can still work the ball flight without too much trouble. In my opinion I’ve also hit the Voodoo shaft, but I’m not much of a fan of it. If your looking for a lower forward ball flight then the Voodoo’s for you, but if your more of a tempo player with swing speeds in the high 90’s low 100’s then the Matrix shaft is a great choice. I liked the Dcomp over the D2 and the D3 due to the fact that I like a shallower face.

  44. I am not a big guy only aboput 120 lbs. but i carry the ball 270-275. I hit the 909 d3 8.5 with a voodoo shaft and was averaging 280 off the tee. I will put an axivcore red 69 x. Should give me a few extra yards and alot more control. Absolutley the best driver any company has ever and will ever come out with

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