Volume Eighty-Seven

This week we review the Accenture Match Play, Cancun, eBay and a Wikipedia entry worthy of a lawsuit.

Henrick Stenson and Geoff Ogilvy battled it out for match play supremacy over the weekend. I’m betting NBC wasn’t too happy with that lineup.

This week we have a recap of the Accenture Match Play, the PGA Tour in Cancun, a chance to own one of “Tiger’s putters” and Fuzzy Zoeller shoots one across the bow of Wikipedia.

Hole 1: Sensational Swede
Henrick Stenson outlasted Geoff Ogilvy to win the World Golf Championship-Accenture Match Play Championship. Might he be on his way to being the best European Player on the PGA Tour? [Link]

Hole 2: Funkadelic
Fred Funk survived a two-hole playoff to capture the Mayakoba Golf Classic. This in addition to his Champions Tour victory of a few weeks ago. Not sure if he will put the skirt back on and give it a go on the ladies tour to make a trifecta. [Link]

Hole 3: A Star is Born
Congratulations to Stacy Prammanasudh, winner of the LPGA’s Fields Open. With this victory and six top ten finishes last year, Stacy could be one of the LPGA’s newest stars. [Link]

Hole 4: Dead Streak
Thank goodness we don’t have to listen to talk about Tiger’s victory streak anymore. Of course, I’m just itching to hear about Tiger’s “consecutive stroke-play victories on the PGA Tour” streak… NOT! [Link]

Hole 5: Gumbel’s Folly
Bryant Gumbel seems to think Tiger should start his own tour. Jim Gorant thinks Gumbel can’t add. [Link]

Hole 6: Young Guns
Golf’s younger crowd is starting to live up to their billing. Can they challenge Tiger? Ah, no. [Link]

Hole 7: Chump Change
Hurry up and get your bid in on one of “Tiger’s Putters.” [Link]

Hole 8: Fuzzy’s Suit
Fuzzy Zoeller isn’t too happy with his entry in Wikipedia so he does what any good American would do. He files a lawsuit. [Link]

Hole 9: The Beauty of Golf
This site is dedicated to the beauty of golf. Be sure to wipe up your drool. [Link]

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