Velocity Wipes Review

Velocity Wipes are a product intended to make cleaning golf clubs simple and convenient. I found that they delivered on their promise in almost every category.

Velocity Wipes HeroThere are a plethora of accessories available to make you golf life easier. Some meet expectations and some don’t. Velocity Wipes are an item intended to make cleaning golf clubs easier.

Somebody was going to come up with a product like this sooner or later. Velocity Wipes fills a niche: an easy to use golf club cleaning product. While they can’t do anything for bag chatter or dings, let’s see if they do a good job of cleaning post-round grit and grime or if they’re just a glorified wet-nap.

Basic Construction
Each wipe is approximately 9 x 13 inches unfolded. They come out of the dispenser folded once, just like a baby’s diaper towelettes. The wipes look somewhat like a blue paper towel, but are made of a more fabric-like material and are much more durable than all but the strongest of paper towels.

Velocity Wipes contain a mixture of mineral seal oil, tall oil fatty acid, triethanolamine, and water. I don’t know what that means but I do know that it shines up a club well.

Velocity Wipes are quite durable. One wipe will hold up and easily clean an entire set of clubs. You won’t have to worry about them tearing or shredding during use because you really have to want to cause some damage for the Wipes to fall apart. You can scrub away all you want, and the Velocity Wipe will stay strong.

Like cleaning your car, you’ll want to start with areas that are the least grimy. You wouldn’t clean your wheels and immediately scrub on the hood with the same towel. Start with your putter and move down through driver, fairway-woods, hybrids, irons, and finally wedges. That way you’ll avoid scratching your driver crown or much loved putter with “wedge grit.”

Velocity Wipes Before
Here are the golf clubs prior to cleaning. I’ve got a pitching wedge and a 6-iron here, and each has a little packed in dirt as well as some scuff marks from range balls.

Having used the Velocity Wipes several times I can say that do a great job of both cleaning and putting a shine on any golf club. Unfortunately, though the clean the surface rather well, they don’t do much to wipe away the really packed-in dirt, and that’s disappointing. If I’m going to use a wire bristle brush, I may as well just clean the entire set with it rather than switch back and forth between brush and wipe.

When they work, Velocity Wipes are convenient. Instead of getting a bucket of soapy water and a towel you can pull out one Velocity Wipe and do a good job of cleaning your clubs to a shine. If you do this regularly and shortly after playing or practicing, you can probably avoid packed-in dirt altogether.

Velocity Wipes are also effective for returning a little tackiness to grips.

Examining the Velocity Wipes Promise

  • Cleans Club Heads
  • No Water Needed
  • No Messy Sprays
  • One Step Process
  • Safe For All Surfaces
  • Durable

All of those claims are true, save one. Velocity Wipes, as mentioned, occasionally need supplemental brush use, so using them isn’t a “One Step Process.” As long as there are grooved, recessed, stamped, or logo’d clubs there will be a need for a brush of some kind. There are hard to reach areas that require more than a wipe.

Velocity Wipes After
Despite giving the club a very thorough cleaning for about three minutes, much of the packed-in grime remains. You’ll still need a tee, a wire bristle brush, or some other method to clean away that grime.

Cleaning your clubs twice a month with 30 wipes you’ll have enough for a year with a few left over. If you play primarily during the summer you’ll have enough to clean your clubs once a week plus some extras for the odd winter round.

Velocity wipes are convenient, easy to use, durable, and disposable. I’ve found that having them around the house makes it more likely that I’ll clean my clubs after a round. I’ve done so while sitting in front of the TV. It saves me getting soapy water in a bucket and does a way better job at containing dirt and grime than water and soap.

Velocity Wipes run $20 at a few retailers listed on their website. For many, this is a product worth buying if only because it makes it easier and more convenient to clean your clubs. These wipes had all of my clubs shining faster and more conveniently than any other way of cleaning clubs.

10 thoughts on “Velocity Wipes Review”

  1. The soapy bucket + brush is a great way to get out the grime. For now, I’ll stick to my tried and true method: a spritz of Windex, a quick brush cleaning, and a wipe with whatever towel I have strapped to the bag.

  2. Also, make sure you clean your clubs regularly! Especially in the winter; that always helps.

    On a side note to equipment, I came across this little fella today; anyone tried it? Could be the remedy to a rusty short game over the winter period. It’s a soft indoor pracftice ball that feels and behaves like a real ball apparently! Don’t be put off by the url 🙂

  3. I agree with Erik.

    I use dishwater soap and water. Works perfectly. Gets grooved dirt off the clubface, and cleans perfectly.

    Windex may ruin some OIL CAN finishes! 😳

  4. I don’t know if it’s because I’m as compulsive as the TV character “Monk,” but I try to be my own best caddie when I play. That means cleaning my clubs with a wet corner of my towel after every shot.

    The only time I seem to come home with dirty clubs is from a driving range… paint scuffs on the face and all. But a little buff with a nylon scrubby pad makes quick work of that.

    Periodically, too, I take some dish soap and a nail brush to my grips. They get pretty grungy fairly quickly.

  5. I too like to clean my club between shots with a wet towel and I insure I scrub out any dirt too with a brush (but not wire) between shots as well.

    Although one has to be careful with water on the course, I think water can act as a lubricant and on your approach shots when some is desired a dry club face is essential.

    I think the only time I might use one of these other products is if I am going sell my clubs.

  6. I love the Velocity Wipes. They make my clubs look new all the time. Which with the cost of clubs now a days, makes them last longer.
    I have been using Velocity Wipes for a short while to clean my clubs. I carry 3 wipes in a baggy to the golf course to clean my clubs after every shot. I also clean the golf ball when I mark it on the green.
    I was concerned with the dirt in the grooves, but all I did was fold the wipe & used the corners of the wet wipe with a little more pressure. The added pressure did not damage the wipe or the club but did remove the dirt.

    They are great!!!

    My golf shot may not look good but my clubs do. 😆

  7. To clean grooves in most wedges you can bend a paperclip and use the end! Hope it helps!

  8. I love the Velocity Wipes and also a new sheepskin wipe made by Rusty’s Rags. It cleans, protects, and gets into all of the ‘nooks & crannies’ of your clubs. Both are great.

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