Volume Fifty-Two

Put these links on your favorites list and if you use them, you’ll be taking all your friends money around the loop. If not, you’ll at least look good trying.

Hittin' the LinksSpring is in the air here in Cleveland, OH… kind of. With an occasional dusting of snow here and there, I remain undaunted. The month of March and the blooming of my wife’s tulips point to a soon-to-be spring. Unfortunately for me, the misfortune of living in a climate where the ideal golfing weather takes a five month hiatus, I have grown rather rusty. Therefore, I have done a little research in hopes to get my body, mind and spirit back on the right track.

Put these links on your favorites list and if you use them, you’ll be taking money from all your friends around the loop. If not, you’ll at least look good trying.

Hole 1: Yoga
Yoga is perhaps the most popular way to get those muscles back in shape for the golf season or to just maintain your flexibility all year round. Many college teams as well as professionals use yoga to improve their balance, flexibility as well as focus. [link]

Hole 2: Puma Golf
The Puma brand has come out like gangbusters for their 2006 inaugural year in the world of Golf. With their two keynote players Geoff Ogilvy and Erica Blasberg, the standout colors and designs of the Puma line are sure to turn some heads this season. [link]

Hole 3: Trail Mix
I try to always have a little bag of trail mix, nuts, or dried fruit in my bag when I’m playing a round. Trail mix or any of the ingredients found in it have some great nutritional value and it also satisfies any hunger. This site has some great recipes for some good trail mixes. [link]

Hole 4: Putting Games
I love to practice my putting. Whether it be before a round or in my basement at night, I love standing over a putt and reading how a green or carpet may break. What’s even better is when you can compete against others by just hanging out on the practice green. [link]

Hole 5: Putting Games II
You can never practice too much, and the people over at the Special Olympics actually have some more cool putting games you can play with the kids or your buddies. Taking the other persons money is up to you. [link]

Hole 6: Watch Out! Plants!
Spring can be a great time of year when you’re watching the trees and flowers take shape. Unfortunately, mother nature has a cruel sense of humor, and their can be some dangerous predators lurking at your feet and ankles. If you’re waiting at the tee box, and you decide to go ball hawking, visit this link first. [link]

Hole 7: Handicaps
I have professed repeatedly on this site that I am not a well played golfer. I started just a couple of years ago and have yet to record an official handicap. That is all going to change this upcoming year. Currently, their are 4.5 million golfers out there who have a USGA handicap issued by their golf club. With a little education, you can get one too. [link]

Hole 8: Qolf
In this weeks Hittin’ the Links, I’ve led you to a couple of places where you can learn and play some competitive putting games. This link takes you to a company that has designed a backyard short game competition. You may have seen it around, it’s pretty cool. [link]

Hole 9: MasterGrip
I’ve been using gloves from MasterGrip for the past year and a half and I must say, they are relatively inexpensive, comparably durable and come in a variety of sweet colors that you can’t find in stores. Usually, you can buy one and get one free too. [link]

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