Volume Forty-Four

This week we’ve got Jack Abramoff, golf pyramid schemes, and a Hunter S. Thompson article in the links.

Hittin' the LinksSo, the PGA Merchandise Show has come to an end. Anyone have the biggest winners or losers of the show? I would be like a kid in a candy store if I was able to attend this. All the gear!? Can you imagine?!

While I scour the web for all the coverage my little heart can take, I’ll leave you with the links.

Hole 1: Dilbert
Let’s get this week started off with a Dilbert cartoon. I forget where I found this, so I can’t give that person their respective propers. [link]

Hole 2: Bad Pants
Are there any fans of the movie Anchorman around here? Well, two weeks ago I had a Pants Party (think Brick) where you had to wear crazy pants. Now I find the Bad Pants Open. I’m sure to enter next year. [link]

Hole 3: Deadspin
Is it weird that I get flushed in the face and my knees begin to sweat when I see Deadspin covering golf? I have an internet crush on this site. [link]

Hole 4: Daly’s Planet
Someone refresh my memory, what number of wife is this for Daly? Four? Good choice. [link]

Hole 5: Golf Courses for Sale
Anyone want to throw in some money and we’ll buy a course? That is my dream and this looks like a great site to start learning about the process. [link]

Hole 6: Jack Abram-golf!
This is a great article from the NY Times that discusses political scandals surounded by golf. A great read if you’re interested in Jack Abramoff and the whirl surrounding him. [link]

Hole 7: Hunter S. Thompson
Before Hunter S. Thompson passed away, he was writing articles for ESPN Page 2. I recently dug up one of my favorite articles of his that brings a new idea to golf, Shotgun golf. [link]

Hole 8: Golfers Blogway
I haven’t quite figured out what to think of this site, or what it’s really doing for me either. Am I the only one it doesn’t make sense to? [link]

Hole 9: Golf Pyramid
This might be a first, a golf pyramid scheme. I would have never guessed of such a thing. This is great! Is anyone reading this a participant? [link]

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