Volume Thirteen

There’s a new format for Hittin’ the Links – 9 holes, 9 links. This week, we talk about Payne Stewart, Rory Sabbatini, Olin Browne, consecutive aces and my poor writing.

It’s time for the US Open. Are you ready? I sure am. I love this tournament. It’s fun to watch the pros struggle to shoot par. I can relate to their frustrations.

Who’s everyone picking to win it? My pick is Phil Mickelson. As much as I hate him, I think he’s going to come out and go low on Thursday and set the tone. We’ll see. I’ve never actually picked a winner of a tournament before.

Leave your picks in the comments. Now, on to the links.

Hole 1
With the US Open heading to Pinehurst this week, SI did a nice piece on Payne Stewart and his victory there in 1999. R.I.P. Payne. Your flare and personality are greatly missed on the Tour. [link]

Hole 2
This is pretty cool. I’ve only seen a hole-in-one happen and that was pretty awesome. My question is, how do you gain your composure when you’ve just seen an ace happen right before you. It’s pretty spectacular to watch. I wouldn’t be able to focus. [link]

Hole 3
I think Charles Barkley wins this hands down. The others are just as good (bad?) though. [link via hookedongolf via shottalk]

Hole 4
Hopefully, people don’t view my weekly links as something “less remarkable” than my senior tour write-ups. My feelings are hurt. [link]

Hole 5
Two down two to go in the Sorenslam. I’d like to see it happen. I was watching some coverage this weekend and an announcer said she’s not the greatest LPGA player of all-time yet. Who’s been better? She’s absolutely the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all-time) [link]

Hole 6
I wish I would have gone to watch this US Open qualifier. It would have been pretty neat to watch a 59 in the making. But in reality, I would have never followed Olin Brown. [link]

Hole 7
For someone who has A.D.D. and enjoys golfing, this is a great read. [link]

Hole 8
WaPo, if you are curious why I cancelled my subscription, it’s because you don’t give any love to TST. I live on the hill, you should represent our blog. [link]

Hole 9
Does anyone else think Rory Sabbatini is a dick? I mean I play fast, but what he did to Ben Crane was completely inappropriate. I’m giving propers to Crane for having the mental fortitude to grind out a T2 finish with an a-hole for a playing partner. You’re a better man that me Ben. I would have punched him out. [link]

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