Clean Up Your Chipping With a Towel

Use a towel to learn how to properly control the trajectory and speed of your chips.

Today’s tip of the day comes from well known golf instructor Chuck Cook and is designed to help improve both trajectory and speed control of chips around the green.

Begin with a fairly long chip, forty to fifty feet. Take a regular hand towel and place it some where between the target and ball. The goal is to land the shot on the towel while still having it end up no more than a club length from the hole.

Experiment by positioning the towel closer and farther away from the target to learn how to control the trajectory of your chips. When the towel is closer to the ball, a bump and run with a seven iron or less lofted club is the likely shot. Closer to the hole, a higher chip with a more lofted club such as a wedge is a better choice. Enough practice and you will be hitting bump-and-runs and flops with the best of them.

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