Finger Strength

Strengthening your hand (not your grip) is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve your golf game.

Squeeze BallGrip strength can mean one of two things, either how tightly or loosely you hold a club or where your hands are positioned on the club. Finger strength is another thing entirely.

It used to be that after a long session on the range, my hands would be rather tired. While we only take 30 to 50 strokes on the golf course (putts don’t quite count), it’s not uncommon to take 100 to 200 (or more) strokes on the driving range when working on an issue.

I picked up a squeeze ball (also called a “stress ball”) from Staples a few months ago. They’re great for office workers who type all day, and used properly, they’re great at strengthening your fingers and hand. Squeeze the ball, hold, and release in three sets of 15 for each hand. Do it while you watch TV, talk on the phone, or otherwise have a free set of hands.

Weak hands, even if they’re not tired on the range, are not an effective link to the golf club. Developing stronger hands and fingers is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve your game.

Photo Credit: © Safco

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