Forward Ball Position Lowers Flight

Ball flight too high? Try moving the ball forward in your stance. Yes, FORWARD!!

This tip comes from our forums, where jcgolfpro talks about high ball flight as a result of ball position being too far back.

Many are focusing on adding loft which produces a weak shot as the ball slides up the clubface and many times it fades. I have a tendency to hit the ball very high but when I start doing that, I know I have slid the ball too far back in my stance. The one thing some have forgotten is “angle of attack.” When we slide the ball too far back, we get a little steep… many times doesn’t hurt majorly but when playing in the wind, we hit a lot of “ballooned” shots.

However, without seeing, I can’t be sure but you can. If you have access to an impact bag, you can feel it yourself. If not, get a cloth laundry bag and fill it with towels and swing into it (using an old club in case something goes wrong). This will provide immediate feedback on your impact position.

Thanks, JC, for the tip!

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