Long Putt? Aim Short…

Divide and conquer long putts to have a better chance at walking off with a two-putt, instead of three or four.

Looking at a long putt, say something of the thirty to forty-foot range? Take the time to read the line, but by all means don’t aim at the hole.

Dissect the putt. Divide it into shorter sections – the break left to that crest, the break right off the crest – and then, once you’ve got the line and tempo in your head, pick a spot about three to five feet along the first part of your line.

Long putts aren’t about sinking the putt every time, unless you’re a pro. Instead, working on getting the putt as close to the hole as possible is a wonderful goal, and the occasional putt in the hole a welcome surprise. Try to sink it, and chances are you’ll end up with a three-putt instead of a chance at two.

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