Golf Talk [Episode 085]

Kids, do not chew tobacco. Could there be a more disgusting habit? Really?

Golf Talk PodcastTiger Woods and John Daly have surgeries: one on his knee, the other on his stomach. Can you guess which is which? Plus, Lorena Ochoa and Boo Weekley win, both in different “again” situations, and more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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Beating Balls


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1 thought on “Golf Talk [Episode 085]”

  1. There is little more disgusting than seeing the side or bottom of a face distorted by a wad of something stuck into it, except when the brown, smelly, residue of that wad, mixed with saliva, is either spit out or dribbles out. Oh wait, there is something more disgusting (and mostly pitiable): that would be someone suffering tongue, lip, throat or jaw cancer that was the result of years of chewing tobacco. Oh wait, again. There is something even worse than that: the sight of parents or children or friends mourning the death of the loved one who died from the cancer which developed as a result of the decedent’s unnecessary tobacco habit. 🙁

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