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The Sand Trap – A New Take

Jun. 28, 2005     By     Comments (2)

The Sand Trap: now with a tad less news and a bit more commentary on the news, right alongside a new schedule and a dose of new columns.

Over the past few months, The Sand Trap has wandered a bit off course. For example, our daily recaps of PGA and LPGA action. That's news you can get elsewhere.

The Sand Trap is heading in a new direction. Instead of news, you'll get commentary on the news. We're moving to a new publishing schedule, and I'd like to step through it with you. Comments are welcome.

We're starting the week on Monday on a good foot with Hittin' the Links, a recap of the previous week's more interesting stories. Monday is also home to Bag Drop, a column that gives you the inside scoop on equipment, the players, the companies, and the executives behind it all.

On Tuesday, Cody Thrasher sets the golf world a-talkin' with Thrash Talk, a weekly slice of opinion - part rant, part persuasion, and part attitude. Wednesday, Cody contributes the PGA Tour preview along with Stacy's LPGA Tour preview. Whether you're in a fantasy league or simply enjoy watching golf on TV, our previews will inform you to a "tee."

Starting this Thursday, we're introducing the first of our new columns. The Numbers Game takes you into the world of golf statistics and how it impacts scoring, play in golf's majors, your own game, and more. Another new column, Pro Files, kicks off on Friday. Pro Files takes a look at the game's greatest players, architects, and other important figures.

The Sand Trap is going to begin the weekend with Trap Five, a countdown of the five most… whatever! Saturday is also home to Stacy's brand new interview column, Throwing Darts. Each week, Stacy will interview someone in the golf industry and share their answers.

Finally, on Sunday, very little will change. We'll still have PGA and LPGA Tour recaps, though we're going to inject a bit more opinion than you're used to seeing elsewhere. Who choked? Who played well? What did that week mean in the grand scheme of a player, a caddy, a course, or a Tour?

Of course, The Sand Trap is committed to bringing you the content you've come to adore as well, including our in-depth reviews. Our forum is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, so we invite you to check that out as well.


  1. mediaguru says:

    Hard to compete with the and and many others as far as golf news goes....

  2. Sando says:

    I read your blog routinely. Looking forward to the same quality with the new format.

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