Wanted: Bag Drop Writer

We’re looking for a new Bag Drop author. Are you what we seek?

Bag DropAre you a golf equipment nut? The type of gearhead who is on the cutting edge of the latest clubs and balls? If you are, and you like to write, I have one more question for you: would you like to join the staff of The Sand Trap and write the Bag Drop, our weekly equipment feature?

I started the Bag Drop last summer, and I’ve enjoyed writing it and getting great feedback from fellow golfers and golf industry folks. My travel schedule is about to get much busier, however, and I won’t have time to give The Bag Drop the attention it deserves. I’ll still be a part of The Sand Trap staff, popping in with a review or a story when I have the chance. But you’ll be in charge of the Bag Drop, which is a lot of fun to write.

What do you need to write The Bag Drop? How about:

  1. A strong knowledge of golf equipment, including current and recent products
  2. A good source of information on new golf equipment
  3. The opportunity and ability to demo new products so you know what they’re all about
  4. An hour or two each week to turn your ideas into a story, and the writing skills to make it a good read.

Ideally, you work in a golf shop (with good relationships with sales reps) or are a range rat (with a good relationship with golf shop employees or a golf pro who knows his equipment) so you have a pipeline direct to the latest equipment news.

Interested? Respond to this thread in our forum or drop our Editor, Erik, an email (erik @ this domain). Include your name, qualifications, and a couple ideas for Bag Drop stories. We’ll be in touch.

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