Golf Gods Launches New Site

Golf Gods .com is now all new. Check out the site and enter to win a Pinseeker Tournament Edition laser rangefinder.

Golf Gods LogoIn the 90s, the founders of were among the first and best known of the Internet golf pro shops. Known mainly for their catchy name and for their “hot smoking deals” on golf equipment, Golfgods was a pioneer in the modern-day phenomena of “search engine marketing.”

This morning at 12:00 a.m. C.S.T. Golfgods launched a freshly re-designed web-based retail shop. The new site is a fresh look for the Minnesota-based retailer of golf equipment and a radical-change from their previous Yahoo-store. The site features many add-ons compared to the old site including tabbed product sections, brand stores, electronic buying guides which were written by the staff of The Sand Trap .com and a streamlined check-out process. The site is located at

In late 2004, Golfgods was acquired by Jason Mischel, a thirty-something entrepreneur along with a couple of silent partners and relocated from Bradenton, FL to the frigid climate of northern Minnesota, where the golf-season is shorter than a Tiger Woods drive. Equipment maker Bushnell is supporting the site re-launch by sponsoring a giveaway of the Pinseeker Tournament Edition laser rangefinder.

5 thoughts on “Golf Gods Launches New Site”

  1. The guys at GolfGods are great. Mike V is the man and wonderful to deal with..prompt,courteous, fast are the 3 words that come to mind when I think of them. I’ve bought clubs and push carts from them already and will be placing another order shortly.

  2. You guys promote GolfGods a lot. Are one/some of you partners in that business? Or is it just that GolfGods supports this site (money or otherwise)? Don’t get me wrong, I like GolfGods and have made purchases from them before and have been very happy with them.

  3. They are one of this site’s partners. They help to sponsor our podcast. None of us are employees, co-partners, co-owners, etc. in Golf Gods.

    In other words, both Titleist and Golf Gods are sponsors of this site. They give us money, we show their ads and an occasional story like this one, and we use their money to pay for our hosting, bandwidth, postage, and other expenses.

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