Big Break II Challenges

The Big Break II challenges are boring. Let’s hear some suggestions for new ones.

I finally got around to watching this week’s Big Break II. Thank {insert your own deity here} for PVRs. The first challenge (skills) was interesting, having each player hit four balls (two draws and two fades) around a huge obstacle to a green 180 yards away. The player with the lowest cumulative distance between their best draw and best fade was exempt from the next two challenges.

Then I thought they stepped it up a notch for the next challenge in which each player was represented by a small pane of glass mounted in a frame and the players took turns attempting to break other player’s panes thereby elminating that player from the challenge. It required a pretty low trajectory punch shot to hit the glass.

For the final elimination challenge, however, did the producers come up with something even more original? Umm, no. With concentric circles around the pin representing three point values, each person got one shot from three different distances to accumulate as many points as possible. The person with the lowest number of points was gone. *yawn* Borrring… especially when more than half the players didn’t get a single point from the first distance of 180 yards. I mean, come on. Just getting the ball to stay on the green would have netted at least one point!

I’d like to see more original challenges in the weeks to come. The variety and originality of the challenges is what makes Fear Factor, for instance, such a popular show. To that end, I’d love to hear any suggestions for challenges that would take this show to the next level. Let’s hear what you’ve got – just leave a comment below. A round of applause will go to the most original suggestion. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Big Break II Challenges”

  1. Take a long par 5. Take the average distance driven by all contestants and make a “landing area” in the fairway with a depth/width no larger than 30 yards (depending on the condition of the golf course – e.g. if there are wet conditions, then make the landing area smaller, or bigger for dry conditions). This is not a points challenge – if you don’t make it in the area, then you’re out. Do the same landing area on the upshot – going for the green is not an option. Same rules apply here – if you don’t make it in the landing area, you’re FIRED!…I mean, you’re out. The green will be the final landing area and closest to the pin (if not in) will win.

  2. I’m still surprised that the majority of the golfers couldn’t hit the green from 180 yards. Nerves? C’mon. And then how many still missed from 135? Jeez.

    Here’s my Big Break challenge suggestion: play a long par five with water, highest score is eliminated. However, to make it interesting, the players will have to use a range ball with a big slice through part of the cover. It’d be interesting to see how the players adapt. Anyone who has spent any time on the range knows how to handle these kinds of balls.

    My high school golf team used to have competitions with ’em. Some even had chunks sliced out of them.

  3. These guys want to be pros, right? Then let’s test them on how to survive on Tour!

    Challenge No. 1: The Get Out of Jail Free Card.

    Players take it in turn to fire a ball into a crowd of spectators. Player who ends up with the worst lie is eliminated. Bonus points if your ball ricochets back onto the fairway, or in someone’s picnic hamper.

    Challenge No. 2: Bend it Like Bernhard

    Most pros know the rules of golf. All of them know how to bend them. Each player’s ball is placed: in bushes, but amongst rabbit droppings; in deep rough, but within 5 feet of a pile of TV cables; and in a bunker, but behind an advertising hoarding. Whoever can convince the rules official that he deserves a free drop from all three is a worthy winner. Anyone playing three shots as they lie is eliminated.

    Challenge No 3: The Iron Test

    This one’s all about appearance. Pros’ clothing is always neatly pressed from the second they step on the first tee to the last putt on 18. Players must play 18 holes in the middle of the day. Whoever looks the most hobo-like by the end is eliminated. Bonus points for anyone who can still draw blood on the crease of their slacks at the end of the round.

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