Nike Platinum: The Ad

The new Nike ONE Platinum ad is out. What will you see?

Nike PlatinumThe new Nike ad is spreading in the airwaves, through your cable, and on the Internet (though it’s not yet on

The commercial begins with a black screen. White text appears that says “We gave you a wedge with more feel. You showed us what it could do.”

Video of Tiger hitting his chip on the 16th at Augusta appears.

The black screen reappears along with the text “We gave you a ball with more control.”

The video shows Tiger’s ball rolling down the hill, crawling towards the hole, pausing, and then rolling gently, flashing the Nike logo for all to see.

The black screen and text reappear, saying “And you didn’t center the logo?”

7 thoughts on “Nike Platinum: The Ad”

  1. We gave you a ball with more control…So where did your drive go on 17?

    We gave you more control….so how come you only hit 57% of your fairways?

  2. I knew this was coming. When that camera shot was on tv and you saw the ball so clearly, you had to know. The question is, how much did Nike pay Augusta for the rights?

  3. Totaly weak. typography sucked, and the piece was devoid of design. very un nike like.

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