‘I Am a Golfer’ TV Ad Debuts

I am a golfer. We’re all golfers. TaylorMade’s new ad seeks to drive that point home.

TaylorMadeTaylorMade’s new ad – introduced Sunday evening at the TP Ball Launch, is called “I am a golfer.” You’ve likely seen the TaylorMade ads in recent publications, but this 60-second video debuts today worldwide.

The ad features the voiceover of U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Tom Lehman, who upon reading the script and seeing the video the first time, got chills. The part about “I still feel my dad’s hands teaching me to hold a club” was especially touching, TaylorMade CEO Mark King told reporters.

You can view the ad here.

Tom Watson

One of the PGA Tour’s all time greatest players, Tom Watson compiled an amazing record in only a few short years. He won his eight majors in eight years and added some of golf’s greatest moments.

ProFilesThe road to excellence and success naturally takes one through difficult experiences. Tom Watson has walked that road before on and off the golf course. “If you want to increase your success rate,” said Watson, “double your failure rate.” I suppose thats what we fans have the hardest time understanding sometimes. Examples abound: Phil Mickelson was once “the best player to have never won a major,” Tiger Woods went through his “slumps,” Greg Norman had his epic meltdowns, and Tom Watson was once thought of as a “choker.”

Tifosi Optics Sunglasses Review

Tifosi Optics makes golf-specific sunglasses with interchangeable lenses for customized performance.

tifosi_logo.jpgAre you the sort of person who has multiple pairs of sunglasses laying about? One in the car, one in your briefcase, one in your jacket pocket. And, hopefully, one in your golf bag (in case you haven’t heard, prolonged exposure to the sun is bad for your eyes. Got it?).

Tifosi Optics is a sunglasses manufacturer that would like to streamline your sunglasses setup with a nifty interchangeable design that makes each pair of the company’s shades a triple threat. Does that make the Tifosis three times as good as other sunglasses? Read on to find out.

Golf Talk Special Edition: The TaylorMade TP Golf Ball Launch

TaylorMade has a new golf ball, and we’ve got commentary, TaylorMade CEO Mark King, Sergio Garcia, our initial on-course impressions, and a whole lot more in this special edition podcast.

PodcastLast weekend, Donald MacKenzie and I had an opportunity to head to Greensboro, GA and the Reynolds Plantation to attend the TaylorMade‘s launch of their new TP golf balls.

We’ve covered this ball launch thoroughly this week, starting with a Sunday night edition of Donald’s The Bag Drop entitled TaylorMade Gets Back in the Ball Game. We followed that up yesterday with TaylorMade’s product “reveal” video as well as an inside look at a major golf product launch.

And we’re not done yet. As of today, subscribers to our podcast feed (see right-hand column for subscription links) will find a Special Edition Podcast that covers the TaylorMade ball launch from every angle. If you’ve not subscribed to the feed (and now is as good a time as any to do so!), you can also download the podcast (.m4a, 29:22, 7.33 MB) separately. Subscriptions are free.

My Masters Moments

Every true golf fan loves the Masters. Some of my favorite golf moments are from watching the events unfolding in Augusta.

The Numbers GameThere are a lot of great Masters moments. When I was growing up and starting to play and appreciate the game a bit, the scenes at Augusta were the ones that stood out. I wanted to take some time this week to look at the moments I remember most vividly… and some of the numbers behind them.

Masters Preview

DiMarco still has the 2006 playoff in his mind and just watched the Gators win the NCAA Championship, Phil is still dizzy from last week’s birdie bash, and Tiger has his father on his mind. Will one of these three win, or will someone else snatch a green jacket?

Masters LogoThis week is all about the Masters as Dave has broken down the Big 5 and their chances in The Numbers Game, the staff has all placed their picks in our 2006 Masters Predictions and here we are, just a day away from the start of the first major of 2006, the 70th Masters Tournament. While not my favorite major, it is a tournament that I really look forward to seeing and if you’re like me or other TST Staffers, you find yourself glued to the television, radio, and web for the latest news of the tournament and its players.

So let’s take a look at why this tournament will keep us so captivated this week.

Inside the TaylorMade Golf Ball Launch

Here’s your insider’s look at TaylorMade’s golf ball launch event.

Taylormade Ball Launch Follow ArrowsThe Sand Trap was at Reynolds Plantation this week for the launch of TaylorMade’s new TP golf balls. We’ve given you the lowdown on the new TP Red and TP Black balls, and now we’d like to give you some insight into what it’s like to attend a major golf product launch. Read on and you’ll feel like you were there (minus the great food, cool presentations and range time with Sergio Garcia, of course).

TaylorMade doesn’t do anything small, and the brand’s splashy re-entry into the golf ball business was no exception. The event was held over a long weekend at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia – conveniently located between Atlanta and Augusta. Perfect for snaring tour professionals and media members on their way from the BellSouth to the Masters.

TaylorMade TP Golf Ball Video

TaylorMade knows how to get the heart pumping with a fast-paced video that makes you want to go out and whack some golf balls really far.

TaylorMade TP BallsIn case you haven’t heard yet, TaylorMade now makes golf balls. Sunday’s introduction of the TP Red and TP Black golf balls was done by TaylorMade-Adidas Golf CEO Mark King, PGA Tour player Sergio Garcia, and others. Towards the end of the presentation, Garcia introduced a video.

This video (6:07, 31.3 MB .wmv), to be more precise.

Go ahead and grab the video. You’ll find it’s an aggressive, energy-packed video that makes some bold claims and statements, not the least of which is Senior Director of R&D Dean Snell saying “Holy Shit, this is awesome” (though Dean would later jokingly claim he never said “holy shit” and that the audio was dubbed in).

What follows are some screenshots of the presentation for those who don’t have time to watch the six-minute video.

Bunker’s Dozen, April 2006

This month’s edition has a Masters flavor mixed with a new Players Champion and a youth movement.

Another month of the PGA Tour season has come and gone, and it’s time for another edition of the Bunker’s Dozen. The Florida Swing wrapped up two weeks ago with an exciting Players Championship. Also, The Masters is right around the corner and it’s apparent in this month’s rankings. Finally, the LPGA’s popularity is on the rise, but how many ladies managed to make our list? And remember, this list is based off results up to March 31st.

That’s enough talking for now, so let’s get to this edition of the Bunker’s Dozen!