Golf Talk [Episode 054]

We have a special guest this week, and he joins us to talk about the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

PodcastThe women on the LPGA play in high winds while the weenies on the PGA Tour delay until Monday. But we have a joke for you: Knock knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Boo Weekley. Plus, George Sine, Annika, Tiger, and Phil. All this and more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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Andy Thompson – Totally Driven Golf

Andy Thompson of Totally Driven Golf gives us his opinion on square drivers, golf fitness, and the myth of cast versus forged clubs.

Throwing DartsAndy Thompson is the owner of Totally Driven Golf based in Oakdale, MN. Totally Driven is an all-in-one golf facility that incorporates a complete analysis of your golf game, including club fitting and repair, instruction, and a fitness assessment conducted by a Titleist Performance Institute certified trainer.

Totally Driven uses the latest in golf fitting technology to ensure your equipment is tailored specifically to you. Putter fittings include technology from Science and Motion Golf and the Edel Putting Fitting System while full-swing analysis uses launch monitors and the K-Vest.

Golf Ball Fitting: The Next Big Thing?

In the last few years custom club fitting has revolutionized the way players can match their sticks to their game. Now the same seems on the way for balls.

Bag DropIn our Golf Talk Podcast coming up this Wednesday, you’ll get a chance to hear Erik J. Barzeski and I interview George Sine, Titleist’s Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing Worldwide, about the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

Without giving too much away (be sure to listen – there’s a lot of interesting stuff), one of the things he touches on is how Titleist is turning its attention to better identifying and matching golf ball performance characteristics to individual players.

While ball comparisons have popped up on some of Titleist’s competitor’s websites, they are very broad and not all that meaningful. For most of us, choosing a ball remains a largely subjective exercise.

Our discussion with George led me to investigate the world of golf ball fitting. I found news of a new software solution that may lead the way to true custom ball fitting.

Volume Ninety-Four

Mother Nature is the real number one golfer in the world.

Well, productivity will take a hit in corporate America as the final round of the PGA Tour’s Verizon Heritage will be played today due to some atmospheric circulation on Sunday. Also, just what the heck is going on at the LPGA Tour the last few weeks? You do not want to be the leader going into the Sunday round.

This week we have a recap of the Verizon Heritage (sort of), the collapse at the Ginn Open, and needy Sergio.

Off-Season Series – Putting

Who says a putting practice mat has to be flat and boring?

The Off-Season Series is practically over as the temperatures have reached the 70s in my home state (it feels great to hit a bucket outside!). That doesn’t mean I can’t tempt you with some great indoor options to practice your putting on those rainy spring days.

One facet of my game that I have spent more time over this past winter than in years past is on my putting. I spent most of 2006 looking for a new putter and after testing many different models, I finally decided upon a Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 (although I am now tempted by the new Circa 62s with the charcoal mist that Jack described in a Bag Drop column).

Zach Johnson

From out of nowhere comes Zach Johnson. The unexpected, yet deserving winner of this year’s Masters.

ProFilesA lot of ink has been spilled over Zach Johnson this week and I’m going to add to the mess by way of Internet clutter and this ProFile.

From his runner-up finish to former Masters champ Mark O’Meara in the par-3 tournament to winning the entire enchilada, Johnson has had an amazing week. Plus I’ll bet that’s the first time someone’s called the Masters an enchilada. I’m a trend setter, plain and simple. Classy too.

2007 Masters Aftermath

Was the 2007 Masters as unbearable as some people are saying? Not at all.

Thrash TalkIt’s been a great golf season for me so far. Charles Howell III has a win and is right in the middle of The FedEx Cup race and Zach Johnson outlasted the world’s best to win a green jacket. Johnson has been one of my favorites since I realized how similar our respective golf swings are, even if his has paid off a little more. It was truly great to see the Iowa native hold on in such a huge tournament. You could tell he was blown away by everything, and that was refreshing.

Overall, I’ve heard a lot of negatives about the 2007 Masters. The course was a lot tougher than usual, and there weren’t as many birdies or eagles throughout the four days of competition. Also, some fans get a little bent out of shape when Tiger or Phil don’t win every major championship. All this aside, this year’s Masters was still pretty damn good!

Golf Talk [Episode 053]

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry, I dozed off during the back nine on Sunday.

PodcastThis week it’s Masters, Masters, Masters. Zach Johnson wins, Tiger Woods puts a ball in the water (and a bunker) and fails to win, and everyone else falls by the wayside in what was perhaps the most boring Masters of all time. We’re sure Zach will take it, though! All this and more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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2007 Masters in Numbers

Zach Johnson wins this year’s Masters. How did he do it? Was this the most boring Masters ever? And how’d the staff do in predicting the outcome? Find out.

The Numbers GameThe Masters is over. Zach Johnson is the winner, Tiger Woods failed to mount a Sunday charge (as did most of the rest of the field), and Augusta put up more than a fair fight. So be it.

While we’re between Numbers Game columnist, I thought I’d fill in with some quickie stats from this year’s playing of the U.S. Open, errr, Masters Invitational.