Nike Golf Releases SQ DYMO Drivers

Nike Golf comes out with what they like to call “a Tour Van on a stick.”

Bag DropThe folks at Nike Golf aren’t wasting any time getting a new driver out to the masses in 2009 with their release of their SQ DYMO drivers. While billing itself as the winningest driver brand on the PGA Tour the past three years (it helps to have a guy named Tiger Woods on your team), there is no doubt the impact the SQ line as a whole has made on the golf industry.

The SQ DYMO line is the latest incarnation of drivers to come from the folks in Beaverton, OR and they utilize some fancy geometry in order to provide a better fit for today’s golfer. Tag along as we take a look under the hood at the latest from Nike Golf.

Volume One Hundred Seventy Four

When Tiger hits a driver its news worthy?

Hittin' the LinksHello and welcome to the MLK Day edition of Hittin’the Links. With any luck some of you, like me, will get to tee it up on this extended weekend. If not, well, I’ll hit a drive for you. Lots of things going on this week. The inauguration is causing a big buzz, even in the golf world, with none other than Tiger Woods speaking.

In this volume of HTL we look at Derrick Fujikawa, investigate seamless golf clothing, and find out why its looking like Captain Monty. Also, we examine the Charles Barkley-Hank Haney connection, look at golf destination New Mexico, and check in on all the tournaments going on this weekend. Read on!

Five Not-so-Fearless Predictions for 2009

A few sure things to look for in 2009.

Trap Five LogoMy crystal ball seems to have developed an astigmatism of late. My fantasy football team, the Big Darby Beer Mussels, finished 3-13. I was so far down in the office bowl picks that I nearly won my entry money back for coming in last.

So it was with some trepidation that I revisited the Fearless Predictions that I made for 2008 in golf. Here’s how I fared:

I predicted Tiger would win majors (plural). A balky putter at the Masters and a destroyed knee that made him miss the final two majors kept that from happening. But that U.S. Open win was really something! And it went extra holes… twice! Surely that counts for two, right? No, not buying it? Okay, 0-1.

Golfdotz Golf Ball Tattoos Review

Golfdotz: Golf ball marking technology for the 21st century

PackagesRule 12-2 in the 2008 USGA Rules of Golf states “The responsibility for playing the proper ball rests with the player. Each player should put an identification mark on his ball.” Anyone who plays competitive golf knows the importance of being able to identify your ball. In fact, the people at Sanford, the makers of the Sharpie Marker, have made more than a little money from the golf industry by this very fact.

But what about those who find a simple dot too dreary? What about those golfers out there who want to express themselves artistically? Well, fear no more, decorative duffers, as Golfdotz is here to help.

Golfdotz are the new generation in golf ball marking technology. They are golf ball tattoos – tiny decals that transfer onto the cover of a golf ball. They come in many different designs including skulls, hearts, flames, ladybugs and more. The retail at $5.99 a pack which will get you enough for two dozen balls, and are offered in a wide array of designs.

But how do they work? Read on.

What’s Ahead for 2009

The theme for 2009 will be the equipment-hopping game.

Bag DropWell, we’re back in the saddle for 2009 at the Bag Drop and I hope you got all the golfing equipment you asked for over the holidays. If not, there’s still plenty of time with some good deals floating around!

There’s been quite a bit of news as of late and while we have some new equipment to fill you in about, we’ll ease into 2009 with a few equipment/business stories you might have missed in the past few weeks. You might soon having to start filling out a spreadsheet to follow the equipment company switches.

Volume One Hundred Seventy Three

The 2009 PGA Tour season is underway!

Hittin' the LinksHello again and Happy New Year from The Sand Trap and Hittin the Links. We are back again bringing bringing you the best in golf in 2009. Well, golf fans, the 2009 PGA Tour season has officially started. Mind you most of us amateurs are still shoveling snow and practicing our putting on the living room carpet, but at least we now have something to watch.

In this newest edition of HTL we first explore what’s new in the John Daly soap opera, or at least why we Americans won’t have to deal with him for awhile, check out the college ranks, and then see what’s next for Vijay. Also we see when Seve plans to return, look at Davis Love III’s new world with a lifetime exemption, and find out what went down at the Mercedes Championship. Read on!