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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man.

Bionic GloveOK, so wearing the Bionic Glove won’t make you Col. Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, but it can make those aching hands feel invincible. I live in Arizona where the heat is dry but intense and your hands sweat. A lot. All that sweat running down your arms, all that wiping of the brow, it leaves my hands wet and ruins gloves after a couple rounds. So I’ve learned to play without gloves for sake of not buying them by the dozen. However, I miss the extra grip that gloves provide and will use them in milder weather.

Enter the Bionic Glove, a glove designed not only to provide extra gripping power with plenty of comfort, but also provides some padding in certain places on the underside of the hand and finger area ostensibly to aid those with arthritis.

Bionic Technology
Let’s take a look at Bionic technology and how it can help your game. The Bionic Glove combats hand characteristics that interfere with game play. Originally designed for Hockey before being adapted for golf, a leading orthopedic hand surgeon scientifically designed the Bionic glove to aid the anatomical form and function of a golfer’s hand. Bionic Gloves claim to enhance comfort, provide more confidence, and improve control. They are the first gloves to earn the Ease-of-Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation. Bionic Glove also claims that their gloves will:

  • Eliminate natural interference. Hand position and grip is an essential component to the golfer’s swing. And unfortunately, the anatomical nature of the hand causes a variety of problems that interfere with performance. The Bionic golf glove is scientifically designed to even the playing field.
  • Create an even hand surface which leads to a better grip. The bony peaks of the hand create an uneven surface when gripping the club. Golfers tend to naturally grip the club harder to even out the surface, fatiguing the hand and causing inconsistent shot and inaccuracy. The strategically placed relief zone padding instantly evens the surface.
  • Improve game play. The result of Bionic technology is better accuracy with each shot. Greater grip strength. Custom fit for natural movement. Enhanced club control. Less hand fatigue. And superior resistance to seasonal wear and tear adding long-term value.

Look and Feel
Bionic Glove palmUpon first inspection there doesn’t appear to be much difference in this glove to many others but when you feel the palm and try it on for the first time, you will notice the differences. The gloves ergonomics do offer a comfortable, correct fit and helps natural problems of the hand when gripping the club. Strategically placed relief pads on the thumb, fingers, and palm protects against blisters and calluses by reducing pressure and friction. There are three layers of padding to promote increased grip strength, torque strength and pinch strength which claim to result in more control and straighter shots. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice much gains in those areas.

Washing the Bionic Glove enhances durability and maintains suppleness of leather and caring for your Bionic Glove is easy since it is safe for hand and machine washing. The company recommends that you wash the glove with the Velcro tab secured tightly to avoid snagging with other garments. I washed mine once just to see how it would react to water and was surprised that it help up rather well in the wash and after drying was still in pretty good shape. However, keep in mind to air dry only!

Tested and confirmed. Bionic gloves reduce the pain and limitations of arthritis. Tested and independently researched, users with arthritis performed tasks better and with less pain wearing Bionic gloves compared to bare handed. Grip strength was improved, pinch force was improved, and comfort was ensured. Power without pain is a beautiful thing.

Grip Strength
Users were instructed to grip an instrument called a dynamometer as tightly as possible without experiencing excessive discomfort.

Bionic Glove Grip Strength
Independent testing confirms that grip strength is enhanced by using the Bionic Golf Glove.

Both left and right hands were tested first without wearing Bionic gloves and then while wearing Bionic gloves. Average Grip Strength On average, users were able to exert 16% greater force, as measured by the hand dynamometer, while wearing Bionic gloves than with their bare hands.

Pinch Force
Three pinch types were utilized for this assessment. Users were instructed to pinch the gauge as tightly as possible without experiencing excessive discomfort.

Bionic Glove Pinch Force
Independent testing confirms that pinch force is enhanced by using the Bionic Golf Glove

For the tip pinch (the thumb tip to the index fingertip), users were instructed to place their index finger below the gauge and their thumb on top of the gauge. For the key pinch (the thumb pad to the side of index finger), users were instructed to place the lateral aspect of the middle phalanx of their index finger on the bottom of the gauge and their thumb on the top of the gauge.

For the Palmer pinch, users were asked to place their thumb on the top of the gauge and the pads of their index and middle fingers on the bottom of the gauge. Both left and right hands were tested first without wearing Bionic gloves and then while wearing Bionic gloves. Average Pinch Force On average, users were able to exert 25% greater tip pinch force, 12% greater key pinch force, and 47% greater palmar pinch (the thumb pad to the index and middle finger pads) force, as measured by the pinch gauge, while wearing Bionic gloves than with their bare hands.

Three knobs were utilized for this assessment. Users were instructed to turn each knob in a clockwise (CW) direction as much as possible without experiencing excessive discomfort.

Bionic Glove Torque
Independent testing confirms that grip torque is enhanced by using the Bionic Golf Glove

Users were instructed to turn each knob in the counter-clockwise (CCW) direction as well. The small metal knob (0.5″) was designed to be operated by the pads of the thumb and index fingers. The small plastic knurled knob (1″) was designed to be operated by the pad of the thumb and the lateral aspect of the middle phalanx of the index finger.

The palm grip was designed to be operated by the palm with the fingers curled around the knob. Both left and right hands were tested first without wearing Bionic gloves and then while wearing Bionic gloves. Average Torque On average, users were able to exert 47% greater torque on the metal knob, 38% greater torque on the plastic knurled knob, and 28% greater torque on the palm grip, as measured by the torque meter, while wearing Bionic gloves than with their bare hands.

There is a catch: the Bionic Golf Glove is not legal for everyone to use. As of January 26, 2006 the USGA says that it will permit the use of Bionic Gloves in USGA sanctioned events for players with arthritis of the hands. So the USGA has placed the Bionic Golf Glove on a list of Equipment Permitted Conditionally for Medical Reasons. Full details can be read here, and the original story can be found here at The Sand Trap.

Bionic gloves can be purchased for $24.95. The price isn’t too much considering the comfort and durability. Also consider that the FootJoy gloves retail for $22.

If you’re still not sold, Bionic Glove offers a 30-Day No-Risk Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Bionic Glove product, you will receive a complete refund, minus shipping and handling costs, or exchange no questions asked! Please call 1-877-5-BIONIC (1-877-524-6642) and one of their friendly customer service representatives will give you a return authorization number and instructions for sending back your glove.

The durability has been a lot better with this glove but I’m yet to test in in 110° Arizona heat and sweat. I also don’t have arthritis so I can’t use the technically use the glove for tournament play, I’m also too cheap to spend more than $20 for a glove that may or may not last me more than a few rounds. So for now I’ll stick to my roughed up cord grips and callused hands.

12 thoughts on “Bionic Glove Review”

  1. i have gone through three(3) bionic golf gloves and they are great except they do not last and are too expensive !!!
    they do help and are comfortable but i can buy a glove at 3/$10.00 that will last as long.
    if the bionic glove lasted longer it would be worth the money, also i can buy at a retail store at same price no shipping — just my 2 cents worth

    stan cato

  2. I went through about five of these gloves before the USGA decided for sure (after the H&B company urged reevaluation) that they should be unconforming for normal players. These gloves don’t noticeably improve my distance, accuracy, or ablity to work the ball. They sure feel like they do, though! :mrgreen:

    These are the only gloves that I’ve used that result in no blisters on my hand after allot of swinging. The leather and pads on them are very durable, but the stiching comes loose quite easily from my experience. If these gloves were conforming for me, I would probably still be using them. That is even despite their very high price (considering their durability).

  3. This glove is very comfortable ,but I have only used it 5 times and its allready falling appart.Not at all worth the money that I spent for it and dont think I will purchase another one.I have botten other gloves that last way longer and that are allot cheaper then this one is.I can buy 5 for the price of this one.

  4. 😀 I was given the first Bionic Glove as a Christmas present and have been in love with them ever since. I do have (a lot) or arthritis in my hands (and feet and back and…) and there’s nothing like heading out for a round with a new glove. The padding is immediately noticeable. The comfort during a round is very noticeable. The durability is adequate. I usually rotate rounds between two gloves and will get a season out of the pair (at least 25-30 rounds per glove). As far as distance and accuracy go…who can tell what causes or doesn’t cause that? I haven’t noticed any problems with stitching coming loose. I seem to eventually wear through the leather in the heel of the palm area. I love them and don’t wear anything else.

  5. I have gone through three gloves since discovering the Bionic. They last about as long as any other good quality gloves but are so much more comfortable to wear. I’m an older gent with a little sensitivity in my hands and the Bionic has kept me on the course. In addition to the extra comfort, I like the feel and contol of the club the Bionic gives me. 😀 I tried going back to a regular glove and I went back to the Bionic after one round. A great product.

  6. As an arthritis sufferer who doesn’t play golf – I can’t comment on there use for this purpose. However, they make an excellent all round outdoor glove for the person who needs extra support. Perhaps we might start to see a range of colours appearing on the scene, as white is not very practical for picking up sticks for the fire in the woods. Mine are now a mottly shade of browns, but I wouldn’t go out without them!

  7. Great glove if you’ve got money. For this duffer, $25.00 is a lot of money to spend on a glove that doesn’t last any longer than one half the price. If I were well off though, it would be the only glove that I’d use.

  8. i purchased my glove at dicks sporting goods. i have not had any problems with it and i do not see any wear in it. i have used it a few times and i love it. it was well worth the 25 dollars that it costs.:)

  9. I have used Bionic golf gloves for about 10 years. I have slight arthritis in my hands. The comfort level created by the relief from arthritic pain while playing makes the Bionic golf glove well worth the higher price for me.

    As for those complaining about the durability of the Bionic golf club, i must simply disagree. I find them MORE durable than regular golf gloves. In 10 years of using these gloves, I have NEVER had one to unravel or wear through the leather (all other gloves I have used in over 50 years of playing golf have developed holes if used long enough).

  10. I recently switched from the Bionic Golve to the Bionic Glove Pro. Both gloves are really good but the Bionic Glove Pro offers a really great fit and it actually feels/fit like a second skin, giving you even more grip control and comfort.

    The only problem I have with the Bionic Glove is it’s duarability. The glove only last for 2 months or 12 – 15 rounds of golf.

    The stitching starts to wear and the palm area breaks down a lot fast than some of the lower priced gloves.

    Overall, the golve is really amazing and provides a great deal of comfort.

    The gloves are a little pricey and I say that only because they don’t last very long and H&B will not extend their warranty past 30 days.

    I recommend that you try the Bionic Glove at least once to see if this is the glove for you. It’s like the Pro V1 golf ball — You have to try it at least once….

  11. I don’t have any physical issues requiring this glove but after trying 1 for the 1st time, I’m in love with it. I’m using the relax grip model because I tend to grip the club with too much tension & it makes a world of difference. It feels thicker which I was concerned might reduce grip feel but it made no difference. I’ve read that there may be a durability issue so I’ll judge that later. As for price, I got mine for $16 on sale. Just shop around at online golf shops & you might find them at a more reasonable price.

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