Adams Introduces Speedline F11 Drivers and Fairway Woods

Maybe all of those LDA guys have Adams in the bag for a reason???

Bag DropThough it seems like everyone is starting to realize the benefits of a clubhead that is aerodynamically enhanced, the guys that started it all continue to refine those qualities of their drivers and fairway woods while adding complementary new tech along the way. Adams Golf now brings us the successor to last year’s Speedline FAST 10 with the new Speedline F11 drivers and fairways, promising even more reduction in drag.

Speedline F11 Drivers
Adams newest Speedline driver, the F11, continues where the previous Speedline models left off, but now boasts a larger foot print than previous models. Also new for this year is their Velocity Slot Technology, which is the visible channels on the sole and crown. The precise location of these channels keeps airflow attached to the clubhead longer than previous models, which did not feature this technology.

Adams Speedline F11 Driver Crown

The result is a 35% increase in airflow efficiency, which in turn of course increases clubhead speed. The result of this reduction in drag can result in in six or more yards of carry distance.

Adams Speedline F11 Driver

The sweet spot has also been stretched out to increase the Speedline F11’s performance on off-center contact. This expansion, coupled with a higher MOI results in a more forgiving, more consistent tee shot. The center of gravity has been taken even lower and deeper than before as well, resulting in a higher launch with less spin.

Adams Speedline F11 Driver Face.jpg

As the leader in aerodynamic technology in driver design, we are pleased to offer golfers of all abilities a club that delivers more distance yet remains extremely easy-to-hit. The addition of the Velocity Slot Technology to Speedline F11 has definitely created the fastest, longest and most forgiving driver on the market today.

Chip Brewer, President and CEO of Adams Golf

Adams Speedline F11 Driver Sole.jpg

The Speedline F11 driver comes in both left-handed and right-handed versions, with the righty model offered in a wide range of lofts, including 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12.5°. The left-handed model comes in two lofts, a 9.5° and a 10.5°. A number of additional options will be available as well, including a women’s version (RH and LH with 12.5° of loft, and a RH-only HL model) and a draw-favoring version that comes in either a 9.5° or 10.5°. There are two shafts to choose from, either the high launching Aldila Voodoo VS or the mid-launching Matrix Ozik XCON, and either choice will come wrapped in an Adams Tour Velvet grip. The womens version is mated with a lightweight graphite Graffaloy Speedline shaft. The retail price is listed at $399.99, though I’d expect to see them a little cheaper when they hit stores on February 1st.

Adams Speedline F11 Driver Heel

Speedline F11 Fairway Woods
Like the Speedline F11 driver, these newest fairway woods from Adams boasts their latest method of drag reduction, the Velocity Slot Technology. Not only does this help on pure strikes, it also improves forgiveness by 21% on contact across a wide portion of the face. The Velocity Slot Technology also improves COR to levels near that of a driver, leaving you with a club that is not only easy to hit, but can provide a pretty significant increase in distance as well – between 5-12 yards longer, according to Adams.

Adams Speedline F11 Fairway.jpg

I’ve been looking for a club like this for something like 10 years. I hit it maybe twice and I just knew—it was really, really good. The ball just seemed to launch off the face because of the increased spring‑like effect from the Velocity Slots. This is one of those clubs that comes along and just makes you say…wow!

Ryan Moore

Adams Speedline F11 Fairway Face.jpg

Another point to note is that the new Speedline F11 fairways will be offered in both stainless steel and titanium, though both make use of channels seen both on the crown and the sole that works by allowing more flex in the face, and more of a rebound or spring, and ultimately a higher COR.

Adams Speedline F11 Fairway Crown.jpg

Historically, fairway woods had relatively low COR values due to the fact that their head and face sizes had to remain smaller for playability purposes. By applying Velocity Slot Technology to our Speedline F11 fairway woods, we’ve been able to expand the COR across the entire face without adversely impacting size or durability, thereby setting a new standard for performance and forgiveness in the category. This improvement is directly proportional to the impressive COR improvements that occurred in drivers in the mid-2000s as their head size increased.

Scott Burnett, Director of Advance Product Development for Adams Golf

The Speedline F11 fairways come with the same choices in shafts – the higher launch Aldila VooDoo VS or mid-launch Matriz Ozik XCON, topped with the same Adams Tour Velvet grip. A women’s version of the fairway wood will be available as well. Both the stainless steel and titanium models are available in three lofts for righties (13.5° 3+, 15° 3W, and 18° 5W) and two lofts for lefties (15° 3W and 18° 5W). The women’s Speedline F11 is available regardless of dexterity, with the right-handed version available in a 3W, 5W, and 7W, and the left handed version available in a 3W and 5W. The big difference between the titanium and stainless models is evident in the price tag – the stainless steel model has a MSRP of $299.99, while the titanium rings up at $399.99.

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