TaylorMade Introduces the New RocketBladez Irons and Ghost Spider S Putter

TaylorMade says that its new technology has completely changed the iron while also updating one of its more popular putters.

Bag Drop┬áThere is no question that TaylorMade is one of the most popular golf manufacturers in today’s market and one of the biggest reasons for that is the amount of technology that goes into their clubs. While some may argue that at least some of their technology is a bit on the gimmicky side, the TaylorMade R&D department puts in a lot of work and comes up with features that haven’t been seen in golf clubs before. From adjustable drivers, to white paint, moveable weights and an adjustable sole plate, their doesn’t seem to be much that the company hasn’t thought of. This time around, TaylorMade a two new releases; the Rocketbladez irons and the Ghost Spider S putters.

Rocketbladez Irons
Earlier this year, TaylorMade introduced the RocketBallz line of clubs, which included drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons; however, it was the fairway woods that brought the most attention and that was due to the slot on the bottom which according to their research allowed golfers to pick up an average of 17 yards with a 3 wood. With the introduction of the RocketBladez irons, TaylorMade as brought that same technology to its irons.

The Rocketbladez will come in two different versions; there will be the standard Rocketbladez as well as a Tour version of the clubs. Both sets feature a modified version of the Speed Pocket found in the fairway woods and hybrids in the RBZ line. However, it is important to note that this feature is only on the 3-7 irons and is not on the scoring clubs (8-PW).

The idea of the Speed Pocket is fairly simple; by removing some of the material behind the club face, TaylorMade is able to increase the spring like effect on the face giving the club a high MOI. This results in faster balls speeds and more distance. Longer distances isn’t the only thing that TaylorMade is claiming with the new irons though, as they also say that the irons are more consistent shot to shot and more forgiving on mishits. This increase in consistency is achieved by the careful management of the Speed Pocket and an improved inverted Cone shape.

To improve the feel of the Rockebladez, the Speed Pocket has been filled with a specially formulated polyurethane by 3M that helps to dampen vibrations.

Both the standard and Tour versions promote a higher launch with the redistribution of weight to move the center of gravity lower in the club. In the standard version 17.5 grams has been redistributed while in the Tour version, 11 grams has been moved.

The standard version of the Rocketbladez comes with a choice of either steel or graphite “Rocketfuel” shafts. The steel version is 85 grams whereas the graphite shafts come in even lighter at 65 grams. The Tour version will come stock with the KBS Tour shafts. Custom options are available for both sets.

The standard Rocketbladez are available in stores now and carry a price tag of $799 for steel or $899 for graphite for an eight club set. The Rocketbladez Tour will be available come February 2013.

Ghost Spider S Putter

The new Ghost Spider S putter is a follow up to the original Ghost Spider putter and features many similarities but also quite a few changes. The overall shape of the putter remains the same, but TaylorMade has redesigned the crown to give it a more flowing look that causes less distractions. They have also gone away from the multiple line/half circle alignment aide found on the original version and replaced it with a single white line on the dark crown. This gives the putter a clean look and the company says that it helps to promote focus, accurate aim and stroke awareness.

In addition to the refined esthetics, TaylorMade claims that this is their most stable tour putter ever. This is done with 6000 MOI which helps to resist twisting and makes it easy to keep the club square and start the ball on the intended line. TaylorMade created this increased stability by using multiple materials to position weight right where they wanted it. The steel frame is 228g while the aluminum center weighs in at only 90g. The aluminum sole plate adds another 26.5g of weight. In addition to that, the club has a single bend, short slant hosel and adjustable heel and toe weights allowing for either a putter that is face balanced or one with 30┬░ of toe hang. This makes it so the putter will fit multiple stroke types and lets the user dial in their preferred feel.

The Ghost Spider S putter is available in both right and left handed models and in lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches. Retail price for the putter is $179.99.

6 thoughts on “TaylorMade Introduces the New RocketBladez Irons and Ghost Spider S Putter”

  1. Not my cup of tea I’m afraid.
    Additionally, I’m not sure I want to see something that has “completely changed the iron” – when will the game’s authorities get a grip on the technology???

  2. I’ve hit the new Rocketbladez and the result was this:

    PRO’s: The most consistant iron I have ever hit, period. I hit maybe 60 balls total. I hit 4-PW and got the same result 60 times in a row. I didn’t have one single inconsistant outcome. I had a consistant ball flight, a consistant 3 yard cut, consistant distances, & consistant accuracy. The face is hot and the feel is good. No matter how pure I struck the ball, it felt like there was 5 more yds left in it.

    CON’s: Almost no ability to work the ball… left, right, lower, higher… you can forget it. These irons are built to replicate the same shot. Also, there is a huge gap between the 7 & 8 irons (the 8iron does not have the slot). I hit the 7iron 160yds and the 8iron 145yds… maybe it’s just me. This could be fixed easily.

    Overall, consistancy equals predictability… predictability equals trust… trust equals confidence. If the Rocketbladez TOUR irons can add more workability, you are looking at the new “it” thing in golf.

  3. I just purchased the Ghost Spider S. It replaced my Scotty Cameron California Fastback (34″). I had tested the Ghost Spider S for a while and so far I like it. It seems to fit my putting style much better than the California Fastback. I think it also helps that I got the Ghost Spider S at 35″ and with a better grip too. I have moved on to the Super Stroke Slim 55 grip and so far my putting is improved. Time will tell but for now it feels better and I am hoping that in a few months the numbers will also show that my putting has improved. So far I am a big fan of the Ghost Spider S. It’s a bit smaller than the previous model, looks better, and most importantly, feels better. Can’t wait to try out the Rocketbladez irons. The earlier post that there is no workability actually has me excited as I am looking for consistent shots at this time as I am only just under a 15 handicap. I can understand why more accomplished golfers would not like the fact that they cannot work the ball but for most golfers out there including myslef, I think it’s a very good thing if true.

  4. as per TM, far too busy. They just go over the top Im afraid. I think their Penta is the best product they make, even though I dont use their ball on a regular basis, I think its as close to the ProV that any of the other makers have come. As for the clubs, no thanks, like the article said, its smoke and mirrors and gimmicks if you ask me, and the average golfer out there just eats that up, and they know it..

  5. Looking to make a change in irons and the Rocketbladez TOUR irons are one set I’m considering. I hit the standard irons today and as advertised, the 7-iron went about 10-15 yards farther than my current 7-iron (R7 TP). With 20+ swings, I couldn’t get my consistent draw going…the ball simply wants to go straight as an arrow.

    It will be interesting to see how the RB Tour irons hit. I’d REALLY like to see a review done that compares the two sets.

  6. Just a short comment on the irons, although I am not in any way a TM person and never have been I did pick the irons up. Out of all the irons at Rodger Dunn these hit the most consistent. They are dead on accurate and have a great flight to them. The AW-8 irons hit high and land soft with little to no bounce. The 7i – 4i you will get an average of 10 yards more out of them. I am not a high or long hitter in any way, I used to be able to hit a 7i consistent 155. When I returned to the game about 5 months ago and being 50 I could hardly get 135 maybe 140. Last night at the range it was about 40 or less outside I was dropping them at 145 all with in a very nice grouping. So am I totally sold on TM no way, having a hard time even thinking of owning anything that has to do with them yes. Everyone has to admit they have a marketing machine like no others out there. But the proof is in the pudding and I still have 60 plus days to return them before I need to really decide. I got them in steel not really sure I like that yet coming from graphite but I can say no matter how hard I grip and rip they still hit consistent. One thing I did notice and it could have been because of the range balls and being so cold they do not have the buttery feeling like the Mizuno and others. Is there a lot of smoke and mirrors with TM, well we all know that answer.
    Are they for everyone most likely no

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