Titleist Releases the 913 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Titleist’s 913 product family has new members with the introduction of the company’s newest fairway woods and hybrids.

Bag DropBack in November, Titleist updated its product family with the addition of the 913D2 and 913D3 drivers. These clubs replaced the 910 drivers in Titleist’s lineup, however, at that point, that was it; no new woods or hybrids. Starting at the beginning of this month, that is no longer the case with the introduction of the 913F and 913F.d fairway woods and 913H and 913H.d hybrids.

Titleist says that they have developed their best performing woods and hybrids ever in the 913 series through extensive testing and advanced engineering. The new clubs have optimized launch and lower spin bringing about more distance. While the 913 series offer better perfomance than their predecessors, they still include the SureFit Hosel which gives the golfer the ability to dial in the club to their exact specifications.

The biggest way that the company was able to increase the performance of the 913 series over the 910’s was to move the center of gravity (CG) lower into the club. Lower CG means a club that will launch higher, but with less spin, giving shots more distance. The lower CG also adds to the clubs stability and forgiveness meaning off center hits won’t be as punishing. To pull this off, the R&D team at Titleist did a few different things. To start, Titleist designed a new Sure Fit weight that is flatter than before. The weight is still held in place by a screw but it does not extend up into the head. They have also designed and ultra-thin crown that allows for more of the mass to be distributed lower in the club.

However, maybe the biggest change is to the SureFit hosel. The redesigned hosel has been made to be leaner, shorter, and sleeker than before and the weight saved there has been moved towards the bottom of the club to help bring down the center of gravity. So far, the new SureFit hosel has gotten positive feedback according to Titleist with players commenting that the club looks better at address than before. The change doesn’t come without a bit of negative, however, as shafts with a 910 hosel will not fit into the head of a 913 fairway wood or hybrid. This only applies to the woods and hybrids though, as the shafts in the drivers are interchangeable.

While the 913 fairways and hybrids can’t accept 910 shafts, not everything is negative. First, if you really have a shaft with a 910 adaptor that you want to use, Titleist is offering a re-tipping service. In addition to that, the new clubs come with the choice of four different stock shafts, and three of those are the real aftermarket product. In the fairway woods, the shaft choices are the Aldila RIP Phenom 80, the Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 82, the Mitsubishi S+ Blue 72, and the Titleist Bassara W 55 (S, R, A) and 45 (L). The hybrids have essentially the same options with the Adila RIP Phenom 80  HYB, the Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White  92 HY and the Diamana S+ Blue 82 HY (S) and 72 HY (R), and Titleist Bassara W 60 HYB (S, R, A) and 50 HYB (L). In addition to the stock shafts, Titleist offers a number of custom options.

Both the fairway woods and hybrids will be available in two different models. For the woods they are the 913F and 913F.d and for the hybrids they are the 913H and 913H.d. The 913F has a classic pear shaped design where as teh 913F.d has a similar, but larger shape and delivers less spin (about 200 rpm less). In the hybrids, the 913H.d features a more compact, iron like appearance than it’s 913H counterpart while the 913H has more offset of the two.

Golfers will be able to pick up both models of the fairway woods in the store. However, with the hybrids, only the 913H will be available in store as the 913H.d is by custom order only. the 913F comes in lofts of 13.5, 15, 17, 19, and 21 degrees whereas the 913F.d is only available in 13.5, 15, and 18 degrees. The 913H comes in lofts of 18, 19, 21, 24 and 27 degrees with the 913H.d. coming in lofts of 18, 20 and 23 degrees. The fairways will run $249 in the store while hybrids can be picked up for $229.

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  1. I just got the 913F 5 wood. I have two rounds on it and I like it a lot. Just what someone would expect from Titleist, a good looking solid golf club.

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