Tiger’s “Secret” Ball: The Platinum

Tiger’s been tricking the Darrell Survey and playing a new ball: the Nike One Platinum.

Nike PlatinumBogeyLounge points us to the Detroit Free Press and a story about Tiger’s “secret” ball: the Nike One Platinum.

We’ve known about the Nike One Platinum for awhile now, or suspected it, but now it’s in the news. Good enough for us, eh? Tiger’s “Platinum” ball has been stamped “Gold” for as long as six to nine months. The “Gold” stamp “hides” the new ball from the Darrell Survey – and industry insiders and competitors.

Call it “research.” Nike is, saying “As is usually the case, he’ll put a prototype in play before he signs off on anything. He’s got to see how it works in competition before we introduce a new ball that’s tied to him.” Tiger, if nothing else, wants to put out a quality product if it’s got his name on it.

Woods has apparently conducted enough research, and he gave the thumbs up two weeks ago after his win at Doral. “The Platinum is really a ball for somebody who has the complete game or wants to exploit the complete game,” said Nike rep Dean Stoyer.

The Nike One Platinum should be priced at about $39.99 retail ($54 MSRP) and hits stores in early May.

Oh, and the rumor on the street is that he’ll play a platinum (i.e. silver) colored ball at the Masters Par 3 Tournament.

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