Titleist Forged 695MB Irons Review

Titleist’s Forged 695MB is not for the weekend duffer, but for the golfer who takes tremendous pleasure in hitting a forged, muscleback iron on the button.

Titleist 695MB HeroLet’s cut to the chase: you’re either interested in Titleist’s 695MB irons or you’re not. If you’re looking for a forgiving iron with no feel, these aren’t the irons for you. But if you’re a single-digit handicapper with a penchant for the buttery sweet feel of a modern muscleback, read on.

Titleist’s Forged 695MB Irons are the successor to the previous model, the 690.MB (preceded themselves by the dotless 690MB). Sister set to the Forged 695CB, the 695MB offers an evolutionary, not revolutionary, step forward in the line.

If Titleist’s irons were placed on a scale with the more forgiving Forged 775.CB irons and the rare Forged 660 at the other, the 695MB would occupy just beside the 660 and a good bit away from the combo 735.CM.

But again, we already knew that. What’s new in these models and how well they work, why, that’s what the rest of the review will tell you. Read on, but bring your proof-of-handicap…

Design and Technology
Leaning heavily on the traditional lines Titleist has maintained in their irons since, oh, they started making irons in the 1950s, the 695MBs take a small step forward. That step forward is called the “Z-Muscle,” a design element that removes weight from the heel of the club to shift the center of gravity closer to the center of the iron’s face. Forged irons have long had a sweet spot dangerously close to the the hosel, so moving the center of gravity toe-ward is a welcome change.

Titleist 695MB Z-Muscle
The “Z-Muscle” in the Forged 695MB removes weight from the heel and shifts the center of gravity towards the toe.

Of course, a heavier toe may create a face that’s tougher to close, but the 695MB features progressive offset – from 0.135 inches in the 3-iron to 0.085 inches in the pitching wedge – and a constant length blade to help players square the clubface properly at impact, particularly in the longer irons.

The 695MB also has a relatively narrow sole to allow for greater shotmaking options than the wider soles found on other irons, and Titleist’s (i.e. Golf Pride’s) Tour Velvet Cord grip as standard.

Looks and Setup
As with most Titleist irons, the 695MB is a throwback to the traditional with a little modern flair. For the first time, Titleist is showing a bit of color with the red “695” paintfill on the back of the iron. Red is a color trend that carries into the other iron sets (like the Forged 775.CB).

Titleist 695MB Address
At address, the Titleist Forged 695MB inspires confidence through it’s no-nonsense, clean looks. If these look intimidating, perhaps you’re not ready for Titleist irons.

At address, players will notice a traditionally thin topline that manages to hide the muscle behind the sweet spot. They’ll notice a high toe, the consistent blade length, and a relatively flat leading edge that makes proper alignment a snap. The minimal offset is disguised nicely, and the simple, clean appearance inspires confidence.

Feel and Performance
Titleist calls the Forged 695MB a “contemporary, muscle back blade iron for the highly skilled player seeking maximum shot shaping control and maneuverability.” And that they are.

In my 735.CM review, I said:

As is true of all Titleist’s irons, they inspire confidence from the moment you pull them out of the bag, set them behind the ball, and look up at your shot as it soars against an azul sky.

That’s as true of the 695MB as it is of any other iron Titleist has ever produced. The thin sole and the straight leading edge leant themselves to beautiful shotmaking capabilities with easy alignment and controllable dig and gouge properties out of the fairway, rough, and other lies.

Titleist 695MB Backs
The back of the 695MB are polished to a mirror-like finish. In fact, they were tough to photograph in sunlight!

My 695MB set was equipped with Rifle’s FCM 6.0 flighted shafts. Having spent all my life playing True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts, it took awhile to get used to the flight of the Rifle shafts, but once I did the results were amazing: the 3-, 4-, and 5-irons launched a bit higher than expected while the short irons launched a bit lower and really got through the air and any wind. The trajectory of every shot felt like a mid-iron, and was just as easy to control as one, too.

But make no mistake about it: these are serious clubs for the really serious player. Mishits aren’t rewarded, and shots a half an inch towards the toe or heel lose ten yards and a little accuracy. I switched to the 735.CM last year from my 680s for the extra forgiveness, and these clubs immediately took it back.

Titleist 695MB Faces
A consistent blade length and a relatively flat leading edge with a framed satin grooved area all aid alignment.

But what these clubs give in return is that sweet feeling on center contact. That feeling that the ball didn’t even get in the way of your swing, that sweet “nothingness” when you feel a ball compress on the face of an iron before springing into the air, dead online and flying true. That feeling is why these irons are what they are to some people. That sweet feeling of hitting a forged muscleback iron on the button keeps people coming back to the game, and these irons deliver that sweet feeling to those capable of wielding them properly.

The best shot I hit with these irons was actually a recovery shot from the right side of a par five. I had to go under a tree and cut a shot back into the wind to bend the ball back into the fairway. I chose a three iron, played it back in my stance, and took a nice, easy swing. The ball rocketed off the clubface, stayed low under the tree, and bent nicely to the right. It traveled nearly as far as I’d expect a 3-wood to travel from a lie in the fairway, leaving only a short pitch to the green. The feeling of that shot at impact is still with me today.

Titleist 695MB Soles
The splash of red on the muscleback adds a distinct and attractive flair to the 695MB.

I’ve always been more of a “picker” than a “digger” of the golf ball, so the thin sole on the 695MB was right up my alley. If you play on Bermuda fairways or pick the ball relatively clean, you’ll like them as well.

In playing the 735s, I made a conscious decision to give up a little workability for a little forgiveness, but I must admit it’s nice to have the workability back again. Despite having the flighted Rifle shafts, I found it very easy to modify the height of my golf ball and also to vary the left-to-right and right-to-left flight, giving me excellent control over both directions (horizontal and vertical).

The Forged 695MB is constructed of Forged 1025 mild carbon steel and is available in 2-PW, with a standard set being 3-PW. The stock grip is a Titleist Tour Velvet Cord with the logo underneath, and the stock shafts are the standby True Temper Dynamic Gold S300.

Titleist 695MB Toes
The offset in the three iron (far right) is minimal (0.135″) for the better shotmaker, and progresses in small steps through the set.

Available for righties and lefties, the 695MB can be customized with an R300 shaft or a number of other shafts, including Rifle’s Project X or Flighted Rifle shafts. True Temper also offers the Dynamic Gold SL in R3, S3, and X1. Naturally, custom grips can be ordered at your local pro shop. They sell for $899.

Titleist will be the first to tell you that the 695MB irons are not for everyone. Heck, their 2006 Iron Selection Guide (PDF) recommends the 695MB to players with a handicap ranging from zero to five, and my experiences mirror that recommendation.

These aren’t the easiest irons in the world to hit, they’re not super forgiving, and they won’t do much to help you correct hooks or slices. But they will allow you to control your golf ball in both directions (horizontal and vertical), they will provide consistent playability throughout the set, and they will provide that oh-so-sweet feeling when you pure a shot.

And for some, that makes all the difference.

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  1. I didn’t have the space for it, but the biggest thing these irons have going for them over the TM RAC MB TPs is the feel. With the TPs, sweet-spot contact is still “felt.” With the 695MBs, it almost feels as if the ball wasn’t there. They’re that sweet.

  2. i am a single digit handicapper and i got the 695 mb irons about a month ago so i will make it short and sweet there the best irons ever made

  3. i am upgrading to a set of titleist irons from the pings i currently have, i am stuck between the 695mb and the 695cb, if i chose the 695cb would they offer me more forgivness? what do you reccommend?

  4. I use the previous 690MB and they are just simply awesome. It makes you feel confident at address and the feel is amazing. I am a 14 handicap but with these irons i am playing 39-40 in 9 holes.

  5. I have owned and played the Mizuno MP 32’s, Titleist 680, Titleist 690…and I can say without hesitation that the Titleist 695 MB’s are the best hands-down. The feel I get after a pure shot is heavenly. I can’t recommend these highly enough.

  6. I just played my first round with the 695’s yesterday. I’ve been mostly hitting a set of 1973 Wilson Staff’s since I bought them in that same year. I hit a 695 8 iron a little high on the face of the 695’s on the 4th hole. A little chubby. It took off in a way that the WS’s 8 iron never allowed. Those clubs are super thin on the top line and you know it every time you hit a shot like this. The shot I hit yesterday soared dead on line and felt almost perfectly sweet….and landed 155 yards downrange about 6 foot short of the front lip. If I had flushed it it would have gone in. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

    I’m 57 and play to a 6.3, but that’s with a short game worth maybe a 12 these days.

  7. I played with the Titleist 690’s for the last two years and fought the hook with them.

    I upgraded to the 695’s and was fitted with a softer Rifle shaft 5.5 which has cured my hook. I feel like I am getting a little more distance as well. I recommend these clubs to anyone with a good iron game/ball striking ability.

    I think the blades make you more focused and they force you to make a swing which is in control. They won’t let you get away with any slop. The small head allows you to pick the ball out of some tougher lies. The small sole also allows you to fade or draw the ball just by slight changes in your alignment/grip.

    Give yourself some time to adjust to these. I can tell you I would have a hard time adjusting the other way now that I am use to the blade.

    Don’t buy the blades however if you only play/practice once a week. Your swing needs to be honed in with these clubs… and you will love them if you can put in the time.

  8. Hello, at this moment im using the titleist 990B dci’s. But im wondering which clubs ill buy now. I tried the 695mb, 735cm, mp 32 and the mp 60’s. But the 695 feel so light and have such a nice contact. So, im a 12 handicapper now, train like 3-4 times in the week. U guys think the 695 is a good investment?

    greetings mark

  9. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    I just got back from demo days at my local golf range. I started out with the 755’s and didn’t like the trajectory. I picked these 695’s up and I absolutely love them. They are for sure my next set of irons. My old ones are Tommy Armour 845’s (the old ones). I was looking at the Nike blades originally, but these blow them so far out of the water it makes it look like Nike has no idea how to make a golf club. And this is coming from a guy who plays Nike everything. I’m a 12-13 handicap and I try to get out to the range or play once a week to keep my game in tune and I’m confident that with these clubs, I’ll be about an 6-8 handicap or better. They are that good. I’ve read a lot of reviews that say that blade clubs are hard to hit and not for the faint of heart. I find these reviews very discouraging for golfers like me who want a great set of irons, but are afraid that it might be too much club for them. I can tell you with confidence that you have nothing to be worried about with these clubs. Go out and hit them before you pass judgment about whether they are too hard to hit or too much club for you. I’ve never been more confident about a set of golf clubs that I want to buy than these right here. They are simply amazing. I hit the 4-iron perfect, the 6,8,PW perfect as well. They are definitely an upgrade from my current irons. The only fear I have is distances. I hit these 695’s further than my current irons. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing, but it’s gonna take me a while to get them dialed in if I do end up buying them (money is the only issue right now as I’m a 21 year old college student). Oh well, it’ll be the most fun I’ve ever had on the range when I do get them. That I can guarantee. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. hey i was just wondering what the best irons out are right now im lookin into all these differnt irons and have no idea what to get im lookin to buy the best and keep them for as long as they last… ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks guys ( oh and i love how the 695 mb look and id love to get some but are there better?) thanks!

  11. You probably need to answer the following questions:

    Have you hit a variety of clubs?

    Do you like the looks of the club at address.

    Do you consider yourself a good ball striker?

    Do you play/practice golf regularly?

    What is your Iron game handicap?

    One thing about the 695’s…you need to consider…they are not forgiving like other clubs. If you shape your shots, then these clubs are great. If your just trying to hit a stright shot then these club can be more frustrating.

    These clubs will point out your swing faults.

    That said, they are fun to hit and you will maximize your distance. I know some will hate the following comment but please use head covers, the 695’s are to nice to ding up!!

  12. soo if i just want to hit the ball straight u are saying these are not the clubs for me? i dont really understand i play a lot i shoot about 10 over on 18 average im using nikalus air bears right now they are horrible.. very forgiving though but no control on the ball what so ever..

  13. The 695’s are clubs which will allow you to shape shots. Your swing has to be honed in very well to keep from spraying the ball.

    The slightest grip change and/or stance can have a large effect on where your ball goes. If your’re confident in your swing and it is repeatable then I would recommend these clubs. Before purchasing, I would take them to the range on Grass and give them a try. I found them to be easier to hit than I thought they would be! Maybe you will too?

    If you currently hit the ball straight instead of right one shot and left the next, then you will enjoy these clubs. Hope that helps!

  14. I bought these irons for the summer, the classic looking head instill alot of confidence.

    I would recommend them to very good ball strikers as they are not forgiving.

    My recommendation is that anything above a 9 handicap wont actually get the best out of them.

    I dropped three shots to 1 handicap by getting to grips with these!

    The comments passed above are rubbish…. if you are looking to hit the ball straight then these can work for you but are easier to shape than say a callaway x12 for example.

    Uless you are a proper player these will harm your game though so be wary!

  15. Lewis, in my opinion…it really depends on how well you feel you strike the ball. I also play to a 10 handicap and love these irons. I am very busy with two kids and my short game is in the tank (chipping and putting)…but I can hit my irons well.

    I went back and forth between two different sets, the 695’s and the cavity back pings and my scoring was the same.

    So…if your handicap is a 10 because your short game is week then I would say go for the 695’s.

    The so called experts would say no don’t use them because your handicap is not under a 5.

    Anyway hope that helps.

  16. Hi, I’m 14 years old and I have a 8 handicap. I wanted to know if this irons are the right ones for me.

  17. (Iรƒยขรขโ€šยฌรขโ€žยขm a 9 handicap) I went from the MP37s to the MB695s and my ball striking has improved, my observation is that the thin sole makes it easier to pick the ball off the turf – also the standard lie of these clubs is 1.5 degrees more upright than the standard lie of 37’s (MP37 6 iron – 61รƒโ€นร…ยก and 695MB – 62.5รƒโ€นร…ยก), for me this was evident with the marks on the sole i.e. spread around the centre on the 695’s.

    I had my local pro check the lie angle on the 695’s when I got them and he found that there was as much as 1 degree variance from the standard lie – I called Titleist and they say they cannot guarantee that when the clubs reach you they will be as they were when produced. However your local pro will set them to where they need to be for around รƒโ€šร‚ยฃ15 a set and with forged clubs this should be done once a season, depending on how hard and how often you hit them.

    The weight is further away from the hosel – more towards the centre which considering that most players line up with the centre of the face, makes sense. The 695’s have helped me to shape my shots from right to left – something I struggled doing with the MP37s.

    Hitting these clubs makes you feel good and they also look fantastic in your bag!

    If you strike a decent ball I would not be put off by the manufacturers handicap comments.

  18. Ben, I personally think you can hit these clubs farther than a typical cavity back club because the heads are smaller and more solid. (it seems I can get my hands faster through the hitting area)

    You do however need to hit them on the button to maximize your distance/consistancy.

    You will find that a miss hit with this irons will make you come up short by 10/15 yards whereas the cavity back would be more forgiving.

  19. hi guys i have got the 822os irons at the moment, i have had these for about 5 years now, i am playing off of 12 handicap but my last competition when my handicap was assessed was over 3 years ago and when i get back into playing consistently i believe i am capable of playing to 4/6 handicap in my opinion. I am considering these irons as an upgrade, what do you guys think?

  20. i am currently a 10 handicap and playing taylor made rac LT’s the origional version. I have tryed the callaway x-forged, titliest 695cb and rac mb tp. these titleist 695mb are the most pure golf club i have ever tried, and not at all hard to hit. I found the cb a good club but if you would like to improve your golf i would recomend the mb version. They are extremly easy to hit, just as if not more forgiving then the taylor made rac LT’s. Ordered them on the spot but 2 weeks till i can recieve them, can already visualise my scores being cut in half. If you are serious about your golf game rush out and get these irons before they run out. Dont listen to people saying they are imposible to hit thats bogus.

  21. I got these clubs at the beginning of this season (2007) and played with them for the first time in April without hitting them on the range. I have to say these were the best clubs in my bag that day. I actually struggled more with my new driver than I did going from game improvement irons to the 695MBs. I started the season with a goal of breaking 90 (having 93 as a previous low) and I have shot as low as 81 with the season dwindling (New England weather ๐Ÿ˜• ).

    I have to say that it’s not necessarily true that these are for single digit handicappers. I am still in double digits but I’m constantly improving. I would recommend these for anyone who is aspiring to be a single digit handicapper. I just started playing golf in 2006 at the age of 27. Granted I’m a fast learner and probably have above average athletic ability :mrgreen: , I’d still recommend these irons to those who are looking to really improve their swing and their game. However, if you are looking for immediate lower scores, these irons probably aren’t for you.

    Great look, super feel, and I haven’t had any durability issues as one other post mentioned. It’s going to be tough to part with these when they are no longer playable. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  22. โ“
    Hey, love the review and im currently playin of 11 aged 14 but hoping to get cut rather soon!
    looking at purchasing the 695’s but was wondering whether titleist are planning on bringing out an updated version of the 695’s since, to my belief they have been out on sale since 2006 and we are fast approaching 2008. I have hit demo’s of the 695’s and absoloutely love them!but it would be a pain purchasing a set of these beauties if an updated version are released soon after?!
    would appreciate a reply with advice
    chrz matt

  23. Matt, we all get can get caught up in the “newest Technology”. But in my opinion, when it comes to a blade, the improvements can only go so far. In other words, If you like the look and are fitted with the right shaft, you won’t see much change in the blade. I loved the 690’s which came before the 695’s but was fitted with an overly stiff shaft. So…in my opinion, the right fit will be the most important decision.

    That said, I would expect Titleist to introduce a new club in the coming year or two. It will be driven by Marketing rather than a better blade design. The blade hasn’t changed all that much. When the new clubs do come out, you will probably get a better deal on the 695’s.

    Hope that Helps.


  24. hi, im 13 and off 6.3, im currently using callaway x18’s and definately need a change as i would prefare more control and accuracy in my irons, i dont want flyers off the firway โ—

    last year i bought mp60’s and didnt strike the ball as well as im doing now, i say that last year i could play to about 8 and now to about 2-3 on a good day, 5-6 maybe 7-8 on off day. i was wondering weather you could advise me on which clubs to buy? obviously im demoing irons, eg 695cb/mb, 755, 735cm ect i really like the 695 cb and mb, as only being young and not as long as others i need a little more distance and the cb’s are 2 degrees stronger than the mb’s.

    im also struggeling on what shaft to buy, the r300 feels abit too light and whippy, but the s300 is a scafolding pole to me! as they do not do project x in demo clubs im not sure what shaft to get.

    if you could advise me on what clubs to buy i would be truely greatfull, weather it be titleist, taylormade, mizuno ect, hope you can get back to me soon as i would like the clubs a.s.a.p because it is winter in england so i could get a bit of practice with the clubs without it effecting my handicap.

    many thanks, tom

  25. Tom, by know means am I an expert club fitter, but that is exactly what you need, An expert Club fitter. Go get fitted to determine you lie angle, swing speed tempo, how you load the shaft etc. Then see if you can hit demo clubs with the recomended shaft flex etc to see which club feels the best. I also believe it’s hard to pick clubs by hitting them in doors on a mat. In the early spring, the Club companies should have “Demo Days” in your area. Go on the Club manuf. website to see when there coming to town.

    I personally think the blade will teach you how to hit more consistently, because you have to, when playing a blade. You can always go to cavity back club later if you need to.

    If you can get with a club pro/fitter who knows your game, they can advise you based on your ball flight, swing tendencies etc.

  26. Hi guys.
    Currently play off 12 with a short game that keeps me from at least 10 if not lower.

    I strike the ball fairly well, especially with my longer clubs, but my current irons (Ping I3 O/S – not blade) are feeling quite old. I tend to cut the ball mainly and have a reasonable ball strike.

    I am tossing up between the 755 and 695, mainly because I want to work the ball in the air, bot from left to right and in height, and the Pings just don’t give me anything.

    I have a Titleist 904F in my bag which is close to my favourite club and was wondering as this is quite a small face on it, it may be similar to irons such as these.

    I don’t hit the ball overly long, Driver 240 yds and 3 wood 190/200 yds, but seem to hit my irons relatively shorter in comparison to my playing partners.

    When buying the Pings I actually demo’d the 690’s and they felt quite good, but was scared off by others saying they would be too good for me.

    I know I am going to need to hit them but just want to know others thoughts as to whether to even bother.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  27. Dave, do you hit the 904 club proportionally longer than the other clubs?

    I would think the smaller head would provide more distance.

    I am not a club fitter, but would think the 695’s off the shelf are meant for higher swing speeds…so be careful to make sure you have the right shaft.

    Unless you can find a screamind deal, you will probably have to order them ( new) from Titleist with the correct shaft. Any set you buy on the used market will probably have a shaft that is too stiff!. (And you would then have to re-shaft them? At additional cost.

    The other downside is if the softer shaft is what you would need, then they would be tougher to sell outright.

    It sound like you have the ability to shape your shots, so I would highly recommend the 695’s.

    The only other clubs which would help with lenght are the Hybrids which is a total departure from these clubs!

    The other downside to the 695’s is you will lose distance if not struck well which may subtract to your shorter length.

    Then the other variable, If you are older, over 40 and don’t see your lenght inproving, then I would’nt recommend these clubs. If your younger and could see yourself improving your lenght, then go for the 695’s.


  28. Dave, one other thought, I believe the 690’s could help you draw your ball flt and help with Distance. The 695’s are alittle more center weighted which I think helps to reduce the hook.

    Of course, the draw should help your distance.


  29. Thanks for the response Jeff, I do hit my 904F further in comparison to others in my bag, generally a more consistent strike as well.

    The loss of length thing for off centre hits doesn’t worry me so much as I tend to over hit my current clubs in search of greater distance only to hit them poorly

    The stiff shaft thing has me intrigued. My Driver has a stiff Graffaloy shaft and the 904F has a stiff Adila shaft. My Titleist 585 rescue has a X-stiff shaft (accident – ebay purchase) and I find little discernable difference.

    What exactly is the stiffness of the shaft supposed to do?

  30. Dave,

    it has to do with how you load the shaft or when and how much the shaft bends.

    When the shaft bends or loads, the club face is in different positions.

    You said that you ‘cut’. or fade your shots….which could mean that it’s harder to square the face with a shaft that is too stiff. The harm in hitting a shaft which is too flexible is much less harm than hitting a shaft which is too stiff.

    The ideal senerio is to go to the Demo day when a group of club Manufactures will let you try different clubs with different flex shafts.

    Sounds like you clubs are too stiff given the distances you listed.

    I when from a 7.0 stiff flex to a 5.5 reg flex and I hit my 3 iron as long or longer than I did with the Stiff shaft, but I am now more consistent and not over swinging.

    Keep in mind, if you do get fitted or choose a softer shaft, you should record the ball flight and distance. It”s sometimes hard to tell a big difference when you on the range verses the glof course. 10-15 yards might not seem much on the ranges but it is on the course!

    Some manufactures rate their clubs “Stiff” because they know pro golfers play a stiff shaft.

    in reality they are selling a softer shaft so their customers won’t get so frustrated.

    I would recommend getti g each club tested at your local shop and get fitted on the range if possible.

    I bet you will get some extra yards.


  31. Jeff, my swing speed is about 90-95 with my irons and im wondering if project X 6.0 or 6.5s are best for me

  32. Hey I play 7-9 handicap but i play cavity backs and have trouble consistently hitting my longer irons, i like to shape the ball, my dad said i needed to research which clubs were the best out there and from what i have read i believe that could be the 695s my grandfather has some powerbilt blades from the 80s i hit fairly well but are outdated, What would be your recommendation?

  33. Matt, I’m not a club fitter but I’ve heard you should choose the most flexible shaft you can get away with.

    I’ve also heard the Project X shaft 6.0 tend to be more stiff than other stiff shafts like the DG S 300.

    If you can, try to hit a variety of shafts with the same type of club. I know that’s not aways easy to do.

    I think picking a shaft is a matter of feel. And not picking just a value of 6.0 etc. It’s kind of like picking a sports car because of looks and not how is performs.

    I am playing a 5.5 Royal precision Rifle and love them with a 3 iron distance of 230 yards. (Denver) I have a slower tempo swing. Someone with the same swing speed but faster tempo might hate a 5.5 Rifle.

    There is a company called “Shaft lab” which they claim to have measured Pro Golfers Swings based on how and when they load the shaft. You can get a print out or visual graph of how your swing compares. (even which pro your swing matches with. Shaft Lab club fitter has you hit a 5 iron about 3 or 4 times and I must say it is very repeatable. They then recommend a shaft which is just right. The old fashion way is to have a pro observe you hitting different shafts at a driving range.

    Make sure you select the right shaft, because they don’t come cheap.

    You know, I also believe most weekend golfers probably could not tell what shaft they hit if they did a blind test. If your a very good ball striker then it’s possible to more closely determine if one shaft is better than another. If your swing is very inconsistent then it will be tougher to determine the correct shaft.



  34. Tyler, I play the 695’s and used to play the a ping cavity back and I feel like I now have a better more consistent swing because of the blade. It has forced me to become a better ball striker.

    Admittedly, however I would most likely hit more greens than I do, if played a cavity back? I just haven’t found them yet.

    Most Pro Golfers now are playing a Forged Cavity back and if it’s good enough for them then….

    I just love the look and small head of the 695. If you are having a tough time hitting your longer clubs, these aren’t going to help, they will magnify the swing error.

    I personally think the blade is an excellent club to learn with because it won’t allow much of a mis-hit. If you play/Practice more than once a week then go for it!.

    For anyone playing a blade they should find out your % of Greens hit. This will be telling if you should be hitting a blade or cavity back.

    You indicated, you like to shape the ball…well these clubs will shape all you want!. However, There are some very good Forged Cavity backs which are kind between a cavity and blade which still allow you to shape your shots.


  35. Thanks Jeff I appreciate the advice, with my longer clubs its not the distance or the strike that i struggle with its the direction with my 3,4 irons so you think these would definitely help the direction, well i guess i will definitely check them out, Thank you.

  36. With my cavity backs i tend to only get a couple of inches of back spin with your experience using the 695s would you say that they increase or decrease backspin?

  37. T,

    As you know there are so many variables in Golf…that’s what makes the game so great!

    you have so many variables which have to go right in order to hit a solid shot in the direction you want.

    I try to focus on the main variables which for me are:

    Correct Club selection
    Correct Grip
    Correct Alignment
    Correct ball position
    Correct Posture
    Feet glued to the ground
    Correct mental picture
    Correct Tempo

    and correct attitude when you don’t execute those variables!
    If I mess up a shot, I try to fiqure out which of these was in error. Obviously you can’t think of these at the same time. but I try to bring them to the range and work on them one or two at a time.

    Speaking of varibles, back spin also has it’s variables, such as the way in which the club compresses the ball againest the ground at the correct angle. Club speed, use of hands or lack of hand action through the shot, hitting the ball first, type of ball you play, are the greens soft or very firm like in pro tournaments etc.

    The type of club matters but I think it’s down in the list of importance. For me I like the fact my ball generally lands next to the diviot it created.


  38. โžก Awesome. I’ve been playing an old set of Callaway Big Bertha Hawkeyes for about 5 years now. I’ve decided to step up my game and get on the CofC golf team. I’ve been trying out irons for a month now and have decided that Titleist 695 MB’s are the club. I was on the range at my home course today with three different demo 6 irons in my hand. After about half a bag i pured one with the Titleist. ๐Ÿ’ก โ— โ“ It was beautiful and felt like a practice swing. If you are playing outdated clubs like i am, and want to take your game to the next level i would def. recommend these. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. i got the 695cb with s300 and i love them, i have a couple of mate who play for england A squad and he struggles to hit the 2-3 iron consistantly and he plays off +4 and uses the 695mb and hes amazing at golf ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    i have found with the cb’s is that you get a much better and consistant ball flight and there not too hard to hit. if you think your good enough for blades your probably not, because if sam off +4 struggles, somes one off about 3 or above would struggle unless they have a consistant swing plane. so if you like to shape the ball but are worried about loosing distance with blades due to miss hits then go for the cb’s because honestly; you gain distance as well as not loosing control and shapeability(if thats a word ๐Ÿ˜› ) i would recommend the cb’s. I LOVE THEM !!!!!!

  40. hi

    im a 7 handicapper looking for new irons. ive used titleist all my life but i cant choose between the 690s and the 695s.
    what do you think?

  41. Steve, I think both clubs are very close in perfromance. Erik has a great review and I am personally partial to the 695’s. If price is a big difference however, the 690’s are a great choice. I

    I use to play the 690’s and had a harder time with the hook. I upgraded to the 695’s and I don’t hook as much?. I did however go to a softer shaft…don’t know if that had anything to do with it?

    Both are really great clubs. I think Erik said it best when he indicated the 695’s are a evolutionary step forward not revolutionary when compared to the 690’s.

  42. I currently play the Taylormade Rac LT irons with S300 steel shafts and I am looking for a little bit more shot-shaping ability and also a low ball flight. I also want a golf club that is less offset and also not as heavy. I currently am not as a consistant golfer (upper 70’s to mid/low 80’s) as I would like to be, but i hope to be in the mid/low 80’s before my senior year of golf. I looked at the Titleist 755’s but I didn’t like the offset and higher ball launch. I think that the cavity back 695’s are great but I also want to control the ball. I also am looking at the new ZB blend irons but price is kind of the issue there. I hit the ball fairly far ( 9 iron 154) and swing fairly fast. Do you have any recommendations?

  43. Matt, have you considered the new AP2? Sounds like they give you the performance of a blade in terms of shaping the ball but alitte forgiveness…

    I think if you play a lot and have your swing grooved in really well, then the ZB Blend irons would be a great set. One idea might be to buy the 695’s (You should be able to get a set for around 350) and see how you like them and then go for the ZB blend once you determine you like the 695’s.

    Make sure you get fitted for the shaft. An interesting company called Shaft Lab will measure your swing profile and recommend a shaft. They have you swing a 5 iron hooked up to a sensor to determine how you load the shaft and when.

  44. Has anyone compared these with the TaylorMade RAC MB TP irons? i.e. any difference in forgiveness, distance, trajectory, swing, etc?

  45. I bought my 695 mb off Ebay. True temper gold S400. I like these clubs a lot.

    My low round with them in 2008 is a 76 (a 40 and a par 36). Don’t be afraid to buy these clubs even if you are shooting 12 to 15 over. I am starting to score 10 over par pretty regularly now. I hit them much better than cavity backs, because I can cut and fade the ball much better with these blades.

  46. Was planning on purchasing ZB’s, however, just bought 660 forged (currently being delivered). I’ve tried them out and they feel very solid, just wondering if anyone knows what i can expect in terms of control – obviously, having only tried them out i’ve only hit maybe 15 – 20 shots.

  47. im currently using nike forged blades and i’ve lost at least 10-15 yards distance with each club. I hit the blades dead center 95% of the time, so I don’t understand why im losing so much distance with these clubs. I was wondering if its because the nike line of blades are just distance killers, or is it the same in general for all blade iron sets? Please help!

  48. Megawad, depends on what you are comparing to?

    If your prior set loft angles are different then obviiously that could be the diff. Also you may not be loading the shaft as well as your prior set? Check your fitting…

    Also you will lose yards w/ a blade verses CB if not hit very close to center. But you say you are striking them well. I assume your yardages are consistent?

    I would recommend hitting another blade w/ same parameters for compare…

    I have heard some blades do vary but not by 15 yards, apples to apples.

    Maybe Erik can comment?


  49. my prior set was the 1997 taylor made burner bubble irons. I know for a fact that i’m striking the ball well and my yardages are very consistent.
    just for comparison

    Bubble 4 iron: 220
    nike 4 iron: 200

    Bubble 7 iron 175
    nike 7 iron 165

    Bubble p wedge 135
    nike p wedge 120

    so its rougly 15 yards. Don’t get me wrong, i would choose blades over oversized cavity backs anyday of the week based soley on feel and appearance alone.
    I was considering the Titleist mb clubs shown above or the Taylor made mb smoke irons, but i’m just afraid that if i dish out that much money and basically get the same distance with those clubs as my current nike clubs, i would be wasting about 900 bucks. I love stores like Roger Dunns because they allow us to demo clubs before we hit them, but its never the same as hitting it on a real course because at a real course you’re able to see where the ball ends up opposed to hitting it into a wall.

  50. ahh one more thing, when i purchased a 907 d2 titleist driver and compared it with my adams redline dual driver, it did not get the job done. The adams dual redline driver was consistently 10 yards longer, so im kinda wary about purchasing titleist club because like nike, it may not be as long. And these days, in order to really improve you must have a lot more distance along with accuracy.

  51. But sounds like to me a 200 yard 4 iron is plenty tour type distance.

    Sounds like you just need to chose the best clubs for you and forget about needing anymore yards…

  52. As always with Dave, a stunningly great review! Having now played over 50 rounds with my 695mb’s, this review essentially nailed everything that I have encountered. I have been playing blades now for the better half of 10 years with both Mizuno and Titleist clubs and I can honestly say that the workability of the 695mb’s are to be experienced to be enjoyed. Nothing before these clubs has ever given me such a feeling of absolutely “puring” a golf ball in terms of feel as these irons do. I can only describe the feeling as Dave has…The iron simply followed through it’s normal swing path as though the ball never existed. A feeling that repeats itself more often than not and the results leave you with an undeniable smile on your face. Saying all this, Dave nailed another observation perfectly also. Mishit on any iron and you will not only know it by feel, but you will also know it by the ugliness that results on the course.

    I will say one thing that is very important, in my mind anyways. You don’t have to be a pure ball striker to appreciate these clubs. Truth be told, these clubs will make you a better player because they ask you to be a better player. The transition from my other blades to these was relatively seamless and the results were awe-inspiring to me. I considered myself to be a pretty good striker of the ball at the time I acquired my 695mb’s, but these clubs have taught me to be even better. If you are intimidated by the size of the heads (which look tight and small) then perhaps you should look elsewhere, as Dave mentioned. I was not and these clubs have rewarded me with an improved game and an even greater appreciation of just how fun golf can be.

    Overall, this review was the clincher for me in determing that I was ready to test drive these irons. This review is the “real deal” in terms of a thoughtful and meaningful review. You don’t come across the likes of this very often. Fantastic review, Dave!

  53. 695.MB user here also.

    I just got a brand new set of these for almost half their original price after using various individual blades within a set of cavity-backs for the last year.

    Although, IMO, the 695.MBs don’t feel as ‘soft’ on contact as the Nike Blade, the Titleist 690.MB or Mizuno MP-32/33, I find I get a better distance and trajectory.
    When comparing distance, trajectory, ‘workability’ and looks, the Titleist 695.MBs tick all the boxes for me.

    Can’t see these leaving my bag. (unless I see a set of ZM-Forged at really cheap price!)

  54. I have been playing titleist DCIs from about the mid 90s until now. Every year I would look at the new club offerings for something exciting to consider an iron change but nothing really inspired me to change until the 695mbs came out in 2006.

    What strikes you initially about these irons is their pure beauty. You just can’t help admiring the design and look of these irons. As a high single digit to low teen handicap I read with interest all the reviews on the 695mb, including this one and found the varying opinions to be most useful.

    Not wanting to drop $1,000 on a new set without fully being sure of my competence to use them properly, I waited until the prices came down and bought a lightly used set for $400. The irons arrived (they were fitted with the stock dynamic gold S300 shafts) and I quickly headed out to the range with high anticipation. Would I experience the smooth nothingless of pure contact with a piercing ball flight right on target or would there be hand rattling slices glancing off the tee box?

    My experience was much better than expected with more solid contact than rattling slices (although there were a few of those). The interesting thing is that the club immediately tells you what you’re doing wrong. Hits too far out on the toe and you know it immediately and get your swing back on track. The set I bought had the stock tour velvet cord grips that were in poor shape. I left the clubs at the range to be fitted with a new set of tour velvet grips (no cords).

    I returned to the range a week later with new grips on the irons and proceeded to hit about 80 balls with almost all solid and on target. Slight mishits are not too punishing, you just loose a little distance. Pure shots pierce like they were shot out of a cannon, some leaving me in awe that I just hit a ball like that. You really have to keep your wits about you as you move into the lower irons (3,4 in particular) and concetrate on a good swing. My experience is very consistent with the other reviewers.

    Some things to note as others did:

    Handicap really is not that important as long as you know why your handicap is what it is. In other words, if you are generally a good ball striker with your irons, you don’t need to be afraid of the 695mbs. You could have a high handicap because your driving is inconsistent, short game rusty and putting is poor.

    I am looking forward to getting these irons out on the course in 2009 and see what happens to my handicap. My guess is the irons will only improve my handicap if I can just improve my short game and drive the ball more consistenly.

  55. Well,

    I am 18 years old now and started playing with these irons one year ago at hcp 12 now one year later. I Play hcp 5-6.
    First i hit 150 m with a 5# iron now i play a 7/8#. 200 m with a 3# iron. Amazing. I really love these clubs. I never tee up my ball because you get a sensational feeling when hitting the ball pure off the ground. Love them.
    Would recommend these if you are seeking distance in your irons. because the are very solid and a bit heavy but it gives you the length you need.

  56. Very good to hear! I am not an experienced golfer by any means and in fact don’t understand some of the terminology up above. When I first started out though I purchased a set of dunlop golf clubs for 40$ at a pawn shop. Used them for a while, hey they were at least something to play with. I was playing alright with them, I could play. One thing I noticed about myself is that I have good accuracy, the other thing I noticed is that I have NO DISTANCE!!!! I can’t drive for nothing either. Anyways, I went to this shop called Play It Again Sports where they buy, sell, trade new and used sporting equipment. I went in to see what they had, I know nothing about qaulity or what to look for or anything, just want a nice set of golf clubs for a reasonable price. I knew Titleist is a good brand, I saw a set of the 695mb Titleist Irons on clearance (used) for $99.00! (originally $199.00). Went straight to the driving range after wards. At first, I would slice one to the right and then slice one off to the left. But man a few swings later I would start connecting and man oh man! WOW! That ball flew like I have never seen myself hit before, I was in aw! Did I actually just do that? It was a really good feeling and I continued doing that for the two hours that I was there. It was flipping unreal. I am so glad that people are still talking about those clubs today even though they came out in 2006. Makes me feel really good! Just thought I’d add my input.


  57. I’m curious I am looking at purchasing a used set of these 695MB’s in very good condition from one of my neighbors, where were these manufactured in the US or offshore…? Anyone…?

  58. I’ve been playing golf for 3 years after retiring from squash as my knees are shot. Played with game improvement irons to start with and got down to 15 relatively easily. I’ve bought a second hand set of 695 MC’s of eBay for ยฃ100 to give blades a go, although was advised not to as I’m apparently not good enough at a 12/15 handicapper!

    Boy do I love them, sweet as you like when hit well and just the sexiest thing after Paige Spiranac!

    My view is that I’m more interested in making my swing good and consistent than using clubs that help when I miss hit.

    Can’t wait for the summer to really give them a run and hoping to get myself into single figures!

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