Titleist Forged 755 Irons Review

In the new 755 irons, Titleist has a forged cavity back design that mid-handicappers can call their own.

Titleist Forged 755Over the last two seasons, I have tried on two occasions to work a set of Titliest irons into my bag. The results left me feeling a bit like a modern-day (and male) Goldilocks. One set – the Forged 690.CB – was too hard to use. They were a great set of irons that looked great, but were a bit too demanding for my 10-handicap skills. Another set, the Forged 775.CB was too soft, loaded with game-improvement technology, and too much offset for my swing.

I’ve now had the chance to play several rounds with the new Titleist Forged 755 irons. Were they just right for me? Read on and see.

As I wrote in my review of the 775.CBs, my favorite old set of cavity back irons is a set of Titleist DCI Golds that I played in the mid-1990s. My first cavity backs after learning to play with blades, the DCIs are still my standard for how an iron should look and perform – simple, straightforward esthetics and a mix of playability and forgiveness.

In the years since I parted ways with the DCIs (still being used today by a good friend, by the way), I’ve always hoped that Titleist would dial down the “serious golfer” ethic of their sweet-looking blade irons and make another DCI-esque set of irons that blended Titleist’s looks and performance with a more Callaway- or Ping-like level of forgiveness. When word from the PGA Tour came in that Titleist was testing prototypes of an iron code-named 755 – between the higher-handicapper design of the 775.CB and the cavity/blade combo 735.CM – I was eager to test it out. Titleist’s Forged 755 irons have been available at retail for more than a month now, and here are my impressed impressions.

Titleist Forged 755 Back
The aluminum chip in the cavity gives the 755s a modern flash of color. Also notice the mill marks around the chip.

Design and Technology
Unlike the 735.CM and 775.CB irons, each of which feature designs that visibly change from the long to short irons, the 755s (no CB, CM, or other initials, for some reason) look essentially the same throughout the set. Each forged stainless steel iron has a cavity with a weight shelf across the bottom of the cavity. The center of this weight shelf area – directly behind the center of the clubface – is cut out and replaced by a red and silver aluminum chip. This design serves two purposes. First, it allows Titleist to move significant weight (10 grams) to the heel and toe of the clubhead for increased forgiveness and resistance to twisting on off-center hits. Second, the forged aluminum chip acts as a vibration dampener to give you a smooth feel at impact that is worth of an episode of “Yacht Rock.”

Titleist Forged 755 AddressThe notch cut out of the weight shelf – and the red aluminum chip – are the dominant visual element in the 755 irons. The angular red chip gives the irons a sleek, modern look. The only other adornment on the clubs is the Titleist script logo in the upper toe of the cavity, and a FORGED stamp and two black rings on the hosel. The area around the aluminum chip has the same milling marks that were first seen in the cavities of the 775.CBs, but employed more subtly.

The lines of the cavities are smooth and clean-looking, and the clubheads have the classic Titliest shape: high, squared toe, low heel area. There is a moderate amount of progressive offset, but it is much closer to the offset in the 735.CMs than the 775.CBs. And the offset is also blended into the clubhead design much more attractively than on the 775.CBs. The 755s also make use of a dual-hosel design: The long irons through the 7-iron have a shorter hosel to shift weight lower and launch the ball higher, while the 8-iron through the pitching wedge have a longer hosel that lends itself to a flatter trajectory. The longer irons in the set also have thicker toplines and wider soles, while the shorter irons have thinner toplines. At first glance, all the irons in the 755 set appear very similar. But these small design touches Titleist has incorporated add elements of forgiveness without taking away feel or function.

Titleist designed the 755s with a thin face area, concentrating even more of the weight around the perimeter. The clubheads are forged from 410 stainless steel in a multi-step process, then finished with precise CNC milling. These are some great-looking irons, and the durability of stainless steel means that they stay looking great longer than softer carbon steel forgings.

Titleist Forged 755 Backs
Compared with a more blade-like 600 series iron (the 690.CB at the bottom), the 755 has much more weight toward the heel and toe areas.

Titleist has gone to a new standard steel shaft with the 755 irons. Instead of the True Temper Dynamic Gold used in the 735.CMs or the NS Pro by Nippon that is used in the 775.CBs, the 755s come standard with the Titleist TriSpec steel shaft. This lightweight steel shaft, likely made by True Temper and badged with the Titleist name, is available in regular and stiff flexes. These mid-weight shafts play softer than Dynamic Gold shafts, and of course you should always be custom fit before ordering irons. But most mid-handicap golfers will be fine with the TriSpec shafts. I chose the regular flex, and found it to be a good choice when I put a smooth swing on the irons, and comparable in flex to a Dynamic Gold R300 shaft. Plenty of custom shafts are available. The venerable Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips (with Titleist logo faced down) are standard as well, and you can’t do much better than that.

Feel and Performance
As I mentioned earlier, the 755s are forged from 410 stainless steel. Stainless steel does not feel as soft as the carbon steel used in some other forgings, but it is also much more durable and rust-resistant. Playing with both urethane- and Surlyn-covered balls, I found the 755s feel solid but not harsh, and provided a crisp “click” at impact that was distinctly blade-like.

The aluminum chip in each cavity does seem to filter out any harsh vibration from miss-hits. A big help is the overall design of the 755 irons. There is so much weight concentrated both low and to the heel and toe areas that even off-center hits feel solid. Not solid in a numb, “where’d I hit that?” way. You can tell what kind of contact you made, you just don’t get the stinging rebuke from the clubhead.

Titleist Forged 755 Face
The 755s sport the classic Titleist face profile.

You also get much better results that you would normally expect on off-center hits. Heel and toe hits track back toward the target with a surprising lack of distance loss, and the concentration of weight low in the clubhead helps thin shots still get airborne nicely. And when you do find the center of the clubface, watch out. The 755s are easily a club longer through the bag than the 775.CBs.

Trajectory is generally high with the 755s, but it is controllable. If you know how to hit a knockdown, you’ll be very pleased with the 755s. On full swings, the ball starts out high but doesn’t balloon, making for a strong ball flight that holds the line nicely in the wind. You can hit five-yard cuts and fades with the 755s, but forget about carving 50-yard slices around trees like Seve Ballesteros or Tiger Woods. The 755s are workable, but they are not blades. And for the mid-handicappers who’ll likely play these irons, that’s a good thing.

Titleist Forged 755 Toe HeelMy only quibble is that the 755s are so long that the pitching wedge is almost too strong. At 47°, I wish Titleist would have added a 51° gap wedge as an option for the set. Instead, I think I’ll be getting my 52° Vokey Design wedge bent strong by one degree to compensate and keep consistent gaps between all my wedges. (It’s a small quibble, I know.)

What Titleist has done with its iron lineup is amazing. From the 660 and 695 blades through the 775.CBs, the company has something for everyone. And with the 755s, that includes me, the 10 handicapper. These irons are exactly what I’d hoped for – plenty of performance, just enough workability to pull off minor cuts, fades and knockdowns, great feel and enough forgiveness to let me get away with a few mistakes a round. I’m not surprised that there are a fair number of 755 sets in play on the various tours, as these irons will appeal to the same players who like irons such as Callaway’s X-18 Pro Series, Cleveland’s CG4 Tours, or TaylorMade’s rac LTs (or r7 TPs). Because even serious golfers need a little forgiveness sometimes.

If you’re looking at trying either the 755s or the 775.CBs, know that the 755s are much closer – in fact, nearly identical – to the rest of the Titleist iron family in terms of offset, loft and swingweight, and depending on your swing and ball flight, the 755s could be an appropriate choice for 5- to 10-handicappers. The 775.CBs, on the other hand, are absolutely meant for 15-plus handicappers.

The Titleist Forged 755 irons are available from 2-iron to pitching wedge. A set of 3-iron through pitching wedge carries a street price of $799 with the TriSpec steel shafts.

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  1. As usual, a really fine review. I hope I hone my handicap down low enough to give these clubs a serious try. One question: you mention that the the new Trispec shaft plays a bit softer than the Dynamic Gold;how does it compare to the NS Pro shaft? One more: are the heads of the clubs smaller than those of the 775s?

  2. I’d say the TriSpec shaft is a bit softer than the NS Pro shaft, but a little heavier, too. I’d say the NS Pro would be a better option for a faster “hitter” and the TriSpec might be better for a smooth “swinger.” But comparing shafts from different companies is always tough, with all the variables (weight, kickpoint, flex pattern, frequency, etc). The only way to find out is to hit ’em.

    The 755 heads are smaller than the 775.CB through the set. The 775.CB long irons are quite long from heel to toe, though the short irons are not that much bigger than the 755s. But with the smaller amount of offset, the 755s are much more compact-looking than the 775.CBs overall (yet are still really forgiving).

    Hope this helps. Thanks for the nice comments!

  3. Robert: Yes, the 755s are more forgiving and longer than the DCIs. The only thing I still like better about the DCIs is their simple, uncluttered look. But with all the visual bells and whistles in today’s clubs (cavity medallions, aluminum inserts, carbon fiber, etc.) that kind of minimalist design probably wouldn’t fly anymore.

  4. Thanks for the great review.

    Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions. Now its a toss up between these and the new Mizzy MX-25s. Can’t wait to demo these now.

  5. Great review as always! Like the last comment, I am looking forward to trying the new Mizuno MX-25 as well as Titleist 755 and 775. Great looking irons and I must admit, the draw of having Titleist in my bag has been on my mind for years. Although I don’t have an official handicap, my friends consider me an “18” for betting purposes. I’m probably a good candidate for the 775’s but they utilize longer shafts which I feel may hurt more than help, even though I’ll probably use a hibrid replacement for the 3 iron this time around.
    Any thoughts from 775 users?

  6. I am considering a set of 755’s, but I have a high trajectory with my irons. Any suggestions for shafts such as Dynamic Gold S-300 or Project X? My driver swing speed is approx 95-100 MPH with a quick tempo.

  7. Dan: I would think DG S-300s would be a good general iron shaft for someone with your swing speed. If you can, get fit by a PGA pro or qualified clubfitter first. Usually they’ll do the fitting for free if you’re buying from them.

    And there’s nothing wrong with a high iron trajectory, as long as you can punch the ball low when you want to. The 755s have a naturally high launch angle, but I found it pretty easy to hit knockdowns with them. Good luck

  8. Great article. Being a longtime Titleist player I too have been frustrated with the previous versions of the Titleist forged irons. I can’t wait to get my hands on the 755… It looks like Titleist is going back to producing an entire bag of great clubs.

  9. Don,

    Great review! I always appreciate the thoroughness and objectivity of the reviews here. I’m a 20 HC and have been playing the Titleist 704CB’s with Nippon Steel Pro 970 Stiff shafts for the past three years and have finally started to become real consistent with them and don’t do well with more offset. Can you comment on how the 755’s compare to the 704’s in terms of feel, forgiveness and playability? I notice that the loft and offset specs are the same for the most part. Thanks! LT

  10. Lee: I never played the 704.CBs, only hit a few shots with them on the range, so I can’t give you an in-depth comparison. I know the specs are quite similar.

    I can tell you that the 755s feel great, extremely solid. I think the offset is blended into the design of the club a bit more effectively, so it looks like there is less offset. And if you see less offset, you won’t try to compensate for it (like many of us subconsciously do…).

    The more I play with the 755s, the more I find them a great blend of forgiveness and playability. You can definitely get away with a bad swing and not lose too much distance with the 755s, and you can still hit knockdowns and shape shots. The more I play them, the more I like htem. Hope this helps.

  11. Don: For what it’s worth to others as a follow-up, I just spoke to the pro who fitted me for my 704’s. He has played both extensively and says that the 755 is a much better iron in terms of forgiveness, playability and feel, enough so that he felt it was definitely worth it to upgrade. He’s doesn’t make these recommendations lightly so I’m heeding his advice and getting fitted for 5-PW tomorrow! Not sure if I’m going with the stock shaft, NS Pro or Rifle Flighted but I guess we’ll see at the fitting. I’m going to order the PT 585.H for my 4-iron. Should be a deadly combo! Thanks again for the great info.

  12. Great review! I play 10-12 on usual games and tried a few different sets of irons including Cleveland CG4 (Steel, Regular Shaft), Callaway X18 (Steel, Regular Shaft), and Ping G5 (Steel, Regular).. All I liked and satisfied just until I had a chance to try new Titleist 755.. The new 755 irons beat any I mentioned above from my personal opinion, because they are not too soft as CG4, very forgiving as X18 or maybe even more forgiving and accurate ball control throughout… Gosh I also love that red chip that acts as a vibration and weight more at heel toe perfact balancing.

  13. hi i am 15 years old and am looking for a nice set of irons to replace my callaway x-12 irons that i have now. i am from a 2-5 handicap and am a high school golfer. what irons do you recommend for me?

  14. Great article. As the article indicates, the 755s are between the higher-handicapper design of the 775.CB and the cavity/blade combo 735.CM. But then I see that many of the top PGA Tour players are using the 755s and not the 735.CMs (Arron Oberholser, Ben Crane, Troy Matteson, Bill & Jay Haas, many others). So it seems that the choice is not purely based on whether you’re ‘skilled’ enough to hit the 735.CMs. There must be something that these guys prefer in the 755s over the 735.CMs.

    It probably also means that the 755s are much closer to the 735.CMs then to the 775.CBs.

  15. Don,

    Thanks for your review on the 755’s. I am considering purchasing a set and was looking for reviews when I came across yours. Funny as it is, I am beating myself up after getting rid of my DCI’s a few years ago. So your article was very helpful to me. I also laughed when you mentioned that you wished Titleist had added a 51 (W) to the set. I actually contacted them yesterday asking for this. Well good review. One question, I use TT DG S300 with sensicore shafts. How do you think the trispec shafts compare.



  16. I just posted a comment, but had a second question for you. What would you think about adding the 775.CB Wedge (50) to a set of 755’s. Or would I be better off looking at a Vokey?



  17. Corky: The 50° 775.CB wedge wouldn’t be a bad addition to a set of 755 irons. The short irons, especially the 9-iron and PW, of the two sets are similar in size and offset, so there won’t be too much of a difference, visually. And the extra forgiveness of the cavity back design will help on those 100-yard full shots.

    I talked with a club-fitter a while back and he said the trend toward carrying blade-style (like Vokeys) gap wedges was bad for anyone over a single-digit handicap, since we still need forgiveness on full shots, even with wedges. I say a 775.CB gap wedge, or something like a Cleveland CG11 wedge, would be a good choice to round out your set.

  18. Don, thanks for your review. In my case it is hopefully my justification for having already ordered the 755 stiffs a week ago. Am a 9 handicap, 51 year old playing Titliest 990’s muscle back type for about 6 years now, but needing a bit of forgiveness. My wife gave me a generous gift certificate a year ago for my 50th for new irons, though she hasn’t understood my lack of diligence to make a decision. I am not ready for the game improvement designs yet, so my process led me to the 755’s a couple of months ago.
    I’m glad your following has suggested possibly the 775 gap wedge since I’ll be moving from 49 degree PW to 47. I’m awaiting my delivery.

  19. Don,

    Thanks for your quick reply and feedback. Any comment’s comparing the tri-spec shaft to the DD S300 with sensicore or DD SL S300 with sensicore.



  20. best feeling irons i have ever hit. very good look. thin topline gives these irons a blade look with a cavity back feel

  21. How do the 755s compare to the 735cms? I am currently playing 690cbs but looking for a new set.

  22. Dear Don,

    I am an English Golf Nut and I think your review was excellent…..!!!

    I hit the 755s today at the range with the standard regular flex shaft…. My iron swing speed is 80 mph and I am currently using Ping i5s. I love the Pings but would prefer a more traditional looking forged club, hence me looking at the 755s.

    I am a smooth swinger of the golf club but am playing with a Ping CS Lite Stiff flex shaft weighing in at 106 grams….

    Do you think I would be better off with a slightly lighter shaft than the Tri-Spec? If so, which ones would be good to consider? I am concerned that the heavier shaft might be tough going late on in a round….

    Anyway, thanks for writing such a comprehensive review.

    Tim Goddard
    The Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club

  23. I am a10-12 handicapper and just bought the 755’s after hitting everything else in the neighborhood (x-tour, mx-25, r7tp, etc). These set up great and give an unmistakeable and fulfilling feel on impact. My one confusion (like many of you) was the somewhat heavy tri-spec shaft. I opted for the Dynamic gold stiff after much deliberation. Lots of options are available. These things are very, very long when hit in the center. I need to re-tool my hybrid lofts and my gap wedges to adjust once I figure it out. Kudos to Titleist.

  24. I’m trying to decide between 695 CB’s and the 755’s. Any thoughts between the two? Thanks!

  25. Hi my name Is barry And I need help I would like to buy A set of the 755 Irons I shoot from 87 To 90 but
    I dont know if they Are going To be good for me. Im playing the calaway x16 Irons And the head of the club
    Is to big to look At Anymore my short game Is really bad my iron play is not bad at all So If anybody can help me I would be greatfull thank you.

  26. For those who’ve commented on the Tri-Spec shaft like Tim (cheers for the nice words, mate!), I have to say that I really don’t notice the extra weight. In fact, I thought the shafts felt a little light the first time I played with the 755s. I wouldn’t let the Tri-Spec scare you off unless you’re used to playing graphite.

    For BN above, trying to decide between the 695.CBs and 755s is pretty clear-cut. The 755s are quite forgiving, and the 695s aren’t. The 695s require that you hit the ball pretty much on the screws to get a good result, while the 755s will let you get away with a lot more. Make your decision from there. They are both good irons, but get the one that fits your game. Good luck!

  27. To Don: The 755s are longer and feel better than the 3DX Pro irons. The 3DX Pro is a good set of irons, but to me the 755s are a half-club longer and feel much better on off-center hits. The Nickent irons aren’t forged, but do feel pretty good for a casting. They are both good clubs. Hope this helps!

  28. need help

    I’m a 7 hcp. that had elbow tendon surgery 12 months ago – I’m being told to move into a graphite shaft for my irons (never thought I would do that…lol). The 755’s seem like a logical choice but I need help on the shafts. I hit my irons high and straight – 7 iron travels 158-162. Any help with graphite shaft rec’s would be appreciated – I’m looking forward to returning after a 14 month layoff.

  29. Well I am 14 years old and a 6 handicap. I had nike slingshots with regular graphite shafts but my coach said i was getting too strong for them because they were unaccurate and balloonning alot. So i got the 755s with stiff steel shafts. It might be that the shafts are too stiff but i didnt find these clubs very forgiving. especially off of thin shots. but when i did hit them sweet they went easily 10 yards farther. But i am looking at some rifled shafts that are in the middle between reg. and stiff. And those tri spec shafts did start feeling heavy at the end of my second round of the day. I was 2 over through 15 and went double, double, then bogey. lol but mabe i am just a puss. Any thoughts on the rifled shafts?

  30. hi i am seeking advise on irons.I am 14 and play off 7 I currently have ping g5 but want smaller headed irons i am considering ping i5 or the 755s but cant decide can u give me any advise?

  31. TO DON hi i am seeking advise on irons.I am 14 and play off 7 I currently have ping g5 but want smaller headed irons i am considering ping i5 or the 755s but cant decide can u give me any advise?

  32. I am a 6 handicap and i play the titliest 804os. I want to move to more of a players club but not a blade. I love titleist irons. Is the 755 something i should look at or is there a better option. I am going to keep the 804’s in case a start playing bad but would like to continue to try and improve my game. Thanks

  33. Great review!

    I have played both the 775.cb and the 755, clearly the 755 suits my skill level better and has found a home in my bag since last fall.

    I’m just not sold on the tri spec stock shaft, the specs look good, but the performance did not seem to match. felt heavy and stiff (like DG s300). I’m seriously considering going to the NS pro 100 until i stumbled onto the Nippon website and found this little gem.

    “Nippon Shaft supplies its hallmark lightweight steel shafts as stock items such as the NS Pro 100 for Titleist’s 775 irons and the reintroduction of the classic Tri Spec on the 755 professional model”

    so the tri-spec is a nippon? I’m more confused then ever!

  34. Hi Don,
    Thanks for the great insight on the 755 irons. 9 handicap & I have a question regarding moving to a more forgiving iron such as the 755 from the traditional 990 muscle back which we know needs to be hit on the screws for best results. Getting a bit older and having trouble with the demand of such precision on every contact so my question is; will putting the forgiving 755 irons in the bag erode what precision is still available to hit the true player irons and are the 755 the first logical first step down from the muscle back iron in your opinion? The reason I ask is because most reviews discuss the progression in relation to skill building and my issue is opposite coming to terms with true player irons which are too demanding yet I would like to maintain continual improvement in handicap.

  35. I have 762’s in my bag now and I switched to TT s100 shafts. I fall inbetween stiff and regular so these work the best for me. I just tried the 695cb, 775cb and 755 at the range. I usually score mid to low 80’s depending on the course. I found the 755 to be the best. I tried working the ball a little with each club and the 695’s vibrated like crazy when I missed. The 755’s allowed a little turn and felt great. I could tell when I hit it wrong but the feedback was still mostly smooth. I would recommend these clubs for 6-12 handicaps. The 775 were way to soft and he ball didn’t want to move anywhere.

  36. * Wow…. there are alot of comments. This was a great review and all the comments made it even better. Hope my experience helps out.
    * I read this review last fall and added the 755’s to my list of irons to try. — CG2, LT, R7.TP, & i5.
    * My hdcp usually varies between 6-9 during a season … previous set was TA3 with TT DGS300.
    * I tried all of these, on the course, on the range, and with the demo van. All are awesome. All significantly more forgiving than the TA3’s. It was a difficult choice.
    * I finalized my choices with the new Taylormade select fit system. I was able to try all the different iron shafts on an R7.TP head. The thing that surprised me was that I wanted to get away from my TT DG S300’s ( of the the past 5 seasons) but I kept gravitating back to the S300’s. The R7.TP with the light Taylormade shaft that was in LT was too weird, it messed with my tempo. The Rifle was the same. The S300 made the R7 TP magic. Strange … I almost bought LT’s each of the past 2 seasons, but something bugged me about them. I’m guessing that with an S300 I would have bought them.
    * I finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago and went with 755 w/ TT DG S300 and matching new decade red grips 😀
    * I’ve played a 3 nine hole rounds so far with them and on my first full 18 … I shot 80 :!:. I’m lovin’ the higher ball flight, but it will take some getting used to. But it is all good, the ball just goes and goes.
    * I also bought the 21 & 24 deg 585’s w/ TT S300 shafts … awesome … the only negative so far is that the 24 is so good that I don’t want to hit my 5i 😉 ( I’m beginning to understand the Dana Quigley comment in Golf Digest that he is trying a 5i hybrid … I now understand why … )

  37. Hello Don.

    Can you compare the 755s with the DCI 762s?? I am looking into upgrading my 762s.

    I generally have a low ball flight and have trouble getting the long irons into the air. My handicap is about a 7.

    The 762s I have now have the S300 shaft with Sensicore, which I feel are very heavy. What is the difference between this shaft and the Titleist TriSpec steel shaft?

    Thank You.

    Kenosha, WI.

  38. I’ve been mulling over a new set of irons for the past few months and I went to a local pro to get some advice and a custom fitting. I went there with callaway x-20 tours in mind to buy, and after a few shots with them the pro agreed my read outs off the computor were good. He suggested I give the 755’s a try, and am I pleased I did! The ball flight was higher and the ball spin lower, and the yardage was 5-10 further than the callaways. I put an order in today! Anyone else thinking about it, make sure you get them custom fitted, especially when it is usually free!!

  39. Hey Don, love the review. I’m not sure whether to get the 755’s or the 775.cb’s. I’m officially a 13 handicap and my current set of irons are a set of hand me down TaylorMade Bubble Burners. I’m not a HUGE fan of too much ‘game improvement’ features and thats what turned me off of the 775.cb’s, but im worried that im in over my head with the 775’s. Any suggestions?

  40. Ryan: I don’t think you’d be over your head with 755s. I think the 775.CBs are more suited to someone maybe a bit older with a lower swing speed. The 755s are a little smaller, but very forgiving. And you could definitely grow/improve with them. That’s my 2 cents. Good luck!

  41. Hi Don,
    I received my fitted 755 irons last Thurs, used them yesterday for the first time, must say i love these clubs your review was spot on in every detail, they look great, they behave themselves, and are forgiving, i play off a 7hc and before these i played Ping G2 a very good club but ugly as sin, one thing about the 755 that surprised me was the height i was getting with my 4 and 5 iron, this was something i was praying would happen with these clubs and they did not let me down, so again thank you for your help and keep it straight, Slan Leat a Chara.

  42. Don,
    I have played the DCI 962 black cavity back for years and years. First set had the tri-spec stiff. disliked them for inconsistancy in feel/flex. Second set had rifle 6.0 more consistent but heavy. I have a very smooth take away and down swing but avg. 98 mph with the driver. I am looking for new irons (possibly the 755’s) but undecided about the shaft and flex. Has the tri-spec improved consistancy since the mid 1990’s? How much better is the 755 vs. the 962 black cavity backs? Would you recommend graphite to improve distance. I have always hit a low traj. boring shot and feel I need higher traj. to get more distance. What are your thoughts? By the way; 11 index handicap used to be an 8. Play only once per week and need more distance with the irons. Other clubs are fine distance wise.

  43. I rented the 755 irons at Torrey Pines last week. I requested Ping (what I normally play). I found these irons much more workable than my Ping ISIs, yet still forgiving enough for a bogey golfer like myself.

  44. Keith: Graphite shafts have really improved for irons, much more consistent than they used to be. Might be a good option to try if you’re looking for something lightweight. Could goose your distance by a little bit.

    The only real complaint I’ve heard about the new Tri-Spec shafts is that they’re on the heavy side. Titleist does offer lighter custom options if you’re going to be custom-fit or do a custom order.

    I would say the 755s launches the ball on a higher, flatter trajectory than the 962s. The 962s have that old-style “rising” trajectory where the ball takes off low, then balloons a bit and comes down quickly. The 755s seem to get up a lot more quickly, but not balloon. I think this is what makes them long – I think they’re a very long set of irons.

    I think the 755s are a great option for someone with your skill level and amount of playing. I’d suggest working with a club fitter to get the shafts dialed in. Good luck!

  45. Hello Don.

    Can you compare the 755s with the DCI 762s?? I am looking into upgrading my 762s.

    I generally have a low ball flight and have trouble getting the long irons into the air. My handicap is about a 7-8.

    The 762s I have now have the S300 shaft with Sensicore, which I feel are very heavy. What is the difference between this shaft and the Titleist TriSpec steel shaft?

    Thank You.

  46. I have spent a couple of hours hitting both the 775 and 755 at a local golf retailer. Here are my thoughts as they pertain to my own game (a 13 – 14 handicap). Both the 755 and 775 were a pleasure to hit. there is no question that the 775 wants to go straighter than the 755. I found that standing over the club, if you like the look of a traditional iron, you will prefer the 755, though at the 7-pw the clubs do not look measurably different. There is no question that the 755 is a more workable club. It responded well to draws and fades. The 775 responded reasonably to a draw, but fading with the additional offset of the club was more difficult. All in all I think that both sets of Irons would be reasonable choices for me. In the end I have decided to go get fit at the Titleist Fitting Centre in my area. I will let the professionals guide me in my choice. However, I am leaning more towards the 755 for the following reasons:
    1. It is a much better looking club standing over it.
    2. when hit pure, I believe it produced a longer shot than did the 775
    3. I am replacing a game improvement set of Taylor Made R7 XD which I dislike for providing no feedback and too much offset. To choose the 775 may not be enough of a change.

  47. By the way, in addition to my last comment, I did also hit the MX 25s. In my opinion, though very soft and forgiving, it did not feel as solid an iron to me. In addition, the 7-p still have major amount of offset which I found strange. 3-6 had similar amount to the 755 but titleist reduces offset in the scoring irons which appeals to me.

  48. I am considering a set of 755’s, but I have a high trajectory with my irons. Any suggestions for shafts such as Dynamic Gold S-300 or Project X? My driver swing speed is approx 95-100 MPH with a quick tempo.

    These things are sweet in DG – especially if you’re looking for a flatter ball flight. Don’t know anything about TriSpec but DG is as good as it gets. Get fitted on a TrueTemper “ShaftLab” to determine exactly what swingweight and flex you need. This is the only way to go. My swing speed has always been around 120 mph so I was always told to use X-stiff (and tipped a little too!) but the ShaftLab said to go with a heavy softer shaft (about an S300) that has absolutely done wonders for my swing as I don’t have to work so hard to flex it.

  49. Mr. MacKenzie thank you for your review. I bought a set of 755’s and have played 6 rounds with them. I’m a 10 hcp and find that my tracjectory is much higher with these clubs than with all my other iron sets. Even when a try a knock down it still gets up into the wind. I think it’s the tri spec shafts having a high kick point. I have two questions. Do you think that a Dynamic Gold shaft would produce a lower trajectory than the tri spec shafts I have? I play regular flex shafts. Secondly, I’m considering trading these in for a set of Cobra Carbon CB irons. I read that they produce a lower ball flight than the 755’s. Have you hit them yet and if so how do they compare to the 755’s? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  50. Donald, do you really think that a 13 or 14 handicapper is better off with the 755 over the 775? iron play is my strength, driver consistency is my biggest round killer.

  51. Larry: I haven’t tried the Cobra Carbon CB irons, so I can’t give you a comparison. I would think one way of lowering ball flight with the 755s would be by going with the Dynamic Gold shaft. I’d suggest seeing a golf professional or other fitting expert, who can give you alternatives that will fit your swing and your game.

    PJO: I think the 755 will work for a 13 or 14-capper, especially if iron play is already your strong suit. I really wasn’t very impressed with the 775s. I think if you’re interested in an oversize game improvement iron, try something like the Big Bertha irons or Ping G5s.

  52. Hello Don,
    Top notch reviews I stumbled upon here. I’m an 8.2 index, 43 year old, 1x or 2x a week player. I had custom fitted MP 33’s done about 4 years ago. Boy did I hit them great at the range fitting that day! They’ve been in the closet for the last 3 years! Then I ebayed a set of MIzuno MX 20’s w/S300’s. I had hit a guy’s 5 iron in a charity event and since it flew nicely & I was so frustrated with the blades I went right home and ebayed them up. Standard loft & lie. Won my club’s 3 day member guest last year with them. Hah!
    So now I have a fitting set up with my pro. I told him I think it’s going to come down to the 755’s or the MX 25’s. I have no clue as to what shafts. I hit a high ball. In a driver fitting last week by the clevelevand van they fitted me with a 9.5 hibore xl with the prolaunch red stiff lo-trajectory shaft. Can’t wait to hit it tomorrow!
    So….755’s or mx 25’s is the question. I have 52/56/60 degree spin mill vokey wedges if that means anything!
    Thanks and keep up the good work Don,

  53. Larry, I have hit both. I have to say that the Carbon CBs have great feel and I really liked them in the 7-p clubs. However they have substantially less offset than the 755 irons and I certainly felt that they were not as easy to hit in the 4,5, and even 6 irons. If you are a truly low handicapper you may really enjoy the Carbon CBs, if having some offset in your longer irons is desireable, you may ifnd the 755s to be more confidence inspiring.

  54. In your opinion, which would you go with, the TM R7 TP’s or the 755’s. I’ve hit both, and honestly, its a toss up.

    Thanks a lot

  55. Hi Donald, i’m in the middle of finals and reading your review of the 755 and 775 cb, great student i am. I’ve been using hand-me-down irons, Lynx Predators with graphite shafts, which have done ok for the past 5 years. I’m getting new irons as a graduation present and I’m indecsive on if I should go for the 755’s or the 775 cb’s. I usually shoot mid 80’s, drive it fairly long for my height, 5″6, off the tee. I love trying to work the ball; low, high, draw, fade, Tiger slice. Some advice on your part would be greatly appreciated.


  56. Hi Donald, I really appreciated your article since it is hard to get good feed back on clubs. I have been playing 690.cb’s with 6.0 rifle flighted shafts for the past 5 years. I don’t have an official handicap but usually shoot between 78-88 from the tips depending on the day and how often I get out anymore. This year I am trying to rededicate myself to getting out more. I usually hit my iron pretty well (3iron is one of my favorite), but when I don’t play as much I was wondering whether a more forgiving club would be better for my score. I’ve gotten used to the lack of offset and size and would prefer something similiar. I read good articles on the 755’s and the new cobra carbon cb’s and r7 tp’s. My swing speed is 90 with a 6 iron with a slow takeaway and more aggressive follow through. What do you think would be a slightly more forgiving club while remaining with the look and feel of the 690.cb’s. Also, I was looking at the project x flighted shafts, what’s your opinion. One last question, I read about spining or getting your clubs pured. When you order do you have to specifically ask for this or will titleist automatically do this. Thanks for your time and expertise.

  57. Ryan: You might want to look at the Titleist 735.cm combo set of irons. It would be closer to the 690.cb in terms of the amount of offset but with a little more forgiveness throughout the set. If you’re used the 690.cb and hit them well (especially the longer irons), you might find the 755s to have too much offset for you, either visually or for your swing. I would demo the 735.cm and 755 sets at a good range and see what happens to your ball filght, and how they feel to you. Good luck, and let us know what you decide upon.

  58. Hi Don,

    Love your review. I am ordering a set of these from a local pro. My question is with the shaft options. Everyone’s raving over the Precision Project X or the Precision Rifles. What do you think about them over the S300’s or any other steel shafts?

    My swing speed is 95-100, mid ball flight. I hit my 6 iron now with stiff shaft about 170 yds.

    BTW, I’m playing Ping S58’s right now, but thought I would step up to the forged irons. Do you think that was a good move?


  59. Mike: I think the shafts – as long as they’re fit to the proper flex for you – are a matter of personal preference. I prefer the feel of Rifles to the DGS. I think Rifles have a bit more of a “kick” feeling through impact. But this is very subjective and personal. I’d work with a professional to get the shaft that creates the best ball flight. Because every shot feels good when you’re hitting the ball well. 🙂

    As for the 755s vs. the Pings, I haven’t hit the S58s so I can’t draw a direct comparison. But I can’t imagine anyone being disapointed with the 755s based on my experience. Good luck!

  60. Well, i pulled the trigger today. Got fitted at the TItleist Canada fitting centre at Eagles Nest and went in thinking either 755 or 775 I was going to let the fitter guide me (14 capper). After he watched me warm up on the range he did not even hesitiate. He said 755 was far better for me and that the 775 was geared to someone who needs more help getting it in the air. My iron play is better than mmy cap indicates as I am a long but wild driver of the golf ball and my putting is suspect a lot of the time. Anyways he fit me for 755s and wedges. Interstingly most of the 755 fitting clubs in stiff were shafted not with the tri spec but with DG S300. Suits me fine as I have played that shaft happily for 6 years. But I thought it was odd that the vast majority of their fitting clubs were shafted with something other than their stock shaft. For the gap wedge I went with a 52 Vokey. Thanks Donald for the in depth review. THough hitting the club is the only real way to know, I found much of your review to be spot on.

  61. Thanks for the great review and greetings from Finland!

    Thinking about switching from my old X-16s to something new. My hc is 13 (an going slowly down) and I am looking for something more player-like compared to old X-16. I am pretty comfortable to get the ball in the air and my swing speed with driver is around 105 mph. At the same time, I appreciate that I can relax while playing…so forgiveness is ok.

    I have MP-60 and 755 on my shortlist, would you have opinion between the these two?

  62. Nice review. I just purchased a used set of 755s after playing Nike Pro Combo for the past three years. I enjoyed the Nikes but lacked consistency. I have a 12 handicap and these clubs work well for me. They feel light and they don’t punish me for mishits. After a couple months of practice I think my hc will drop to single digits with these clubs.

  63. Great review.
    I am debating between 755s and 775s. I am worried that the relatively weaker loft of 755s would make me chande my wedges and hybrids so there are not any yardage gaps. I am coming from a game improvement set with stronger lofts. Even though I am a 9 My short game is my strenght. Do yo you really feel that the 755s are longer than 775s even though they are about 3 degrees weaker?
    Thanks for the great review on both sets.

  64. I am a beginner. I got a good deal on these so I bought them just to resell but before I did I took them out to the range. WOW WOW WOW.

    My handicap is probably 20+ at this point and I have consistently been able to hit these better. I’ve tried Callaways, Mizunos, and TaylorMade Draws and these things are ridiculously awesome. I figured these would be too advanced for me so I tried a bunch of game improvement clubs and these seemd to improve my game the most. Amazing clubs.

  65. Very nice review…I played to an 11 with I3 O-size green dots when I purchased these clubs late last summer. The fitter flattened my lie-angle with the 755’s by 4 degrees to 2 degrees flat! Wow what a difference. Although my index went up a stroke during the month or two it took to get used to these clubs (primarily due to putting woes), I have never struck the ball as consistently as I am now. Whether it’s the fact that I went from cast to forged clubs or that the feedback with the 755’s is so much better than with Ping, the game has almost become a bit more frustrating because the 755’s really show you what you’re capable of doing on a golf course. Once my putting stroke is ironed out, I expect to be single digits with these fabulous clubs. No better feeling than a center strike with these clubs…they are pure and long.

  66. Don,

    Great review and feedback. I’m a 14 and loved the feel of the 755s vs 775cb (thinking I was somewhere in between these sets) so I got fitted, rolled the dice on the 755s and boy did it pay off. First time in my life that I had two birdies on the same 9 and this was my first time out with the clubs! Absolute laser accuracy from 140yds in with a lot of action on the green (I never spun a ball in my life even with Pro-V1s). Coming off a set of Slingshots that I hit accurately but never felt the shot or the reward like I do with the 755s. Best golf purchase I ever made.

  67. I’m having a hard time deciding on a new set. One’s I’m considering are 695MB, 695CB, 755, TaylorMade r7TP, Mizuno MP-32, Mizuno MP-67.

    I’m 2 handicap (although I feel I’m realistically more like a 4 or 5 since I don’t play nearly as much as I used to). For a pretty good player, are the 695’s really that much tougher to hit? I love the look and feel of the 695 MBs.

    Some direction would be greatly appreciated.

  68. Nice review. Was fitted for 755’s back in February. After three months I went back to 1025 carbon steel, opting for the 695 CB’s with Rifle 5.5 flighted. IMO the 695 CB’s are the best feeling irons I’ve ever hit, and aesthetically they are beautiful.

  69. Great review. In the past few years i have purchased several diff clubs but always go back to my old set of titleist 981’s, how would the 755’s measure up?

  70. Best purchase ever. I am extremely happy with my recent purchase of Titleist 755’s with Tri-spec Stiff shafts. I’ve been playing about 9 months now and am a 13 handicap. My Ping Raptures were great for learning the basics, but these clubs are just so much more satisfying to hit. My ball striking has improved noticeably in the four rounds I have played with them. The feel is exquisite (as I’ve never hit a forged iron before), and the accuracy is amazing. The last time I went out I was sticking pins in a way I never thought possible. The ball was just simply sitting down right away. Where I play the greens are very hard and its hard to get the ball to sit. With these irons I’m doing it. I also like the fact that when you hit a bad shot, the club lets you know it. With my Raptures, they were so forgiving, that you weren’t forced to pay close attention to ball striking. These clubs highlighted a small error I was making, and with the subsequent small change, my ball striking has improved by miles. Awesome clubs!

  71. Hello Don.

    Can you compare the 755s with the DCI 762s?? I am looking into upgrading my 762s.

    I generally have a low ball flight and have trouble getting the long irons into the air. My handicap is about a 7.

    The 762s I have now have the S300 shaft with Sensicore, which I feel are very heavy. What is the difference between this shaft and the Titleist TriSpec steel shaft?

    Thank You.

    Kenosha, WI.

    Just bought a used set of 755s to replace a set of 762s. After trying them out today, I can say that they are much lighter and more forgiving.

    I’m playing my first round with them tomorrow so I’ll let you know.

  72. I just bought a set of 755’s with the stock shafts and after hitting them on the range I have to agree with your review. They don’t have all the “game improvement” features of the 775, but they are very forgiving and quite workable. I also don’t have a tendency to pull them to the left as I did with the 775’s.

    I was able to hit them straight and with good distance consistency. I would say the stock shaft seems a little softer then you might expect and I’m glad that I bought them in stiff instead of regular as I think regular shafts would have been too weak for my taste.

    I’ll revisit after I’ve had a chance to play with them for a while.

  73. Just orderd a set!!! It was between these and the 735 combo set.
    I am coming off a set of TM 300’s which are one of the best sets taylor made has ever made, but i needed more forgivness and 3 degrees up, with an inch extension. SO EXCITED. I am gonna try and get rifle 5.5s if they are available. Great review!!!!!!!!

  74. I am currently in the hunt for a new set of irons. I had a set of DCI’s years ago (they were stolen out of my garage) and now playing with clones. I shoot 90 and I am looking for a set of good irons. Are the 755’s to right set for my handicap?

  75. I am a 14 handicap… … I was afraid of the blade look figuring they would be too much for my handicap… I just played my 1st round with my new 755’s…

    … took me 2 holes to adjust for the slight pull I was getting… everything was straight from then on… felt nice on every hit… hit one way back on the heel & didn’t know it till I looked at he ball mark on the club… the shot was still on target & the correct distance…

    … I am giving the 755’s credit for the 5 stroke drop in my score… had I displayed any ability to chip, it would have been more… thank you Titleist

  76. Just got the 755’s with S300’s
    Incredible is all that needs to be said.
    So solid and pure. Butter.
    May i suggest that everyone gets fitted before buying a new set.
    The difference it makes is unreal.
    Keeping theses irons for ever.

  77. Just played with my new 755’s for the first time – fantastic club. I was previously a ping usr but much prefer these.

    highly recommended.


  78. Just got my new set of 755’s. These clubs have a great explosive feel. I like the lower trajectory that they give me, versus the higher trajectory i got from my old slingshots. Not impossible to hit. Very nice look brings confidence. Long irons are very hitable.

  79. Thanks for the great review Don,
    I have tried both 755 and 775 CB. I have to say that i love the feel of the 755. I currently play with blades (much to hard to hit for my 15 handicap) but i clearly hit the ball better with the 755. I have also tried out the TM R7 and R7 TP and also Callaway X20. I just can’t seem to get a better feel with these clubs, the 755 are still the best I have tried this year and they are still more forgiving than my actual clubs. Do you see anything wrong for a 15 handicap playing with 755’s?

  80. Your review is much appreciated.

    I’m in the midst of looking for new irons and am serious about the 755’s. My current irons are Ping i3-O. They have great sentimental value but are really frustrating me. I’m looking for something with feel, less offset, and more reward for a better swing.

    Would you comment on the ease of use for a 12-14 HCP (relaxed swing speed 105-ish) whose stronger game is irons and wedges? I’m looking at either Mizuno MP-60’s or Titelist 755’s. Would you recommend any other clubs? I purchased the Cleveland Hi-BoreXL driver partially based on your review and am happy with it.

    My bag:

    Drvier: HiBoreXL
    Irons: Ping i3-O
    Wedges: Ping Tour
    Putter: MacGregor Bobb

    Your input would be valued!

  81. Hi I am 15 y/o and a 8 hcp but trending 5 to 3. I can go low when my driver is straight, but i need new irons. I am getting titleists as a present, will get fitted for them, but cannot decide between which set. I currently have cleveland launchers that i got before i got into golf seriously, and i am fed up with the (lack of) shot-shaping that i enjoy and is needed for my home course, and heaviness, and i hit titleist irons 1.5 clubs longer, and DEAD straight. I was set on 775’s until this artlicle, and now am not sure whether to get 775’s 735’s 755’s or 695cb’s

  82. oh in my bag there is a

    mizuno 3.5 lb carry bag

    Nike ignite w/ aldila nv stiff (i will replace)
    titleist 904 3 wd
    4-pw cleveland launcher
    52 vokey
    54 oil can spin milled vokey
    58 spin milled vokey
    nike oz half-mallet (31 inches, also replacing w/ Yes)

  83. guys great comment’s here.
    just on my hunt for a new iron.
    so what’s the real deal behind 735cm vs. 755?
    only offset issue?


  84. Donald, thanks for the review. I have been hitting the Black DCI’s since 1994 and feel it is time to upgrade and am considering the 775’s and the 755’s. I am looking to stay pretty close to the DCI’s as far as forgiveness, size, offset, etc. and wonder which one’s would be closest. 13.5 handicap. Thanks in advance.

  85. Don,

    I have two sets of clubs that I alternate DCI 962’s and 962B’s. I played some mini-tour events back in the late 90’s. After a car accident, back and shoulder surgery, my handicap isn’t quite what it used to be. I am shooting a solid 8, with glimpses of the old days (shot a 74 a couple weeks ago). It always comes down to my putter. I’ve been looking at both the 755’s and the 695 CB’s. Is one more “like” the DCI’s than the other – feel, performance, forgiveness? I have a pretty high swing speed (~118-123 with a driver), and use Rifle 6.5’s in my irons now. I’m going for the Rifle Project X’s in my new set. I would appreciate your thoughts/opinions.


  86. Hello,

    I am interested in changing my set (cleveland TA5) for a more performant set. And I tried and compared mizuno MX25 and titleist 755 CM. On my best shots two of them are very consistent and straight and longer than my TA5. I think 755 are more acurate and more workable than MX25 but may be less forgiveness.

    I am a 22 handicap (after only 6 tour competition) and hit rather well my irons (even 3) and when I read reviews, I feel titleist 755 cm are not for my level.

    What do you think ? Thanks

  87. Please can you help me? I can not decide about flex of irons. My HCP is 23. Is it better for me regular steel shaft, or stiff steel shafts. Best regards, Peter

  88. Your comments are very helpful, I currently play with r-7 (not tp), and I don’t feel they are quite for me. I am a 12 handicap I have a medium ball flight with my irons with a driver speed of 95. Would a x-lite steel shaft on the 755s help me with a high ball flight?? If I go with 755, should I get more loft added to them when I order them??


  89. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: These clusb are fantastic. I just picked up a set, and i absolutely love them to death. I had them custom fitted aswell. I cannot emphesize how nice titleist irons feel. No matter what, the always come out on top.

  90. I have owned a couple of other cavity-back iron sets previously, but found the 704 CBs the best for me w/o doubt! Although, my irons were damaged via an accident and I’m in the market for a new set. I can still buy the 704 CB (3-PW) at a local golf shop, and I have compared the 755 (w/ Tri-Spec shaft) and found the Titleist shaft hits it higher than I prefer.
    I am undecided as to order the 755 w/ DG shaft or just get another set of 704 CB. I like the idea of buying a newer version, but I have been VERY happy with the 704 CBs.

    Has anyone hit both the 704 CB and the 755 (with Dynamic Gold)? I cannot compare because my local golf shops don’t have the 755 w/ DG shafts.
    Is it a pretty sure thing that I will like the 755, if I liked the 704 CB…….both with DG shaft? Can I expect pretty much the same launch angle, distance, feel, etc. if I change to the 755 with Dynamic Gold?
    The obvious thing would be to go to a Titleist fitter, but I’m looking for input before I schedule.

  91. I haven’t hit the DG’s but I have the 755’s with Project X 6.0 (not flighted) and I find the ball flight to be excellent. Very straight and a nice trajectory.

  92. Thank you for the excellent review and all the comments.

    I’m just curious to know if there are fake or replica 755’s in the online market such as ebay?

  93. I’ve been using the 755 for a couple of months now and I am very satisfied with the results. Great looks, forgiveness (for the type of mid-handicap club that it is), and playability. Has a slight habbit of “digging-in”, might just be my swing. Not used to the heavier feel just yet I guess. Great clubs none-the-less.

  94. Thanks Vic for your input……..I was so pleased with how the 704 CBs played previously (set was damaged), I bought another set. I decided it was best to go with a sure thing, rather than order DG shaft in the 755, and not know for sure I’d be happy. The stock shafts just hit too high for my liking.
    The 704 CBs were a huge improvement over my Cleveland TA7s; I cannot imagine ANYTHING being better than 704s. The long irons are easy to get in the air and accurate. The short irons are consistent and have great playability for touch shots around the greens. I just have a lot of confidence with the 704 CBs; plus my handicap has improved from +0.1 to +0.7 since I went to the “close-out” 704 CBs in Sept. Greens in reg went from 72.1% to 79.4%. I’m retired now and get to play 3 – 4 times/wk, and play the same course (6835 yds/ par 72) most of the time…….which explains the stats.
    Now I just need to get that kind of consistency with my tee shots (fairways hit is 66.5%), fairway woods, and make more putts inside 10 ft!

  95. Don,
    I am currently playing a set of DCI 990’s, I have been playing them for about 3 years. They feel great, however I am looking for an upgrade; with maybe a bit more forgiveness. I am a 7-12 handicap; and a little concerned with the offset, what iron would you suggest that I go with?


  96. I Have played THE 990’S ,762’S, 981’S , DCI BLACKS,DCI OVERSIZE blacks
    775’s 690’s 695’s ,735’s
    the 755 are the best Titleist irons I have hit to date..
    forgiving , very accurate, sweet feel .
    My handicap has gone from 12 to 9 for my game these are

  97. hey,
    i am`a juniour golfer with a handicap of 4 and ball striking is not my strong point, (short game is),
    i feel such a heavy strain and feel a strong lag before impact. i have stiff shafts with a moderate swing speed ( 5-iron 155) i think i must change shafts or change irons as a full round is quite tiring. do you have any lighter iron suggestions or any advice for my difficulties with weight troubles and choice of shaft with the 755’s, thanks

  98. Anyone buying/playing titleist clubs should always be willing to work on their game to adapt. I have the 755’s (8 hcp) and they are kinda heavier than other iron sets with the steel shafts, but they hit great once you man up.

    To Matt, I would advise you to HIT THE WEIGHTS. You sound old enough to work out and start developing some muscle for those longer irons, if you want to improve your game.


  99. Can anyone comment on 755 with Titleist 3970 graphite shaft in regular? I currently play 775 in regular steel shaft and thinking of switching over to 755 in graphite shaft? Also how is 755 in NS Pro 100? Is it lighter than TriSpec?

    Thanks for your input.

  100. Can’t comment on the 3970 graphite but changed my shafts in the 755’s from trispec to nippons , The trispecs are heavier
    and a can balloon a bit into the wind . Plus the nippons have
    smoother feel to them and a nice mid high ball flight without ballooning.

  101. Don, Thanks for the great review.

    I have been playing the DCI Gold Oversize with regular Tri-Spec shafts for years and a few years ago when i misplaced some of my longer irons I switched half my set to another brand with graphite shafts.

    Since I am of small build (5’5″) initially I thought the lighter weight of the graphite shafts would provide more forgiveness and distance. But to this day nothing compares to the feel of those DCIs. I am convinced that I need heavier clubs so I can “feel” the club.

    I am pretty set on the 755s but am not sure whether I should go for the Tri-spec shaft or a lighter NS-Pro shaft. I tried a few swings of the 755s and they do feel slightly lighter than my DCIs despite having the same shaft- is this actually true? How much do these different shafts affect the swing weight? My HCP is around 20 (was better before I lost those clubs!) swing speed is around 90mph for driver would you recommend the Tri-Spec or the NS-Pro? Would appreciate your advice. Thanks!


  102. I can’t decide on the 755’s or 775cb’s. I play to about a 12 hdcp and I really want a more traditional looking club. I play some Cleveland TA6’s now and can hit them pretty good. I have noticed that most of my shots are going left. I don’t know if this is due to the offset of the clubs. That is why I am leaning towards the 755’s because of less offset. Any opinions?

  103. I’ve been using 775 for about a half season and I can’t get used to the offset on long irons (4
    & 5) of 775. I think the offset helped me to neutralize the slice a bit, but just not comfortable with the huge offset on these irons. So I changed to 755 a week ago, but now the slice came back. So I don’t know what to do. I got my 755 with NS Pro 100 which is lighter than Tr-Spec. I’m thinking the shaft has something to do with it. (But I know in my heart, it’s my swing that is the problem). So the search continues…..

  104. Great review…best I’ve read. Like a previous poster, ‘tennis elbow’ has caused me to contemplate the move to graphite shafts (as well as a low comp ball). I am currently in a set of G2’s, which I love, but to reshaft is cost prohibitive. Since I also hit the PT 906 (aldila nv 75 – S), which has been at times the best club in the bag, I was very interested in the 755’s. What are your thoughts about the Titleist graphite shafts? I have shortened the swing and now hit 7 iron 140-145. Thanks, again, for an insightful article.

  105. Hi

    I am currently a 13-14 hcp. I am looking at changing my irons and am looking at either the 755’s or mizuno mp57. Could anyone please pass on their experiences with both. I am a bit conerned that I am not good enough for the mizuno’s

  106. Okay, here’s what I did: I took out a 6-iron Titleist 755 (Tri-Spec Stiff), a 6-iron Mizuno MP-57 (NS Pro 950 Reguar) and played them on the range against my old DCI irons (Tri-Spec Regular). I hit for one hour switching between these 3 clubs and despite the difference in the shafts, which probably affected my choice in the end, here are my thoughts:

    The 755s are very very similar in terms of feel to the DCI, except I thought my DCI was even better, probably because the regular shaft was more suitable to me. The MP-57s are completely different feel, really soft and buttery (I now know what that means). The MPs are a little less forgiving than the 755s. The NS Pro shaft probably suited me the best, and my shots went 10yards further. At the end of the session I was only hitting the MP-57 able to work the ball and getting great response. I ended up buying the MP-57s and I am having a lot of fun with them and I think it’s also improving my swing! As I said, the difference in shafts probably resulted in a less than fair assessment- best to try them yourself!

  107. Don,

    I’ve been all over the internet recently in search of new irons and have found your reviews quite informative. I was hoping you were still able to respond to posters on this article, but if not, anyone else with an opinion can feel free to chime in.

    I currently play Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scott irons. Game changing at the time, but a little old as of late. I feel I strike the ball well with a slight pull, but my handicap is up in the 20s due to lack of playing. When I played on the team in high school I was more like a 15.

    I plan to play more this year (about 40 rounds) and I would like a new iron set. It seams all the “Game Changing” irons are designed to offset a slice which I don’t have save for the occasional attempt at Tiger distance off the tee.

    I have been looking at the 775.CBs and the 755s and I can’t decide if the 755s would be too much for my play. The 775.CBs match my current set more closely in offset but I’m thinking less offset could help straighten my shot a little more. (My pull is about 5 yards in the mid to uper irons)

    Any suggestions?

  108. I had your problem a number of years ago, pulling shots in the mid and short irons . I found the iron lies were not suit to my swing . The lies were too upright and what would happen the heel would hit the ground first and close up the club face resulting in a pull. I recommend getting fitted. It sure helped my game ,I play my irons 2 degrees flat now.
    Back to the irons I played both of these irons and prefer the 755’s just suit my game better and also found I hit them a 1/2 club longer than the 775’s . Both are fine iron sets just what ever you prefer. Demo and get fitted.

  109. Don, I see that you are not really replying to this review anymore but if you happen to see this i could really use some advice. I am trying to decide between the 775cb and 755’s. I usually shoot high 80’s to low 90’s but sometimes I can throw down a score in the low 80’s which leads me to the dilemma that i see many other people are having as well. If i get the 775’s are they really gonna help my game that much? But if i get the 755’s will i be able to handle them on a consistent basis and i really don’t try my hand at shot shaping very much, so do i need 755’s?

    p.s. Amazing article…..

  110. Cody: Based on your description of your game, I’d go with the 755s. They are extremely forgiving, despite the fact that they have a fairly small size compared to bigger irons like the 775s or something like Callaway’s X series. A fitting with a PGA pro is the best idea, but as a general rule, I think the 755s are a great option for anyone who doesn’t need a supersized game improvement iron. Hope this helps.

  111. Cody, I have gone through the same dilema as you. My typical score is around mid 80’s and can shoot down to low 80’s from time to time as well as go up to low 90’s if I had a bad day. I started off with 775.CB with NS Pro 100 in regular flex and went to 755 with NS100 regualr with sensicore. But I was losing distance with 755 NS100 shafts. So I recently changed to 755 with Titleist graphite shafts in stiff flex. Now it feels good, and getting the distance I was looking for as well as the forgiveness.
    755’s are very forgiving, probably just as forgiving as 775’s in my mind. They look heck of alot better than 775 due to less offset.
    I think you will be find with 755. Try them out.

  112. Hi Don,

    How do these compare to the MP 60’s? I am about a 15 right now and currently play ping i3s. most of my bad shots are off the tee and near the green, ball striking for me is definitely my stength. Anyway, I would like to change to something with a little more playability but still forgiving. By your review the 755 sounds perfect, but still wanted to know if the MP 60’s are comparable. Thanks!

  113. I am thinking about buying the 755 Irons.
    Someone had previously asked about the “rifled shafts” which I understand is between a stiff shaft & a Reg. shaft… I believe I would fall into that catagory. Could you comment on that type of shaft please?
    Great Site you have here!

  114. 😕

    I had the 755s made to my 6’5″ frame and do not have much of a compliant other then the fact that the clubs are only 1 year old and the red insert in the back of my 4 Iron came out while I was playing. I could not find it. I call Titleist and they said they will not send me a replacement piece. I have to send it back to them and go days even a week to get it fixed. I play in many tourn and I do not want to go that long without my 4 Iron. I have played Titleist irons for 13 years, first set was the original DCI. Wish they would work with me on this……..


    Collinsville IL

  115. I picked up an used set (755) at Golfsmith for just under $400. I’m a 10-13 handicapper and barely get to play once a month thesedays. I used to own a set of Ben Hogan Apex Pros’.

    So how are the 755’s – terrific. I used to use a 5 Hybrid from Cleveland – now I use the 5 iron – the ball takes off like a laser beam towards the target. Pretty much the same effect with the 6, 7, 8, 9, and P. A smooth swing and the ball goes straight, even off slight mis-hits on the toe, which you do feel. I hit the 6 iron toward the toe on a water hole (140y carry), and the ball went straight, stayed dry, but was a little shorter than if i had hit it dead center.

    These clubs are everything I wanted in a set of irons: thin top line, perfect size, plenty of feedback and minimal offset. Highly recommended.

  116. I recently purchase a set of 755’s and had them customed 1″ longer and 1.5 degree toe raise. I could not be happier with these clubs. I concur with the previous comments regarding just how well these clubs perform, especially on a rare slight miss hit. The feel is unbelievable.

    I was deciding between the 755 and the 775, but once I hit with both on a practice fairway there was no comparison. The feel and control you have with these clubs compared to the 775 is quite pronounced.

    I do enjoy the reduced loft angle in the set which accounts for the extra distance.

    My advice is to definately test the clubs on a driving range rather than in a proshop and make sure they are customed to your particulars.

    Happy golfing…

  117. The best clubs I have ever hit. These clubs just make you a better golfer just by using them. They are at least one club longer than my Ping G2’s or my Cleveland T/A 6 and so much sweeter when hit right. Being longer than the other clubs you don’t have to force your swing you can let the club really work for itself. I would not trade these for all the concrete in China. You have to try these for yourself and you’ll be amazed.

  118. (Titleist 755)The best clubs I have ever hit. These clubs just make you a better golfer just by using them. They are at least one club longer than my Ping G2’s or my Cleveland T/A 6 and so much sweeter when hit right. Being longer than the other clubs you don’t have to force your swing you can let the club really work for itself. I would not trade these for all the concrete in China. You have to try these for yourself and you’ll be amazed.

  119. Donald,

    I’ve had a set of 755s for about 6 months now & am very happy. Great feel off the club face with just the right amount of forgiveness. I changed over from Wilson Staff Ci6s. Unfortunately, the 775s were being superseded just when I was buying them. Great for the price but unfortunately all of the positive attention seems to be going to the AP2s. I can’t understand why Titleist seemed to throw the baby (755) out with the bathwater when it allegedly started from a clean sheet of paper with the AP1 & QP2. I noted a comment from an “Eric” in a blog for the AP2 reviews who said “I had the 755’s prior to the AP2’s. They are identical in ease of ball striking and forgiveness. I played both for many rounds. Identical..” I also note that Steve Stricker still uses the 755.

    I intend to stick with my 755s for many happy rounds to come. My only concern is whether the grooves will conform to the new rules. Erik Barzeski has said in the blog for the AP2 that they (the AP2) is conforming.

    Does anyone know whether the 755s conform? Any comments also about the 755 vs the AP2?

  120. B: I intend on keeping the 755s in my bag until they wear out. I would imagine the grooves on the 755s are conforming; even if they aren’t, the grandfather phase for us non-tour players is long enough that we’ll certainly be onto something new by the time the change comes.

  121. I’m looking at both AP2 and 755. The deals on 755s are amazing right now. You can get them for less than half the AP2s. I’m an 11 index, down from a 15 a year ago. I’ve been playing a lot more over the past year, so I expect the index to continue to drop. From all the comments here I’m thinking that the 755s make the most sense for me. I play old Callaway x-14s now, and get about 165 yds from a 7 iron, but they are just too darn flexible for my aggressive swing. I’m starting to pull them and the draw has become a little too pronounced. What do you think? Go for the 755s?

  122. Ken,

    If you could keep the emotion out of it, I’d try both the 755 & the AP2. If they came even close to being equal in performance when you tried them, I’d go for the 755. As I said in an earlier post, I’m very happy with my 755s. The reduced price of the 755 would be an added bonus also!!!

    If you have a look at the player equipment profiles on the Titleist website, many of the professionals are playing with superseded clubs in their bag. Obviously the particular clubs, albeit superseded, are quality & suit the relevant touring pros who carry them.

    Anyway, they’re my thoughts. Good luck with your choice.

  123. I’ve been playing the 755’s now for about 6 months. They are great! Great feedback on mis-hits and feel like butter when you pure them. Very glad I chose these over the 775 CB’s. Kinda wish I waited and got the AP2’s but oh well, still have a great set of sticks!

  124. B: I intend on keeping the 755s in my bag until they wear out. I would imagine the grooves on the 755s are conforming; even if they aren’t, the grandfather phase for us non-tour players is long enough that we’ll certainly be onto something new by the time the change comes.

    Thanks Don. Just one last thing though that I hope you can put to rest about the Tri-Spec shaft. I have those shafts in my irons and haven’t noticed any real problem. However, there seems to be way too much said about Tri-Spec shafts. I’ve read that they’re ‘too heavy’ or they cause an unacceptably high trajectory or just that others ‘are better’. I’ve never seen so much ado about a shaft. It’s as if they are grossly inferior to all other shafts or made made out of kryptonite.

    I’d appreciate your thoughts.

  125. Well I spent a couple hours today checking out the AP 2s and the pro at the range said: “In terms of performance your 755s may get a little more loft, but other than that they equal the AP2.” So I think I have at least another year on my 755s.

  126. Just picked up a set of used 755’s at a golf convention for $275. The clubs looked barely used so I had to go for it. I am an 18 handicap (up from 11 ten years ago) and am looking forward to getting out 2 times a week this year.

    Hopefully, these clubs are appropriate for my skill level and I am not in over my head. I guess the upside is I have played with blades my whole life and these are replacing my 18 year old Mizuno’s so with them being more forgiving I might be helped out a bit. I was debating buying some pings but when I saw these (and convinced them to drop the price $60 I just had to get them.

    I am going to get fitted by someone a club pro highly recommends soon so I will be hooked up with the best set of clubs that are suited for me for the first time in my life. Now what excuses will I have for rounds in the 90’s and 80’s?

    Thanks for the review…I no longer have buyers remorse from picking these up untested!

  127. Well I spent a couple hours today checking out the AP 2s and the pro at the range said: “In terms of performance your 755s may get a little more loft, but other than that they equal the AP2.” So I think I have at least another year on my 755s.

    I was hitting my 755’s 6 iron the other day on the range and also a demo AP2 6 iron. I noticed I hit the 755 better than the AP2 and the 755 was getting slightly longer distance. I’m holding onto my 755s also.

  128. Don,

    I am a 15 handicapper and I am about to purchase my first set of Titleist irons. There is a set of DCI golds available and 755’s. I won’t be able to hit before purchasing. I have played Ping ISI’s and Taylormade r7 Draws. You have raved about your DCI golds. What would be a better way to go the DCI’s or the 755’s?

  129. I am a relatively high handicap player who purchased a set of 755’s a year ago switching from some Taylormade blades. The 755’s are so solid that I’ll never part with them. My ballstriking confidence as a result has improved dramatically. They are without a doubt the best iron I’ve ever played. I opted for these over a set of Taylormade O/S irons when I told my pro that I liked the blade feel but wanted the forgiveness of a cavity back. He said, I’ve got just the club for you and he was right. My handicap has dropped ever since.

  130. Great review on 755’s. I see the last post was back in 06. But I am looking to get into a set of older used irons. Currently I am hitting with ping i10’s and it seems that they are about a club length shorter. Prior to the i10’s I was hitting DCI’s and loved the distance, trajectory and feel. Wondering if I could get some feedback. Considering titleist 695 cb, 755. I have about a 95-100 mph swing speed on irons. I would grab a 7 iron (762 DCI) on 161 – 169 yds. I am about a 13 handicap. Play about 4 – 5 times a month. Since the new ping i10’s distance loss has been very frustrating. All things about the pings were awesome except the distance loss. Dont know if my swing has changed since pings or if they really are shorter. Any suggestions? Thanks Don. Hope to hear from you soon

  131. Great review on 755’s. I see the last post was back in 06. But I am looking to get into a set of older used irons. Currently I am hitting with ping i10’s and it seems that they are about a club length shorter. Prior to the i10’s I was hitting DCI’s and loved the distance, trajectory and feel. Wondering if I could get some feedback. Considering titleist 695 cb, 755. I have about a 95-100 mph swing speed on irons. I would grab a 7 iron (762 DCI) on 161 – 169 yds. I am about a 13 handicap. Play about 4 – 5 times a month. Since the new ping i10’s distance loss has been very frustrating. All things about the pings were awesome except the distance loss.

    Dont know if my swing has changed since pings or if they really are shorter. Any suggestions? Thanks Don. Hope to hear from you soon

    I have 755 irons and highly recommend them. If you’re losing distance with your i10’s…you’re either missing the sweet spot or casting the club. You may want to check that before investing in new irons. I’ve hit the i10s and didn’t think they were a “short” club by any stretch. Just thought they felt a little dead compared to my irons.
    If you do go with the 755 irons, you’ll enjoy them…very solid clubs and have been in my bag for 3 years now. I got rid of my Ping ISIs and don’t think I’ll ever play Ping again.
    You can really nut these irons if you hit ’em a tad inside the middle of the clubface. Good luck and I hope that helps…

  132. Really thorough review and well written. I hit these irons about two years ago and remember liking them a lot (but not the price tag at the time). Just won a set on Ebay yesterday for a fair price. They show up next week. Unfortunately it is the dead of Winter in Spokane so I’m going to just have to look at them until April. Thanks again for a great review…I’m bookmarking your site.

  133. Great article! Been playing the 755’s for 3 years now and it’s time for a new set. Looking at the 2009 AP models but am confused as to which model to go with. I’m a 4 handicap and love the forgiveness of the 755’s. With no Titleist dealers in the area…I’m stuck demo’ing Taylor Mades or Callaways. No go there…

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I’m 6’4″ and have a high ball flight. Looking for a lower ball flight for more control.


  134. I bought a set of 755s, used, thinking they might help me transition from my old Cleveland CG4s to my planned purchase of Titleist AP2s. I had the 755s regripped, then played and practiced with them for a few months now and absolutely love them. So much so, that I am now in no hurry to get the AP2s. I have never hit a golf ball as consistently and sweetly as I have with the 755s. I love the way the look at address. Until I start to play worse, these will stay in my bag and the AP2s will have to wait.

  135. I bought a set of 755s about a week ago, with custom project x 6.0 shafts. These irons are amazing! I am a 3 index and i played with an old set of hogan apex blades for a few years. But I lost the need to play pure blades, most of the time I was trying to hit a relatively straight shot, and if i was working the ball it was only a few yards fade or draw. These irons are everything a great ball striker wants with all the help you can possibly get to make golf an easier game! I would recommend this set to any golfer! Way to go Titleist!

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