Volume Fifteen

Here’s nine links for you to get going on a Monday.

There was a lot of good golf on television this weekend. Two sweet hole-outs for victories and two playoffs on the different tours. I found myself watching the U.S. Women’s Open more than anything else. I think it’s great to have all that young talent challenging the experienced players. Carolyn Vesper Bivens, the new LPGA commish, is going to have an amazing tour in a few years. Natalie Gulbis is getting herself in contention regularly, the teens are challenging Annika, and Annika is the greatest women golfer in a long time (and arguably, ever). I hope she plays her cards right.

Hole 1: Nationwide Player Profiles
This is a pretty good series. I really like reading about who’s the next big thing on Tour. The profiles here give you a glimpse of what might be to come. [link]

Hole 2: Seve
Seve, oh how I love thee. When I was a kid, I used to love watching Seve. I’ve really missed him. It looks like he’s making a comeback! Any takers on betting if he makes the cut? [link]

Hole 3: 15-Year Old on the LPGA Tour
Here’s a 15 year-old looking to be an LPGA Pro, not just play in the tournaments. I think if this isn’t watched carefully, we’ll be seeing AJGA events turned into a professional junior circuit. [link]

Hole 4: Caddyshack Ball
Doesn’t this ball conjure up memories of Caddyshack? My birthday is in two weeks if anyone wants to buy me this. [link]

Hole 5: VW Bus
Hopefully all of our New York readers found this link before I did and went an took the golf simulator challenge. If you did, and win it, I’d like to talk to you about the 1966 VW bus. Can I buy it? [link]

Hole 6: Jason Gore and Carson Daly
For all you TRL fans out there, Carson Daly and Jason Gore are friends. They’ve played the Pebble Beach Pro-Am together in the past, and now Carson is surprising him at the Open. I think they could be BFF. [link]

Hole 7: Choke Artists
What a collapse by them. Actually, let me say it like Johnnie Miller. “What a colossal collapse by Gore and Goosen. I don’t want to say it, but they choked.” I hate Johnnie Miller. [link]

Hole 8: Par 3 Challenge
Be sure to tune in tonight, IMG’s Par 3 Shootout is on ESPN tonight. These things are always entertaining to watch. [link]

Hole 9: Club Pro Tournament
I think this guy is your underdog to win the PGA Championship this year – at least that’s what the announcers will be saying. There’s always one club pro who will be in the hunt for the first two days then the inconsistency shows up. [link]

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