Volume Sixty-Nine

The Onion does some of the most accurate reporting available in the media today!

Look, why are you even reading this little blurb? You see the Hittin’ the Links logo, you know what’s comin’. A whole bunch of links! I’ve scoured the web just so you can waste some daylight checking out some sites. Say, shouldn’t you be at the range beating some balls?

Oh, you’re at work? Well, in that case, on with the links!

Hole 1: Paula Creamer Online is Back
Everyone likes the Pink Panther. She’s cute, energetic, and damn she’s got some game. She’s also got some very energetic fans who’ve put together this unofficial fansite devoted to her. Worth a look. [Link]

Hole 2: Those Brits and their Crazy Phones
There seemed to be a lot of talk about the camera phones during The Open Championship; players saying that it had become a real problem. Even Tiger spoke out against it in this article. [Link]

Hole 3: Putter Selection Tips
The guys over at Golf Fore Golfers have put together a little piece on putter selection and I’m thinking about doing a little talk on this for this week’s podcast. But its true, having the right kind of putter for you is very important. [Link]

Hole 4: Crazy Michelle Wie Video
I think Grouchy Golf is probably the second best golf blog out there (besides The Sand Trap of course). No exception to that logic with this post of his either, which features a ridiculous video from a Korean game shot and Michelle Wie. Nice chips, Michelle. [Link]

Hole 5: So Close, But So Far
Two shot lead with seven to play? Damn, Michelle. Ah well, if it’s one thing about golf it’s that you lose more than you win. You’ll get there Wie, sooner or later. [Link]

Hole 6: “They Gave It To Me,” Says Tiger
Tiger Woods remains convinced that it was the generosity of his fellow competitors and not his tenacious play that won him the British Open two weeks ago. Read on (If you’re not familiar with the writing of The Onion, you may be in for a surprise.) [Link]

Hole 7: Swing Machine Golf
I see the ad in the back of all my golf magazines: Swing Machine Golf. I always figured it had something to do with a robotic swing and that seems to be the right idea according to Golf Fore Golfers, who reviewed it. [Link]

Hole 8: What is With Natural Golf?
I didn’t know a whole lot about natural golf, so I did a little research. Here’s one of the pages I got some info from. Maybe it’ll help you out too. [Link]

Hole 9: What’s Next For Woods?
From BBC, a very interesting article about Woods’ career cycles and where he’s headed next. Good read. [Link]

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