Golf Talk ‘Moving’ Special Edition

We’re putting together a special podcast, and we want you to be involved.

Site NewsStarting this week, the Golf Talk Podcast will be moving to Monday/Tuesday recording sessions with publication on Wednesdays. To make up for the short week (from earlier today until Monday or Tuesday), we’re going to put together another “Special Edition” podcast with your help.

To get in this Special Edition podcast, you simply have to record yourself talking about a golf-related subject and send the file to us by Tuesday, August 1. Record in the highest quality you can (16 bit, 44.1 kHz, AIFF or WAV preferred) and send your podcast to We’ll cobble together the best of what’s submitted and roll it together into our special edition.

In your clip, begin by introducing yourself however you’d like. We suggest saying your name and location (i.e. “Hello, this is Erik from Erie, PA”). Then talk for about a minute about any golf-related topic: the distance debate, the British Open, Michelle Wie, beer on the golf course, a swing tip, a question about chipping, your clubs… anything you’d like. Please keep it to about a minute, and work from a prepared script if possible.

Please don’t swear, please don’t use your own theme music or special effects… the show is called “Golf Talk,” so just talk golf.

We I will select the best and put them into the special edition podcast. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our forum or in the comments section below.

Fire up those microphones and express your opinion on the next Golf Talk Podcast!

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  1. One additional note… we have a national (and international) audience, so choose a topic that appeals to a wide range of golfers. You can talk about a local issue (for example, something that happened to you recently at your home course) if the general theme is one that is likely to affect golfers around the world.

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