Volume Twenty-Eight

Here’s a few links to keep you looking like you’re busy at work today!

Hittin' the LinksWhat a great weekend for golf! I wish there were more team matches in golf. It’s a fun aspect of the game that doesn’t get shown often enough. Aside from the US winning, I have two moments that I think I will always remember. The first is the look on Phil Mickelson’s face when he realized he didn’t halve his Sunday’s single match. That was funny. He looked like a deer caught in headlights. But my favorite moment had to be involving Fred Couples. Right after DiMarco hit the winning putt, all the US players were collecting around him hugging and things. Well, except for Freddie. He was running towards the scrum with his hands in the air, but no one was hugging him or welcoming him into the mob. It was hilarious. As Bill Simmons would say, this rated high on the unintentional comedy scale.

What was your favorite moment? Leave it in the comments after this week’s links.

Hole 1: New Endorsement for Tiger Woods
This just made my day on a Monday morning. I wonder if he could endorse me as well? [link]

Hole 2: Congrats, GolfChick
I’d have to agree with GolfChick, I love match-play golf. It’s great because you can have a bad hole and you won’t be out of the match. Anyway, congratulations GolfChick. [link]

Hole 3: Gomez Wins after 15 year Drought
Holy cow, Robert Gomez wins? I didn’t realize he was still on Tour. I thought he was going to be this hot shot player back in the day with his wrap around shades. Maybe he’s making a comeback now? [link]

Hole 4: Seve Trophy
Let’s not forget about another battle being held over the pond. Monty and his rowdy bunch defeated Continental Europe to claim the Seve Trophy. The brits were led by Paul Casey and David Howell – two familiar faces of the Ryder Cup squad. [link]

Hole 5: Pressel shoots 63
To be honest, I’m more interested in the LPGA than the PGA anymore. There is a ton of talent out there, and it appears that Morgan Pressel will be out there soon as well. She fired a 63 to make it to the final qualifying stage on Friday. [link]

Hole 6: Go David!
Am I the only one rooting for David Duval anymore? He just made his first cut of the year, and I couldn’t be happier. I hope he regains his form. Personally, I think his fitness level had a lot to do with how well he played in the past. Now, he looks a little chunky. [link]

Hole 7: Singles Match Breakdown
The Detroit News has a great breakdown of the singles matches on Sunday. [link]

Hole 8: What’s in your Bag?
Maybe we can start a Flickr tag (say, ‘golfbagcontents’) to see what’s in everyone’s golf bag? Paula Creamer says she could live out of hers. Me, I try to keep mine as empty as possible. [link]

Hole 9: Shark 101
Here’s a little piece on Greg Norman and all his exploits. After reading this, I feel like I really know him. [link]

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