What’s Your Bag Worth?

There are two values of your golf bag, its real value and its sentimental value.

The Numbers GameI have friends that have had their golf bag stolen or lost. I’ve also heard stories of a bag being destroyed with all its contents… think of a Seinfeld episode here. Regardless, your bag and clubs not only hold a real value, but a sentimental one as well. The question is, how much is it all worth to you? I’ll run down my bag and tell you what mine is worth not only to be physically replaced, but in my mind (or heart) as well.

I have a Titleist 905S that I’ve owned for about a year now. Before that, it was a 983K… and before that was a 975 JVS. As you can see, I’ve had a Titleist driver in my bag for quite a while now. All have been traded for their newer versions. The current asking price for a used 905S is around $150. As for sentimental value, I’d give it another $150. It hasn’t been in my bag that long, but it would take more than $150 to get a Titleist driver out of my bag.

As for my fairway metal, I have an old Callaway Steelhead Plus that has been with me for over six years. I didn’t think that I would hold onto it for so long, and I was surprised that this club can be had for only $25. As for what it means to me, it is a bit more. Let’s just put that value at around $150.

I just purchased a Taylor Made TP hybrid last year and have only played a few rounds with it. Since it is barely used, I could probably get around $200 for it (it does have the Diamana shaft in it.) I’m not terribly attached, so that doesn’t inflate its value. I’ve just started using it and am not completely sold on it yet.

Woods Totals:
Market Value – $375
Sentimental Value – $500

The current irons I’m playing are the Mizuno Pro IIs that came out years ago. I’ve been playing them for almost as long as my Steelhead. Similar to my affection for Titleist drivers, I have an affinity for Mizuno irons. I have hit the MP series irons as well and if I went to a newer set, those would most likely be it.

As for the going price of a set of used Pro II’s (3-PW) it is only around $150. The value I hold for them? At least $500. When I do go to those newer irons, these won’t be sold. Not only are they hardly worth much… they are still pretty to look at and the wedge was responsible for my second hole in one.

Irons Totals:
Market Value – $150
Sentimental Value – $500

For a while I had strictly used Cleveland wedges. Last year I converted to Vokeys and haven’t looked back. My 52° wedge is a plain chrome version that I picked up used from a friend. They are going for about $35 used on a popular Internet auction site. As for sentimental value, I can’t really give it that much more.

As for my lob wedge, a 58° Vokey spin milled, it is worth a little more. Another used-item pickup, it is worth around $80 on that same popular Internet auction site. This one would be a little harder to part with because it has quickly become a favorite in my bag. I’d give it a little higher value… say $125 because, well, that’s what I think.

Wedges Totals:
Market Value – $115
Sentimental Value – $160

I don’t go through many putters. I think that it is more important to find a putter with which you feel confident than to always have the latest flatstick. Once I get ahold of one I like the feel of, it will take a lot for me to get rid of it. Early last year I swapped an old black Scotty Cameron Coronado out for a center shafted Odyssey Two-Ball. I’ve had a good deal of success with the new putter and haven’t looked back.

Currently they are running around $90. I have a bit of a connection with my putters. In fact, I have the ones I used through high school and college. So I’ll bump that value up to about $150.

Putter Totals:
Market Value – $90
Sentimental Value – $150

So What’s My Bag Worth?
The market value of my bag (or at least the clubs inside of it) is $730. This is pretty close to what I thought it would be… of course it would be nice if it was a bit more, but I’m realistic. The reason for the relatively low value is that used clubs devalue pretty quickly and I have more than a few clubs that are older and really used.

As for the sentimental side, the total is $1,310. This is why I thought it would be interesting to put an actual number behind the statement “Well, my clubs are worth more to me.” If something unfortunate happens to them, now I know what that value is. You may think this is a bit weird, but I challenge you to think about this a bit and see what you come up with.

What’s Your Bag Worth?
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