Volume Thirty-Nine

A little holiday cheer in this week’s links.

Hittin' the LinksI’m not trying to offfend anyone, but Michael Campbell needs a fashion consultant. His wardrobe is rough. I like the design of his native country on his clothing, but it needs to be incorporated into the outfit better. I’ll gladly nominate myself as caddie/fashion consultant. Oh, and if I don’t get a chance to say it later, I hope everyone has a great holiday.

Now, this week’s links.

Sorenstam’s Team Wins Lexus Cup

Team International led by Annika Sorenstam easily clinched the inaugural Lexus Cup in Singapore. Was there ever any doubt?

International Team win Lexus CupAlthough monsoon-like conditions almost brought the Lexus Cup to an early end, the ladies continued their match-play battles creating an exciting inaugural event in Singapore.

Team Asia took an early lead in day-one alternate-shot matches but the combined force of Annika Sorenstam and Paula Creamer later in the day swept British Open champion Jeong Jang and Meena Lee. Once accomplished, numbers one and two in the world set the stage for an exciting finale which would eventually give the international team it’s victory.

Episode 006

School is out! LPGA and PGA Tour Q-Schools graduate their 2006 class, and we’ve got some comments. Plus, 10 predictions for 2006.

PodcastWe’re back and three strong once again as Everardo once again joins Jeff and Erik for the sixth episode of “Golf Talk Podcast.” You can subscribe to the RSS feed for our podcasts here or download Episode 006 as an MP3 file. For those who want to subscribe to us in iTunes, click here.

This week, school is out! That’s right, the 2006 graduates are here, and we’ve got some smack to talk about Carolyn Bivens’ decision (thus far) to keep Pressel out of the LPGA until May 23. Plus, ten predictions for 2006. For this week’s Show Notes – links to articles we discuss in the show and additional information – just read on.

Ogio Grom Stand Bag Review

In the world of golf bags the Ogio Grom is a solid contender. It has loads of unique features, is well made, and has good looks.

Ogio LogoA good golf bag is akin to a well-designed fly-fishing vest. A good vest keeps your most important items handy without getting in the way when you’re in the middle of a battle. The Grom stand bag from Ogio does just that. It is thoughtfully designed and innovative in many respects. It is a bag you might want to have a look at if you’re in the market for a place to put your clubs.

Nine Holes With Nick Price

Barely squeaking into the Tour’s top-125 money winners in 2005, Nick Price has had a long and successful career. Come along for nine holes with hall-of-famer Nick Price.

ProFilesWhile his best playing days are behind him, Nick Price is a champion who can look back on an impressive string of victories all within a relatively short period of time. He played with the right attitude as he searched for swing perfection. “Excellence is like a process, you know?” said Price. “No matter where you are, you just keep trying to refine.” He remains one of Golf’s truly special players.

Where Has Sergio’s Putting Gone?

Sergio has lost his way when it comes to putting. At one time he was among the leaders on tour and not he is near the bottom of the list. Now that he is striking the ball as well as anyone on tour, it is time for Sergio to get back his stroke and take the next step towards greatness.

The Numbers GameSergio Garcia burst onto the scene in the late 90’s. He showed us flashes of flair reminiscent of a young Seve Ballesteros. Sergio had a deft short game and a knack for making the amazing shot. Nobody will forget Sergio bounding up the fairway after his cut 6-iron from behind a tree at the 1999 PGA Championship.

Now Sergio has honed in his ball striking. He ranked first in GIR this year hitting over 70% of his greens. But somewhere, amid his ball striking improvements, Sergio forgot how to putt. Of course he can putt, but he can’t do it like he did when he first came on Tour. That is an undeniable fact. So where does this leave him? Read on to find out.

Lexus Cup Preview

It’s Annika Sorenstam and her picks versus Grace Park and the Asian contingency duking it out this weekend at the Lexus Cup.

LPGA logoAn international team of golfers led by the one-and-only Annika Sorenstam hopes to level a group of Asian golfers managed by Grace Park on their own turf at the inaugural Lexus Cup.

Toyota Motors Pacific, IMG and the Singapore Sports Council have hopes that this match-play format which includes some of the finest world golfers will attract attention to the sport which is growing in leaps and bounds in Asia.

The selection is not only based upon experience but on the “personality and charm” of each chosen participant. If you ask me, charisma doesn’t win a golf match, but a bit of luck sure can help!

Get Your Balls Imprinted – Free

Titleist offers free imprinting until December 10, so order now!

The holidays mean one thing to Titleist fans: stocking up on custom-imprinted Pro V1s! Just about every year, Titleist offers free personalization on golf balls. We’ve been remiss in not posting something until now, however, because you only have until December 10 to order your balls. The imprinting is free, but the balls will still go for normal pricing.

Place your order with your local Titleist-licensed retail outlet – pro shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc. and get yourself in the holiday spirit. For more information, visit “The Ultimate Holiday Gift” at Titleist.com.

Titleist Holiday Imprinting

Target World Challenge Preview

Tiger Woods hosts some of the world’s best golfers in this annual showdown.

Target World Challenge LogoThe 2006 PGA Tour season is less than a month away, but there is still a little golf to be played in 2005. The world’s best golfer, Tiger Woods, plays host this week to some of his peers from around the globe in the annual Target World Challenge. Also, the course (Sherwood Country Club) is great, and the prize money is even better. All of these things add up to a pretty special event.