Disappearing Act

This week’s Thrash Talk unveils a few golfers who are going to struggle in 2006.

Thrash TalkLast week’s Thrash Talk was on the positive side, but I won’t write something positive two weeks in a row. Last week, I talked about a few golfers who will make great comebacks next year, including David Duval, Mike Weir, and Paul Casey. This week I’m covering the opposite. There are golfers every year that fall out of the spotlight and struggle, and 2006 will be no different.

Sneak Peek at MacGregor’s 2006 New Products

MacGregor Golf has had some tough times over the past decade, but the company is trying to innovate its way back into the limelight. Here’s what it has on tap for 2006.

Bag DropMacGregor Golf has been very busy over the last two years, bringing a series of interesting and innovative products to market in a attempt to reclaim market share. In 2005, the MACTEC NVG driver pointed the company in a new direction with a focus on cutting-edge technology.

The Bag Drop has just scored the scoop on MacGregor’s 2006 product line, and it is clear that MacGregor is going full-speed ahead in the MACTEC direction with a big batch of new drivers, hybrids, irons – and some interesting new Bobby Grace putters.

Volume Thirty-Eight

Here’s nine links to get you started on your week.

Hittin' the LinksTop of the morning to ya. It’s getting cold in my part of the world, so I haven’t really been doing too many golf-related activities. The free time has allowed me the ability to scour the Web for more golf links, but as always, if you have a link you think I might be interested in, let me know.

Now, on to this week’s links.

Ai Miyazato Medalist at Q-School

Ai Miyazato posts a runaway win at LPGA Q-School. Watch out Paula Creamer and the rest of the LPGA Tour, Miyazato is the new rookie in town!

Ai Miyazato Wins at Q-SchoolTwenty-year-old Ai Miyazato delivered a one-two punch this weekend at LPGA Q-School with a wire-to-wire victory against challengers who seemed to fade away as the tournament progressed.

With a lead steadily growing from earlier rounds, Miyazato breezed through her fifth and final eighteen holes while the rest of the pack struggled to gain ground. With only twenty-four tour exemptions on the line, the rest of the ladies were clamoring for either one of those remaining twenty-three spots or even one of the thirty-five conditional status positions. Anything is better than being sent back to the minors.

Matt Killen, Swing Coach For Kenny Perry

Matt Killen is young enough to be PGA Tour winner Kenny Perry’s son. In fact, his best friend IS Kenny Perry’s son. Yet he coaches a winner. Find out more about the rising young teaching star in this interview.

Throwing Darts TitleToday’s interview is with Matt Killen, Swing Coach for PGA Tour standout Kenny Perry. Matt has known Kenny nearly his entire life and grew up playing golf with Kenny and his son, Justin. He and Justin are best friends and were roommates in college at Western Kentucky University.

Kenny introduced Killen to Ron Gring when he was a freshman in high school. Ron helped him with his game but eventually helped him branch over in to teaching. Over time he became extremely interested in how the golf swing worked and began teaching as a sophomore in high school. He took him under his wing, and studied with him and tried to learn as much as possible about the mechanics of the golf swing.

Read on to find out more about Matt.

Episode 005

Tune in this week as we bash Natalie Gulbis’ dad, call Annika Sorenstam a dirty cheat,

PodcastAfter a week off (mmmm, turkey…), we come back with a the fifth episode of our “Golf Talk Podcast.” You can subscribe to the RSS feed for our podcasts here or download Episode 005 as an MP3 file. For those who want to subscribe to us in iTunes, click here.

This week, talk about the Natalie Gulbis show, Monty and Ernie in 2006, Fred Funk’s pink skirt, Phil Mickelson’s year-in-review, Q-School, and a whole bunch of statistical “nuggets” from Dave Koster. For this week’s Show Notes – links to articles we discuss in the show and additional information – just read on.

Ernie Els

Ernie Els has a swing as smooth as butter and fresh resolve to establish his game in 2006.

ProFilesWith arguably the most coveted swing in modern golf, Ernie Els has established himself as a consistent competitor. On the heels of a disappointing 2005 in the majors Els has retooled his bag and his swing in hopes of improving in 2006. His quiet nature, easy smile, and fluid swing give off an aura of class and humility that makes people miss him when he’s gone.

Nuggets, Volume One

There are all kinds of little factoids out there. Spending a lot of time researching numbers, I’ve come across a few that I found intersting. You might as well.

The Numbers GameDuring any type of research you are going to come across some things that peak your interest. Whenever I would come across something I would store it somewhere. After a while I got a bunch of these nuggets and thought it would be interesting to share them with you. So without any more delay, here are 10 facts that may only interest me… well, maybe you too.

Sonartec MD Hybrid Review

The Sonartec MD has been a leader in the hybrid market for years. A solid club with a penetrating ball flight, the MD matches up well with all other hybrids. Golfers looking at hybrids should consider the Sonartec, especially if they have a higher ball flight.

Sonartec LogoThe Sonartec MD has been a consistent performer on the PGA Tour since 2002. Once an obscure player in an obscure market, Sonartec is now a name most will not only consider, but often choose for their long iron replacement.

Sonartec truly broke through back in the 2004 British Open when Todd Hamilton used one religiously around the greens. It was interesting not only to see a pro player use a hybrid in this manner but just to use a hybrid period. From that point forward (so it seems), the hybrid revolution hit the golf market. An explosion of options in hybrid irons and woods from all the manufacturers can now be found. In large part to this event and Sonartec, the hybrid club is found in bags of tour players and amateurs alike.