Titleist Fall 2K9 Part One: Vokey C-C Wedges, 710 AP1, 710 AP2

The anticipated “conforming” Vokey wedges and updated AP1 and AP2 irons should be hitting stores soon. Here’s a sneak peek.

Bag DropYou may have seen coverage (here and here) of Titleist’s fall lineup here on The Sand Trap , but until recently, a release date had not been announced.

This November 15th, Titleist ends the year on a high note with the release of the newly revised AP Series irons, as well as some new wedges from master wedge craftsman Bob Vokey. They follow that up in mid-December with the new MB and CB irons, and new putters from renowned flatstick sculptor Scotty Cameron.

Following the recent trend, we’re going to break this release into two parts for your reading pleasure. This week, we’ll have a look at the updated revisions to the AP line, along with the new, conforming, Vokey wedges. Then stay tuned for next week, when we’ll visit the new MB and CB players irons, as well as Scotty Cameron’s latest flatsticks.

Mizuno Updates MX Series GI Irons with MX-1000, MX-300

Mizuno complements the new MP-Series irons with their MX line of game improvement irons, giving players of all skill level options for experiencing the “feel”.

Bag DropI wouldn’t want to make a promise that I didn’t keep, so here we are again this week, rounding out the last few details on Mizuno’s new releases. To recap, we took a look at new irons, hybrids and wedges in the MP series, and now we look at the newest in the MX series of game improvement irons . If you missed last week, click here to have a look at the latest in the MP line from Mizuno.

The MX series has historically been Mizuno’s line of game improvement irons for a while, and though the new MX-1000 may fall squarely in that category, the MX-300 is meant to bleed the edge between game-improvement iron and player’s iron. With so many different options to choose from, there’s a Mizuno iron made for every type of player out there. They’ve built an almost cult-like following with their superb feel and performance, and I’d expect the new MX-1000 and MX-300 to add to that. With that said, let’s have a look at these two new irons.

Mizuno Launches New MP-Series Iron Hybrids, Wedges, and Irons

Mizuno continues to impress with their latest line of players irons, wedges, and hybrid irons.

Bag DropFor you Mizuno fans, get ready for your favorite itch to be well scratched this week, as we look at Mizuno’s MP line of clubs for 2010. If that’s not enough, stay tuned for part two, where we’ll give you the latest on what’s new in the MX-series.

For now, we’ll be taking a look at Mizuno’s latest offerings in the MP line of products, including the MP FLI-HI, the MP T-10 wedges, and we’ll finish up with the MP-58 and MP-68 irons. If you’re not a Mizuno fan, you might just become one after seeing their latest offerings. Follow along to see what all the fuss is about!

Fall ’09 Releases: Sun Mountain MCB, Aldila En Fuego Shafts, and Nike Outerwear

Sun Mountain brings us a bag that combines form and function, Aldila looks to pepper your game with some new shafts, and Nike helps keep you stylish and comfortable, even when under inclement conditions.

Bag DropThis week at The Bag Drop we shift gears and take a look at some newsworthy releases you may have missed in the past few weeks. We here at The Sand Trap know you all lead busy lives, and we’ve taken time to condense some info on some of the latest equipment from various manufacturers for your reading pleasure.

Consider this The Bag Drop‘s equivalent to a buffet, but with zero calories and some added spice. Follow along as we look at a new full-featured cart bag from Sun Mountain, some hot new shafts from Aldila, and new all-weather apparel from Nike Golf that might make you want to play in the rain!

Nike Golf Reveals Details on New Method Putter

The secret Method to relieving the madness in your putting has finally arrived.

Bag Drop If you’ve visited our equipment forum at any point in the past, you’ve most likely seen a thread in which someone asks for putter recommendations. Shortly thereafter, you’re sure to see someone mention how a putter is a “personal choice” or “personal experience.” How much more “personal” would that putter be if you won the Open Championship or the U.S. Open with it?

Following that line of thinking, it might be safe to say that the recently announced Nike Method is so personal to Stewart Cink and Lucas Glover, their significant others might be a little jealous at this point. Nike Golf‘s putters have been somewhat of an enigma in the past few years. While it’s true that the IC and Unitized series may have had a few wild looking variations, they were generally met with good reviews, yet somehow, they never really had same degree of retail success that Nike’s woods, irons, and balls did. Nike again enters the high-end putter market with the new Method line, and this time, the performance is already validated by a couple of high-profile major championship wins. Follow as we take a quick look at the new Method putter from Nike Golf!

TaylorMade Prepares Penta TP Ball

After three years of development, TaylorMade Golf announces the new Penta TP, the first five-piece golf ball to reach the market.

Bag DropNormally, when choosing a ball, one takes into account that there is a subtle tradeoff between maximum distance and maximum spin around the greens. Golf ball technology has progressed so that there is less of a tradeoff, and TaylorMade claims to have eliminated it with a new ball they’ll introduce soon: the Penta TP.

Titleist has been dominant in the ball market, despite challenges, for decades. Though TaylorMade’s TP Red and TP Black were reviewed well, they did little to take away from Titleist’s market share and have been heavily discounted at retailers for most of 2009.

The Penta TP is TaylorMade’s next offensive attack.

My Personal Golf Trainer Coming to Nintendo Wii

Leadbetter give you personal lessons for less than $1000 per session!

Bag DropEver wanted to be able to say that your personal golf trainer is David Leadbetter? Now you can without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Coming this October, we will all have the chance to get some of Leadbetter’s best tips and drills, along with his swing analysis, from the comfort of our own living rooms.

This year at the annual E3 gaming convention, Data Design Interactive unveiled their latest development, targeted towards golfers and their never-ending quest to get better. For players looking for alternative ways to better their game, Data Design Interactive enlisted world renowned coach David Leadbetter in producing an exciting new game titled “My Personal Golf Trainer.” This new game makes use of the Nintendo Wii’s motion capturing controllers (known as the Wii MotionPlus and Wii Balance Board) to help guide your way to a better swing. Hit the jump to find out more about this upcoming release!

Wedge News: Vokey 60-V and Eidolon Prime

Wedges sure do seem to be getting the cosmetic treatments these days, don’t they?

Bag DropIt seems like every week details on at least one new, drool-worthy piece of equipment makes its presence known to us “normal” golfers. This week is no exception, as we have two new wedge offerings to talk about.

The first is a limited edition release from Bob Vokey. The second is a new finish on a proven line of wedges from a clubmaker you might not have heard of yet – but which you will be happy to learn about.