Volume Nine

It’s never too busy to get the links out on Monday. Included in this week’s edition: Phil’s a phony, Ernie speaks, ALS bracelets are coming and more!

It’s been a busy week for me. So busy, in fact, that I haven’t even been able to test out some new clubs I just got. But, it’s not too busy to get the links to you this week.

I’m a Thief
I noticed that majorchampionships.com started doing something similar to this column. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I guess. Plus, I can steal cool links like this from them! [link]

Volume Eight

Wine tasting with the Shark, Big Ben playing with women, Danielle Amiee speaks after missing the cut, and more in this week’s edition of Hittin’ the Links.

Does anyone else have “that” guy in their office? The guy who has maybe played golf twice in the past five years, but knows so much more about the game than yourself, who probably plays at least twice a week. Well, my office has “that” guy and this past Friday, he was telling me about how he “needs a stiff shaft because he generates so much clubhead speed that he can’t hit the ball straight.” He added that “it doesn’t matter I still hit the ball well over 300 yards.”

Right. Me too. Now, on to the links.

Volume Seven

Bunches of links this week as they include sex appeal on the LPGA tour, golf video art, Kip Henley’s diary and camera etiquette in China.

I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority here, but Chris DiMarco is driving me nucking futs. I used to like him, but since his run at the Masters, I almost can’t watch coverage of him. He reminds me of Phil Mickelson prior to his first major. I think he tries a little too hard, but will tell you that he’s happy with the way he’s playing and that he’s contending. Plus, the media is all over him about possibly being “the best player without a major” – and I hate that.

I don’t know maybe it’s that flippin’ claw grip or Ping commercials he does that drive me crazy?! But, I’m pretty sure it’s just me.

Anyway, here’s this week’s version of Hittin’ the Links.

Volume Six

We explore life after 40, the Big Break III, Nike, and ponder if there’s a drug problem on the PGA Tour.

At least where I’m at spring is here (pretty much), and I’ve begun my training for the world’s longest driver of the golfball (pound for pound that is). I was watching one of those Pinnacle Long Drive Championships and thought that a better judge of distance was yard per pound. I did some quick calculations with my average distance and weight and have put them below.

Volume Five

This week we talk about Natalie Gulbis, Johan Lindeberg, Golden Tee, Segways and Drugs.

If anyone is reading Hittin’ the Links, I’d love to know about it. There hasn’t been one comment since the inception of this column. I can’t tell if this space is everything you’ve ever wanted or if it’s the biggest piece of crap and it doesn’t even register on your radar. Even though you’re not talking, here’s a few more links to tickle your pickle.

Volume Four

This week, Hittin’ the Links focuses on the Masters, because, let’s be honest, what other golf coverage is there during the second weekend of April?

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve dreamt of winning the Masters. I think if you love golf as a child, that’s the tournament you always practice winning. It has so much tradition and recognition. While watching the tournament this weekend, I was reminded of a thought I had when I was a child: isn’t the kelly green jacket a hard color to match your shirt with? Which brings a bigger question: shouldn’t you wear a golf shirt (on Sunday) that would look good with the green jacket so you’ll look good while putting on the coat?

I’ve always thought that and wonder why Tiger chooses red? Maybe he really enjoys Christmas? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t be the color I’d choose. After Volume 4 of Hittin’ the Links, I’ll share what color I would wear.

Volume Three

In this battle Josh wins, wears great clothing, can’t beat a blind guy, and remembers his days of wearing headgear.

I was thinking about the Masters this weekend and trying to figure out how I can pay tribute to my favorite tournament. Since I don’t want to just offer a list of links dedicated to the Masters (but, rest assured, you’ll get plenty of those), I thought I’d take on a task of a larger scale.

For the 2006 Masters, I want Martha Burke to protest the Sand Trap’s headquarters for the irreverance, attitude, and tone of this column. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Martha, I’m coming for you.

Volume Two

Cell phone rings annoy everyone, Nike to run our government, Annika get’s a handful, Asian influx on the LPGA and I think I broke my TV after last week’s Big Break III.

A little birdie told me that the guys at The Players Championship (not to be confused with the Playa’s Championship) were hoping Monday’s play was cancelled, as they knew volume two of Hittin’ the Links would be arriving in their web browser or RSS aggregator of choice. They’re anxious to see what we’ve selected for this week’s edition. So, all you guys playing poker in the locker room, count your chips and take a break, cause here’s volume two.

Volume One

Tiger to play shuffleboard, a drunk Irishman, and a wisecrack about a guy named Lumpy. Sorry, no Amy Mickelson pictures.

Welcome to Hittin’ the Links, a new weekly column that summarizes our favorite links of the past week or so that may not have been big enough to warrant a full story. We scour the wires, blogs, websites, and articles to give you our favorite links, most of which will be golf-related and not all of which will include pictures of Amy Mickelson. To each link, I add some personal flavor (that sounds kinda funny coming after that Amy Mickelson joke, does’t it?).

Without further ado (or embarrassing myself), here are this week’s links…