Volume Twenty-Four

Take a few minutes to browse this week’s links. As always, there’s nine of them waiting for you.

Hittin' the LinksI’ve never played so much golf in my life. In three days, I played a total of 104 holes of golf. We played 45 on Thursday and Friday and 14 on Saturday (we were rained out the last four holes). My hands are sore, I think I strained my sternum, and my right butt cheek hurts from bending over to pick up my ball out of the cup and tee up my driver. But to be honest, I would do it all over again tomorrow. Man, I love this game.

Now, it’s time for the links.

Hole 1: Flickr Golf Clusters
I was browsing around Flickr this morning, checking out the blog buzz about the pervert on the subway, when I stumbled across this golf clusters function. Join and start tagging some of your photos. There’s even one of a butter Tiger Woods. [link]

Hole 2: Why Men Like Golf
This one is via kottke.org. It’s an interesting piece where they liken the game to paintball and war. I play it because I can get away from everything else, compete and drink a few beers and curse like a sailor. Why do you play? [link]

Hole 3: Nike Clubs
Call me a non-believer, but I’m with Mickelson here and think that Nike equipment is a bit inferior. I’m just not sold. But with a name like Sasquatch, I just might have to give it a swing. [link]

Hole 4: Hybrids
As I said before, I was on this golf outing this past weekend, and the one club that I used from what seemed to be virtually everywhere was my Titleist 503.H 22 degree hybrid. That thing is a godsend. It’s really not fair when I’m anywhere from 190 to 210 yards out. I haven’t played much golf recently, so I was worried about my long iron play. I ended up hitting that thing better than most other clubs in my bag. Kudos, Titleist. Now, I just want an 18 degree hybrid that is more like a fairway wood. [link]

Hole 5: Buick Championship
I’m a little concerned that the PGA Tour is losing some of its appeal. I love watching golf, but if you don’t have some of the better players lacing it up week after week, I’m just not interested. They need to figure out a way to make it more appealing and intriguing. [link]

Hole 6: Floating Green
Cool picture. Even cooler green. They can move it around via remote control. [link]

Hole 7: Win with a Bogey?!
This is like the playoffs that would win junior golf tournaments. Loren Roberts wins a tournament with a bogey? Oh man, some 12 year-old boy stood a chance to win! [link]

Hole 8: Cook’s Campers
John Cook has developed a program in Thailand to help young players develop their game. That’s a really cool program. Makes me like Cookie even more. [link]

Hole 9: Single Axis
There’s some good debate and information being exchanged on MJonGolf. I’m looking forward to see how his blog develops as I’m not really sure what a single axis swing is. I just step up and hit the ball. I don’t worry about my swing all that much. [link]

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